Discover 65 beautiful tourist attractions in Hai Phong

Discover 65 beautiful tourist attractions in Hai Phong. Are you ready?

Bach Dang Giang

Address: Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong province, Minh Duc commune, Trang Kenh village.
To honor the accomplishments and great deeds of illustrious generals, a massive monument was constructed by the historical river, close to the Trang Kenh mountain range, between 2008 and 2016. The complex is where Hai Phong’s historical, cultural, and religious influences come together. Bach Dang Giang was designated a national historical, cultural, and scenic relic on January 2, 2021.

Nam Cat Beach

The stunning beach which is on Nam Cat Island, is roughly 500 meters long. Unwind in the beautiful blue, tranquil water. Fine white sand is found at Nam Cat beach. Small limestone islands nearby create a desolate but poetic sight.

Green greenery covers the entire island. The peace and seclusion of Nam Cat beach make it strangely alluring. By coming here, you can also take advantage of the tranquility, natural beauty, and delicious seafood.

Tung Thu Beach

The outdoor stage on the beach at Tung Thu is the beach’s most unusual feature. In addition to being wild, Bai Tung Thu exudes a sophisticated, endearing beauty. Additionally, this beach is utilized and constructed in accordance with world standards. Numerous amenities and services.

White sand, a clear blue water, and sunshine line Tung Thu beach. They all combine to provide a unique and alluring Tung Thu. You can even get onto a floating boat to breathe in the cleansing sea air. In upscale eateries, savor foods that feature strong northern characteristics. Alternately, unwind at a posh hotel by the water.

Cat Dua Island Beach (Monkey Island)

Bai Cat Dua, one of Lan Ha Bay’s most stunning beaches, is only a couple of kilometers from Cat Ba town. Cat Dua beach, which is divided into two smaller beaches, is arranged in an arc surrounding Monkey Island.

The lengthier Cat Dua Beach is 1. This area is a perfect swimming location in the “paradise” style and has an army garrison barracks. Pure white sand beach with transparent, deep blue ocean. The secluded Cat Dua 2 beach is tucked away behind a hillside. Because wild pineapple, maple, and white apple trees still exist here, this place is unique. Visitors can also take advantage of the resort’s intriguing amenities here at Cat Ba Monkey Island.

Van Boi Beach

This beach in Hai Phong is a great area to unwind and explore, much like the others. What could be more delightful than being able to lay on the sand and enjoy the blue sky and sound of the waves lapping? In addition, Van Boi Island offers a variety of thrilling adventure games.

Hai Phong Naval Museum

Address: Anh Dung, Duong Kinh District, Hai Phong

The Navy Museum, which resembles a sizable ship and is situated on the mainland near to the Rao Bridge, draws a lot of attention from onlookers. The museum, which has a total size of up to 16,000 m2, is not only a sizable display space but also a repository of historic political and cultural values that have a significant influence on a number of city-wide activities.

City Museum

Address:  No. 65 Dien Bien Phu, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong.

The museum provides a wealth of knowledge about local historical customs, cultures, and traditional craft villages. The environment at the Hai Phong museum has a distinctive and nostalgic aspect. You may take stunning check-in shots here, which is also one of Hai Phong’s tourism attractions.

Bao Dai Villa

Address: Van Huong ward, Do Son district, Hai Phong 

Bao Dai Villa on Vung Hill in Area 2 Do Son is not merely a beautiful piece of architecture; it also houses legends about the Nguyen Dynasty king Bao Dai.

Tourists may escape the noise and bustle of the Port city at Bao Dai Villa. Visitors can expect a calm, clean environment here. The guides will also assist you in better understanding the final king’s life under the feudal dynasty, including his style of life, pastimes, and companions. This is undoubtedly a memorable experience. when traveling to Hai Phong.

Old pier at Phu Ninh – Thuy Ninh – Hai Phong

Let’s combine this location if you’re going to Tuyet Tinh Coc!

For young people to pursue a “cool” look, a damaged ship creates an incredibly high-quality photo backdrop. People can go directly to Tuyet Tinh Coc when they get to the location where others inquire about the old, broken pier, and people in the area will show them where it is.

