Discover the sacred beauty of Ba Thien Hau pagoda festival in Saigon

Discover the sacred beauty of Ba Thien Hau pagoda festival in Saigon

Ba Thien Hau Pagoda is one of the temples and shrines with the most traditional ethnic history of the Chinese in Saigon. Besides the value of art and aesthetics of architecture, sculpture, and ancient artifacts, this place also has another value, which is not only a place to distribute religious necessities but also a place to gather and reciprocate. between Vietnamese and Chinese people (Cantonese).

The Ba Thien Hau Pagoda Festival of the Vietnamese-Chinese Council has long become a brilliant traditional cultural destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to visit and celebrate Ba.

When does Ba Thien Hau pagoda festival take place?

Thien Hau’s death ceremony is held on the 23rd day of the 3rd lunar month. This is the biggest annual festival of Ba Pagoda, in which the number of women who go to the ceremony is many times higher than that of men. In the past, the ceremony was usually held for a whole week, the offerings and offerings were also very solemn, including the statue procession and placed in a gilded palanquin with Thuan Phong boat and scepters inscribed with the names of the gods. God is worshiped in the temple. Today, the procession on the street has been reduced, only organized in the temple premises.

On this day, the statue of Lady Thien Mau is placed on a palanquin and carried around the temple with the idea of ​​bringing many blessings to the people.

Offerings depend on the situation and the kindness of each person, especially incense, gold and silver paper, and paper money are indispensable gifts, because the Chinese believe that this is a gift that knows how to give to the gods. In addition to worshiping at the main shrine of Lady Thien Hau, guests also depend on their own needs and desires, from religious work, to love, to children and grandchildren, from praying for health to doing business. … but bring offerings continuously to worship at other shrines of other characters.

In addition, Saigon tourists during this period have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere with lively activities such as lion dance, lion dance, dragon dance or art performances by folk music teams. The ethnic group performed extremely enthusiastically and attractively.

The festival of Ba Thien Hau is full of colors and ethnicity. Through this festival, showing solidarity, mutual affection, mutual love: Kinh – Hoa in the solidarity of the Vietnamese national family. The Chinese directly preserve the existence and development of the Ba Thien Hau ceremony, but because it is suitable with the characteristics of spiritual life and beliefs of the Vietnamese people, it is suitable in the system of worshiping Mother (mother) such as: Ba Chua. Country, Black Lady, Thien Y Ana,…

An attractive destination in Saigon that tourists from all over the world should not miss is the area Ba Thien Hau Temple  – which possesses impressive ancient beauty along with exciting festival activities and offers countless Attractive background for the ideal travel photo set with relatives and friends.

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