Celebrate the Phu Do Hue Bun Village Festival

Phu Do vermicelli, a wonderful product from rice grains, is always offered by Phu Do villagers to give thanks to the Bun princess in every village festival and pray for luck, prosperity and peace for villagers and visitors from all over the world. Every year on January 22 of the lunar calendar, at Ba Bun temple, Van Cu village, Huong Tra district, the Phu Do vermicelli village festival is held to pray for the villagers and people from all directions to have a happy, prosperous and peaceful new year. safe.

The Phu Do vermicelli village festival is divided into two parts: the ceremony and the festival. Because Phu Do is a traditional vermicelli-making village, the offering ceremony is a unique feature of the village. Loads of pure white vermicelli are offered to heaven and earth along with other agricultural products such as chicken, pork, sticky rice, etc.

Features of Phu Do Hue noodle village festival

The part of the festival was quite fun and lively with the procession of the procession of Saint Ca, Duc Ong and Hai Ba (the villagers worshiped the ancestors of the vermicelli making profession, Ho Nguyen Tho, two women: Ms. An and Ms. Phuong). The procession is held from the communal house to Quan village, Cau Doi and then to the communal house.

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Every occasion of Phu Do vermicelli village festival, there are hundreds to thousands of people participating in the procession, everyone feels the bustling and bustling atmosphere. The procession ended at 10 o’clock that day, but the feeling of excitement and joy still resonates in the hearts of the people.

In addition to participating in the festival, don’t forget to enjoy a big bowl of vermicelli from Van Cu village, Phu Do village to feel all the sweetness in each strand of vermicelli made by the villagers themselves!

Hue tourism combined with participating in Hue festival will be a great combination for all visitors, to understand more about the literary history of this place!

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