Central post office

A crucial department with a long history of providing postal and delivery services in the city is the Hai Phong City Post Office. This building, in addition to serving as an information center, is a typical example of the port city’s architecture.

The Hai Phong Post Office, which is situated in a collection of distinctive structures influenced by colonial architecture and is situated on Nguyen Tri Phuong, the city’s main thoroughfare, adds to the urban beauty of the area that has long been renowned for its fusion of the ancient and contemporary in Hai Phong. One of the rare government buildings that has been maintained in its entirety and still serves the same purpose as when it was constructed during the French colonial era is this one.

Thirteen Root Banyan Tree

Address: Trai hamlet, Dang Giang ward, Ngo Quyen district, Hai Phong

With a lifespan of more than 300 years, the 13-original banyan tree in Trai hamlet is the oldest and largest ancient banyan tree in Vietnam. The Thirteen Roots banyan tree is around 10 meters tall, and its broad canopy, which has dozens of enormous branches, has a diameter of about 40 meters. The tree contains one main root and twelve secondary roots, totaling 13 broad, straight roots. The 13-root banyan tree has been standing for a very long time and is still green and growing.

Cat Bi Market – the largest snacking “mecca” in the port land

Address: Cat Bi Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong

One of the most well-known markets in the port city of Hai Phong is called “snack paradise” and is called Cat Bi Market. The market is crowded with vendors, customers, and various mouthwatering foods. The market’s food court opens at 3 pm and draws a great number of visitors from near and far with its array of delicious foods and beverages, as well as its vibrant and eye-catching displays.


Tam Bac market (Do market) – Hai Phong market associated with many historical ups and downs

Address: Ly Thuong Kiet, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong

Tam Bac market used to be one of Hai Phong’s busiest night markets, but it is now quieter. The history of this Hai Phong market is filled with ups and downs, and after it was destroyed by American airstrikes, locals now refer to it as the Do market. Do market is currently the major hub for fruits and agricultural commodities in the area and a destination for tourists to buy dry goods, traditional remedies, candy, and clothing.

Hang Market – Hai Phong Market is only open on Sundays

Address: Du Hang Kenh, Le Chan District, Hai Phong

Do not pass up the chance to visit the Hang Market while you are in Hai Phong; it is the only market that still takes place in the port area. The ancient and picturesque charm of this Hai Phong market is still there in the middle of the metropolis. Only held on Sunday mornings each week, Hang Market offers a range of goods for sale, including pets, decorative plants, appliances, vintage technology from decades ago,…

Sat Market Hai Phong

Address: Along Tam Bac River, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong

Sat Market was a bustling wholesale market in the 1980s and 1990s, drawing many residents and shoppers from nearby provinces. Even though the market is now mostly empty, it is still a great place to learn about a once-famous market in Hai Phong.

Cao Linh Pagoda

Cao Linh Pagoda stands out from the temples in Hai Phong city with its distinctive and contemporary architecture that reflects traditional Eastern culture. The main hall is built in the traditional Vietnamese Buddhist architectural style.

The first or fifteenth day of the lunar calendar are the two days that travelers can visit the Cao Linh Pagoda, which is revered for its sanctity. To pray for happiness, health, and wellbeing for your family and yourself, you can light some incense. During the Vu Lan festival, some individuals frequently visit the Cao Linh Pagoda to wish their parents health. This location is particularly well-known for the early spring good luck celebration. Many visitors arrive during this time in the hopes of having a good year.

Du Hang Pagoda

Address: 121 Du Hang, Le Chan, Hai Phong

Du Hang Pagoda was constructed in the Early Le Dynasty (from 980 to 1009) using a style of construction that is both ancient and distinctive. A big bell is hung inside the pagoda, which has a spire with five compartments and three stories. The roof of the pagoda is curved. The Tam Quan area, the Buddha hall, the Ancestral home, the Mother Church, the Sangha, and the Phuong Truong house are all included in the pagoda. The tower garden of Du Hang Pagoda, which consists of 11 towers made of brick and stone, is also where the temple’s deceased monks are buried.

