Explore Dia Tang Phi Lai Temple – a thousand-year-old temple in Ha Nam

Explore Dia Tang Phi Lai Temple – a thousand-year-old temple in Ha Nam

Dia Tang Phi Lai Pagoda (Nom name also known as Dung Pagoda) is located in the heart of Phi Lai mountain range (Ninh Trung village, Liem Son commune, Thanh Liem district) which is gradually becoming a highlight of spiritual tourism in Ha Nam.

According to the elders in the village, Dung Pagoda was built in the 11th century with a scale of more than 100 rooms. There was a time when King Tran Nghe Tong chose Dung Pagoda as a hidden place and King Tu Duc also chose this place to pray. Many kings have visited here.

In the 17th century, King Tu Duc came here to pray for his son. At the foot of the mountain, he said two words “Phi Lai”. Interestingly, this word has both the meaning of “return” and the meaning of “never to return”. This place worships Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. That is also the origin of the new name Dia Tang Phi Lai.

Immerse yourself in the peaceful beauty of Dia Tang Phi Lai Temple

The Dia Tang Phi Lai Temple is located on a very beautiful feng shui position. The pagoda leans back against the mountain to create the throne, on the left of Thanh Long, on the right of Bach Ho. If you look from above, you will see the pagoda as lying on the back of a dragon, the dragon’s head is towards Thang Long Citadel, the tail is towards Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. Surrounding the pagoda is the shadow of a tall pine tree.

Like the layout of traditional temples, the largest is the Tam Bao. The statue of Duc Dia Tang shows gentleness but exudes majesty, placed in the overall harmonious architecture, taking the main colors of brown, yellow, and white.

The special thing at the temple is that the Buddha statue is made of earth with the meaning towards the origin because all are from the earth. Wood statues are very close because Buddhism is very rustic in nature. Like the saying “golden Buddha earth statue, golden Buddha earth statue”.

At the temple grounds, there are many different fruit and vegetable gardens around the pagoda mountains. There are also plants used for medicine, herbs for bathing, wild vegetables for eating hot pot… They are cared for and created regularly by monks and local people. At the foot of the mountain, the pagoda has built a mushroom growing house about 20m2 to provide clean food for vegetarian hotpot meals or for making shrimp paste.

Especially for those of you who like to read, there are many books mainly with content to nourish and nourish the soul, books are placed on shelves that cover the walls. With a quiet space, books will definitely help us see many meaningful things when coming here. For those who like to be quiet, they can enjoy tea at different tea rooms at the temple or admire the orchids behind the ancestral church.

It is also because of the peaceful beauty of Dia Tang Phi Lai Temple that the place always attracts Buddhists to come and check in every corner of the temple. Visitors arriving at Dia Tang Phi Lai Temple from Ha Nam, it seems that all worries and worries have disappeared, replaced by a feeling of freedom and freedom as if you are lost in a fairyland, being immersed in space. peaceful time of mountains and forests – heaven and earth and pure sacred place.

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