Discover the unique features at Hue Festival festival you must experience once in your life

Hue is not only a land imbued with distinctive culture of the East but also a land with many resources for economic development of the central key economic region, Hue urban area is gradually asserting itself as a city in the world. Tourist city, Festival city of Vietnam.

From the event of the Vietnam-France Cultural Festival organized by Hue City in collaboration with CODEV in 1992, the idea of ​​a Festival with a series of impressive and unique cultural activities and festivals linked together has been was done right in the year of preparation for the opening of the new millennium.

Hue Festival Festival is one of the major festival events of Vietnam that takes place every two years in Hue City. The complex of Hue monuments with unique architectural and artistic masterpieces has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Features of Hue Festival Festival

Hue Festival recreates the panorama of the ancient prosperous imperial citadel with many community events held both inside and outside the city to vividly depict Hue’s traditional values. Those events include Royal Night, Nam Giao Worshiping Ceremony, Tracing Ceremony, Ao Dai Festival, Sea Festival, Kite Flying Contest, Human Flag, etc.

There are also art exhibitions, film screenings, acrobatics, puppet shows and street performances that are part of the traditional customs of the Nguyen Dynasty in the past.

The festival attracts thousands of people to watch the performances of hundreds of artists from domestic and international street art troupes.

Hue Festival brand has spread and affirmed in the hearts of domestic and international friends. From Festival 2000, there were only 15 groups and groups of domestic artists and 7 international art troupes, but by the 9th period, there were 1200 artists from 18 countries participating. Up to now, it can be affirmed that the festival is increasingly gathering, attractive and spreading in the trend of actively integrating and enhancing cultural exchanges.

Hue Festival has brought a new look and new vitality to Thua Thien-Hue, affirming its position as a typical festival city of Vietnam, one of the unique cultural and tourist centers of the country.

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