Do Pagoda

Address: 286 Le Lai, May Chai, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong

Among all the temples in Hai Phong in particular and the entire country of Vietnam in general, Do Pagoda is renowned for its distinctive and singular architecture. In particular, the Do Pagoda was created in accordance with the traditional architecture of matches, with three storeys and twenty roofs, and a spectacular connection between the front hall, middle street, and harem created by the intersection of two roofs.

Tuong Long Pagoda

Address: Ngoc Xuyen Ward, Do Son District, Do Son City, Hai Phong

Tuong Long tower is regarded as one of the oldest locations among Hai Phong’s tourist attractions. During the reign of King Ly Thanh Tong, this construction was completed.

The site of Tuong Long Tower is a sizable plot of land. You can still see the splendor and majesty of this contemporary structure from a distance. Mountains and woodlands surround the tower on all four sides; the setting is incredibly poetic and serene.

Hoang Van Thu Bridge

Address: Hong Bang Street, So Dau, Hong Bang, Hai Phong

There is a great site to see the sunset right in the middle of Hai Phong at the Hoang Van Thu bridge, so there is no need to travel far.

Cat Ba Island

About 9 kilometres separate the island district of Cat Ba from the heart of Hai Phong. The number of visitors to this Hai Phong tourism area increases dramatically throughout the summer. Visitors can now take advantage of playing in the fresh water and natural surroundings. Cat Ba has year-round cool temperature because to nature. As a result, it is a prime location among the Hai Phong tourist attractions that visitors are drawn to when they visit. Visitors can explore a variety of places in Cat Ba, including Lan Ha Bay, Monkey Island, and Cat Ba National Park.

Cat Hai dike

The longest breakwater and sand barrier now existing in our nation measures more than 10 km in length and 2.5 m in breadth. Additionally, as the weather changes and the wind blows, this location gradually transforms into a “cool” spot that is great for everyone.

Thien Van Hill

Thien Van Hill is situated in Hai Phong’s Kien An neighborhood, about 10 kilometres from the city center. Many travelers who have traveled to Hai Phong report that the fastest way to get there is to start at the Kien An crossroads, head straight along Tran Thanh Ngo Street, and then proceed another 100 meters to the Dragon Gate. Following that, simply take the narrow trail up the hill, and you will reach Thien Van Hill.

If you have the possibility, please try to take the route to walk to the top of the hill for the most full experience since the trip to Thien Van hill will give you many unique experiences like entering a completely different universe with the cool, pleasant air and the silence of the pine forest.

Nghe Temple

Address: No. 53 Le Chan Street, An Bien Ward, Le Chan District, Hai Phong

A collection of artifacts called Nghe Temple displays the architectural design of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 20th century. The craft of carving on stone and wood with the following themes—dragon, ly, turtle, phoenix or pine, bamboo, chrysanthemum, and apricot—reaches a high level of sophistication in Nghe temple architecture.

Phu Xa Temple

Address: Phu Xa, Dong Hai 1, Hai An, Hai Phong

Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan is revered at the Phu Xa Temple. He was a Tran Dynasty general who played a significant role in the 13th-century resistance campaign against the Mongol invaders.

From the original modest temple constructed of thatch, bamboo, and bamboo leaves. The Phu Xa temple has undergone numerous renovations and is now only a superficial example of both domestic and foreign architectural styles. The Nguyen Dynasty at the end of the 19th and the start of the 20th centuries left its mark on the ornamental arts of carving and painting.

Tam Ky Temple

Address: Tam Bac, Cat Dai, Le Chan, Hai Phong

Quan Lon De Tam Thoai Phu, a revered mandarin in the Mother religion system, is worshipped at Tam Ky Temple. There is a temple called Tam Ky that has a strong connection to the unconscious. being a source of life, beauty, faith, religion, and instruction for many generations of Hai Phong residents.

