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Lim festival day

Lim festival is a festival of cultural activities and quan ho singing held annually in Bac Ninh. The association carries both the cultural and spiritual meaning of the people of Bac Ninh, and also expresses gratitude to the ancestors.

The main center of the Lim association is held in the Lim hill area. The festival is held from the 12th to the 14th of the first lunar month, the 3 main places to hold the festival are the commune, Noi Due Lien Bao and the town of Lim.

What to play at the club?

Coming to the spring tour at the association, visitors will be immersed in the vibrant festival atmosphere, participate in interesting and unique folk games and especially enjoy the earnest quan ho melodies of the brothers. immediately sister.

The Lim festival consists of two parts: the ceremony part and the festival part.

– Ceremony part:

On the main day of the festival – January 13 of the lunar calendar, the procession opens the ceremony with a series of people in colorful old costumes participating. Many rituals and folk games such as the custom of worshiping queens are held on this day.

In the morning, the mandarins, the old incense and the village’s men gathered to make sacrifices to the post-god at Hong Van mausoleum. The ritual of singing quan ho worshiping the god is performed, when singing people can hear the praises of the god’s merits.

– Assembly part:

Attracting a large number of tourists to participate are interesting folk games such as: Fighting, wrestling, cooking rice, weaving contest, fairy swing, martial arts, … The most prominent of which is the singing festival – The most typical part of the festival, from singing to invite betel, singing to call it, to the flute crossing the river, the spider spreading the net…

The singing contest in the form of yacht singing quan ho takes place at noon. Each quan ho village set up a camp in the yard of Lim hill. The dragon boat painted with gold paint in the lake of Lim village’s field will carry him and his sister with leisurely songs. This is the most unique part that makes the Lim association unique.

Experience traveling to Bac Ninh Lim festival

Coming to Bac Ninh on Lim festival, visitors can not only visit the festival but also visit other famous places here. Some outstanding places in Bac Ninh can be mentioned such as: Ba Chua Kho Temple, Phat Tich Pagoda, But Thap Pagoda, Dong Ho Painting Village, Luy Lau Ancient Citadel, Phu Lang Pottery Village…

In addition, Bac Ninh is also known for many specialties bearing the spirit of the countryside such as: Banh Khuc, Banh Ti, Banh phu thi, Dap Cau burnt liver noodle soup, Dinh Bang rat meat…

The association attracts visitors to the festival with interesting and attractive activities. Coming to experience the biggest festival in Kinh Bac will definitely be a memorable spring trip for visitors.

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