Tien Nga Temple

Address: 53 Le Loi, May To, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong

A cultural, spiritual, and religious creation of the historic settlement of Gia Vien is the Tien Nga Temple. Duc Vu temple in Quyen Hoa District, Princess. She was the female general who looked after the military supplies and assisted Ngo Quyen in driving back the Southern Han invaders. Tien Nga Temple preserves traditional religious and cultural practices such incense offering, sacrifices, and festivals in addition to material cultural elements.

Ngo Quyen Temple

Address: Trang Kenh commune, Minh Duc town, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong

The temple is zoned off and built in the form of the Dinh, giving the interior a dignified and magnificent appearance.

The temple is situated in a stunning area. The confluence of the Bach Dang River with numerous large rivers can be found on the opposite side of the rugged mountain range known as Trang Kenh. Leaning against the mountain, the face is facing southwest, combining harmoniously with the mountains, rivers, stunning natural scenery, and prosperous villages.

Tran Temple

Address: Che sub-quarter, Van Son Ward, Do Son, Hai Phong

Tran Temple is one of the tourist destinations in Hai Phong that still houses a number of sacred artifacts important to the history of the country. Holy Tran Temple is another name for Tran Temple. Between the reigns of Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan and King Minh Mang, this construction was completed.

Visitors will get the chance to learn more about the history and career of the national hero Tran Quoc Tuan by visiting this Hai Phong tourist attraction. The project is situated in a desirable area, overlooking the sea and leaning on the mountain.
It was also constructed during the Nguyen Dynasty, therefore this time period is also evident in the construction. Particularly, the front of the three compartments connected to the harem, the ceiling is stacked with matches, and the shape of the letter Nhi.
Many guests also take in the scenery around the temple’s courtyard. Visitors to Tran Temple will experience a lot more peace and relief thanks to the up to four old trees that provide shade outside the yard.

Bach Long Vi Island

Don’t forget to stop by Bach Long Vi Island near Hai Phong if you wish to tour the farthest island in the Gulf of Tonkin. Up to 110 kilometres separate this island from the mainland. Tourists may easily travel to and visit the numerous tidal flats and gorgeous beaches.

Nam Cat Island

In Cat Ba, there is “a forgotten paradise.”
Visit the beautiful Lan Ha Bay and step onto the idyllic Nam Cat Island to unwind.

Do Son Beach

If comparing Hai Phong as a stylish, smooth, white street girl, Do Son is like a rural girl who is flooded all year round, covered with alluvial dust to cover her pure and graceful beauty.

There aren’t any pristine blue waters or secluded coconut groves in Do Son. It smeared a modest paint with alluvial breath all over itself. The tranquil, unspoiled nature of the region, the salty air, and the straightforward way of life of the local fisherman are what make Do Son so beautiful. This Hai Phong tourism location not only offers guests enjoyable seaside activities, but also a variety of mouthwatering, fresh seafood delicacies. There is a wide variety of restaurants in this area, making it simple for travelers to eat well-priced, delectable meals with their families.

Long Chau Island

Other names for Long Chau Island are Re Den Island and Mat Rong Island. The Long Chau archipelago is about 50 kilometers from Hai Phong’s city core and is situated southeast of the island of Cat Ba.

If you visit this island, you must unquestionably visit the Long Chau lighthouse, which is among Vietnam’s oldest lighthouses. The French constructed this lighthouse in 1894, and it is frequently referred to as “Long Chau’s jade eye.”

Hon Dau Island

Address: Zone 3, Van Hung ward, Do Son district, Hai Phong.

When close to the city centers of Hai Phong and Hanoi, this location is highly convenient. Visitors simply need to travel 5km to get to this tourist location from the Pham Van Dong route.

Không gian tại đây vô cùng thoáng đãng, mát mẻ, rất phù hợp với những chuyến du lịch cuối tuần. Tại đây, du khách có thể trải nghiệm các hoạt động du lịch biển, chụp ảnh check-in. Ngoài ra, du khách có thể dạo quanh ngắm nhìn những loài động vật sống tự nhiên tại đây như nai, thỏ, các loài chim… 

Ga Hải Phòng

Address: 75 Luong Khanh Thien, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong

The primary train station in Hai Phong City is called Hai Phong Station. On the rail line between Hanoi and Hai Phong, this is also the last station for passengers. Even though trains aren’t as common today as they once were, Hai Phong station is still a desirable location worth visiting in the city of Hai Phong.

Trang Kenh relic site

Address: Minh Duc town, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong.

The Trang Kenh relic site is one of the Hai Phong tourist destinations with exceptional historical significance. The well-known archaeological site on this property has made it well-known. But this location also boasts stunning natural beauty, including a magnificent limestone system that guests are welcome to freely enjoy and explore.

You can use this as another interesting reference point for your tour while in Hai Phong. Only 20 kilometers separate Hai Phong’s city core from the Trang Kenh relic site. This location is popular with travelers who want to admire and adore. Additionally, parking your car and receiving free water service are both available here.

Cat Ba eco-resort

Visitors can travel by train or highway from the mainland to Cat Ba island. hundreds of thousands of little islands scattered around the deep blue water. The island also boasts man-made beaches, gurgling streams, and a primitive forest that is home to numerous rare and valuable creatures. In Cat Ba, the forest and the sea come together to form a landscape covered in thousands of fall-colored lakes. clear blue sky

Trang Trinh relic site

Address: Trung Am Hamlet, Ly Hoc, Vinh Bao, Hai Phong

The Trang Trinh artifact is one of the most important tourist destinations in Hai Phong. This is one of the rare locations that still has numerous distinctive and historic artifacts related to Nguyen Binh Khiem’s life and work.

Visitors to this historic site can also check out numerous other structures there, including the Kinh Thien But Tower, a temple, two harem pavilions, the Song Mai pagoda, and a semicircular lake. Each of the works presented here contains deeply significant and revered historical tales. You and your family will undoubtedly learn more about culture and history by visiting this location.
The interior of this relic has several gardens and green places, which makes it unique. In addition, numerous statues that are the same size as actual people depict scenes from the life and teachings of Nguyen Binh Khiem. This is a popular tourist destination in Hai Phong with a bustling neighborhood.

Hai Phong Old town

A historic structure that dates back hundreds of years and was constructed in 1885 at the base of the Lac Long bridge serves as the main office for the Hai Phong branch of the State Bank of Vietnam. The foundation and diaphragm walls of the building are entirely made of tens of thousands of blue stones that have been chipped, chopped, squared, and sharpened to make a difference for the structure. The building was constructed in the traditional French architectural style.

Therefore, the old town area’s timeless beauty, silence, and serene setting become a feature that you simply cannot pass up. There are numerous historic neighborhoods in Hai Phong, including Tam Bac, Ly Thuong Kiet, and the Earth Town. Don’t skip a single neighborhood when visiting Hai Phong’s old town!

Ha Lung Flowers Village

Address: Dang Hai ward, Hai An, Hai Phong

Everyone in Hai Phong is aware of a place called Ha Lung, where thousands of blooms compete against one another. The length and breadth of the flower fields give the impression that they have been meticulously tended to by persons with extensive knowledge in floriculture.

This area is home to one of Vietnam’s top 10 most well-known flower villages, which is an ancient floral town created this year by pythons. Visit the Ha Lung Flower Market when you arrive to experience the world of flavors and a very relaxed pace of life in the center of the port city.

Bao Ha Sculpture Village – Traditional craft in Hai Phong

Address: Dong Minh commune – Vinh Bao district – Hai Phong

The skilled hands and inventiveness of many generations of craftsmen go into creating goods that are infused with traditional cultural values. The strong, balanced shapes give the statues their distinctiveness. Soulful statues were made possible by the craftsman’s precise lines.

Bao Ha Village has character-like portraits in addition to traditional monuments. They demonstrate the artist’s aptitude, mastery, and originality. Although Bao Ha was already well-known for this ancient craft before it became a popular tourist destination, its renown has recently increased.

Hai Phong Cathedral

Address: 46 Hoang Van Thu, Quang Trung, Hong Bang, Hai Phong

Hai Phong Cathedral is included in the list of Hai Phong tourist sites that are worthwhile visiting as it is the most well-known Catholic building in the city of red phoenix flowers.
The Gothic style of construction was particularly distinctive in the Hai Phong Cathedral. The bell tower system of the church has a height of up to 28 meters, and this work is 47 meters long and 17 meters wide. The church’s interior is fairly roomy and open, with a network of vibrantly green trees. Additionally, there are frequently volunteer opportunities to assist locals.

On Christmas, Hai Phong Cathedral is a lively place, as you will experience. The large church serves as something of a spiritual center for many parishioners, but it also serves as one of the noteworthy tourist attractions in Hai Phong that may teach you more about local customs and culture. In the city of red phoenix flowers, it also serves as a distinctive check-in location.

House of Kite

Address: No. 10 Pham Van Dong, Duong Kinh District, Hai Phong

One of Hai Phong’s lovely check-in locations is Kite House. Additionally, it serves as an emblem for the city of red phoenix flowers. Large-scale amusement and entertainment events are frequently organized here by the Kite House, also known as the international exhibition center.

This is regarded by travelers, particularly young ones, as a distinctive check-in location in Hai Phong. You’ll be able to snap the most unusual and bizarre check-in shots with the enormous building that looks like a kite preparing to take off.

Voi Mountain

The ascent of the mountain is extremely lovely. The air is cold and fresh as well. Many trans-Vietnamese travelers, in particular, have selected this location as one of the destinations to explore during their entire voyage. The origin of the prehistoric human race is Elephant Mountain, according to French archaeologists. Because numerous artifacts dating back roughly 3000 years have been found on the mountain, including stone axes, grinding tables made of stone, weights made of stone, spears, and bronze daggers…

Hai Phong Pedestrian Street

Address: Next to the bank of Tam Bac river, extending from Lac Long bridge to Sat market

If you’ve ever been on a walking street in a large city like Hanoi or Saigon, you can also find entertainment venues and restaurants to enjoy on a pedestrian street in Hai Phong. This Hai Phong check-in location is situated directly beside the Tam Silver River’s banks, and the streets are lit up at night so you may shoot pictures without restriction.

The entertainment venues draw tourists, but the pedestrian area is also well renowned for its many distinctive restaurants. Your journey will be significantly more enjoyable thanks to the hundreds of unique snack bars and beverage outlets.

Quan Hoa

The flower shop in the city center of Hai Phong is one of the most well-liked tourist attractions, especially for foreign visitors. The flower shop is special in terms of its architecture, history, and contribution to the port city’s residents’ spiritual well-being.

Existing records indicate that manager Luciani developed the Hai Phong flower shop, and the Gochie highway head was in charge of the technical planning. To complete the project, decision-makers had to pick the best building from dozens of ideas submitted by various architects from across the nation while maintaining the Oriental art style. 

Tien Lang Hot Springs

Address: Phac Xuyen village, Bach Dang commune, Tien Lang district

About 10 hectares of the Tien Lang hot spring are separated into numerous regions. Anyone who has stepped foot in the places once would find them difficult to forget because they are finely laid out in conjunction with the lyrical natural surroundings.

With an island-like landscape surrounded by water, Tien Lang is renowned for its coastal mangrove system. The hot water source of Tien Lang spring is entirely utilized naturally at a depth of 850 meters, maybe as a result. In particular, the water is consistently kept at an average temperature of 54 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for leisurely activities, bathing, and sleeping. Additionally, the Tien Lang water source includes a variety of healthy natural minerals. health.

Mac Dynasty house of cult

Address: Ngu Doan commune, Kien Thuy district, Hai Phong city

A collection of recently constructed buildings and archeological artifacts can be seen the Mac Dynasty house of cult. This location served as both the heart of the second capital after Thang Long and the original Mac dynasty’s territory. Our State has constructed and renovated the Mac route so that anybody can go and make sacrifices in remembrance of the virtues of the Mac monarchs as well as to preserve the cultural and historical qualities of this dynasty giving flowers and incense in honor of the Kings.

Tuyet Tinh Coc

Address: Trai Son limestone mountain range, An Son commune, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong

In addition to having a name that makes people think of the old Kim Dung martial arts novels, Tuyet Tinh Coc is renowned for having a beauty comparable to a “fantasy scene,” with alternating rocky mountains and mountains. The pristine, emerald lake with a view all the way to the bottom is the focal point.

The extraction of limestone mountains has caused a chemical reaction that has changed the lake’s original hazy water hue to become transparent as blue as fine jade, giving the water here its distinctive tint. Because of this, Tuyet Tinh Coc has a special beauty that is hard to discover elsewhere.

Lan Ha Bay

Address: Lan Ha Bay, Cat Hai, Hai Phong

Lan Ha Bay is one of the best entertainment areas in Hai Phong that attracts a lot of young people. However it isn’t quite as spectacular as Ha Long Bay but this is one of Hai Phong’s most well-known attractions.

There are 400 distinct islands, both big and little, in this popular tourist location. Activities available to visitors include climbing, boating, snorkeling, and more.

Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong

Address: Vinhomes Imperia Urban area, Hanoi street, Thuong Ly, Hong Bang, Hai Phong

The 45-story Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong has 362 contemporary rooms. One of the top resort hotels in Hai Phong City is this one. In addition to the many resort amenities including hotels, swimming pools, gyms, and massages, there is a network of opulent restaurants serving a wide variety of delectable and distinctive dishes.

The majority of the rooms of Vinpearl Hotel Imperia Hai Phong have breathtaking views. Additionally, guests can enjoy the rooftop Sky Bar with a view of the entire city. This is the best place to check in to Hai Phong.

Vinpearl Hotel Rivera Hai Phong

Address: Manhattan 9, Vinhomes Imperia Hai Phong Urban Area , Thuong Ly, Hong Bang, Hai Phong

Within Vinhomes’ urban campus, the Vinpearl Hotel Rivera Hai Phong is situated in the area’s most desirable district. This is a 5-star hotel chain that offers a wide variety of services. The building’s French-inspired design adds to the sensation of elegance and luxury. The majority of these rooms offer a roomy outlook and an outdoor pool system with a space of up to 311 m2.

Visitors won’t need to worry about looking for check-in locations in Hai Phong because you may freely experience and explore within Vinpearl’s hotel system.

Vincom Plaza Imperia Hai Phong

Address: Vinhomes Imperia Urban Area, Thuong Ly Ward, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City

The city of Hai Phong’s most prosperous dining, entertainment, and retail experiences will be found here. Vincom Plaza Imperia Hai Phong brings together well-known companies over a space that is close to 20,000m2.

With the addition of the 1,000m2 PowerBowl 388 amusement park, the CGV international cinema complex, and virtual reality gaming, this location is also a fun destination for tourists and young people.

Vincom Plaza Le Thanh Tong

Address: No.1 Le Thanh Tong Street, May To Ward, Ngo Quyen District, Hai Phong City

Vincom Plaza Le Thanh Tong should draw a lot of shoppers thanks to its excellent position in the heart of the city. This location has hundreds of vendors as well as upscale dining options, making it the perfect weekend getaway for you.

Cat Ba National Park

Address: Tran Chau commune, Cat Ba archipelago, Cat Ba grave, Hai Phong

Up to 15,200 hectares of natural forest are located within Cat Ba National Park, which is designated as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

The mangrove, coral reef, marine forest, and limestone ecosystems are only a few of the diverse ecosystems found in Cat Ba National Park. There are 282 kinds of creatures that live in the forest, 538 species that live on the seabed, 196 species of marine fish, 177 species of coral, and 75 types of seaweed in this ancient forest. sea and 771 varieties of land plants. 741 different plant species, including 199 phytoplankton species, 23 species of mangroves, and several valuable wood species as ironwood, chestnut, white oak, and cypress…

The well-known tourist destinations in Hai Phong are listed above; if you have the time, go to them all! believe that this post will make your trip delightful and unforgettable. Don’t forget to check in so you can capture these lovely moments!

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