Revealing 15 Bac Ninh specialties as gifts bearing bold Kinh Bac region

Bac Ninh is not only famous for its sweet mandarin sentences but also attracts tourists by famous delicious specialties. Bac Ninh specialties have a strong hometown spirit, which tourists coming to enjoy are always attracted by these special dishes. Traveling to Bac Ninh, don’t forget to buy these specialties as gifts!

Dry pancake – Bac Ninh specialty

To make cakes with rich flavors of the homeland, at first glance, it is very simple, but in fact requires elaborate and skillful. The main ingredient for making Ke cake is delicious rice, soaked in water to stretch and then pureed, forming a smooth, white powder.

Dry pancake is an idyllic, rustic dish, containing many flavors and bold Bac Giang countryside. The rice paper cakes with the shape of a shiny golden saddle, fleshy and fragrant with peanuts, sesame, sweet potatoes… have become indispensable gifts for tourists.

Cho village rice cake

The cakes wrapped in small dong leaves, only about 2 fingers wide, but thin in shell, with many fragrant fillings are always the attraction of this dish. Along with the taste of meat, the crunchiness of  wood ear, the aroma of pepper is the buoyant taste of the pie crust that blends together when eaten to create a very different taste.

Dinh To tro cake

Unlike tro cake in other places, Dinh To tro cake has a transparent color like amber, unique and sophisticated from the way it is made to taste.

Rice is the main ingredient to make ash cake, the people here choose glutinous rice with yellow flowers and put it in the ash to soak the rice for about a night, when it is picked out, the rice grains are finely crushed at the tips of their fingers. After soaking, the rice is picked out and washed with rain water or well water to dry before packing.

The wrapping leaves are usually dong leaves or banana leaves, Dinh To tro cakes are usually wrapped in the shape of a bow, reaching as high as a hand when held. After wrapping the cake, it is boiled, the bottom of the pot is usually lined with a layer of old dong leaves to avoid sharpness and add flavor. When the cake is cooked, when it is peeled off, it reveals its transparent shape, a color that can be seen through, and is soft to the touch like a jelly.

Thi Cau sweet potato cake

A specialty cake of Bac Ninh that you can absolutely buy as a gift that is both delicious and strange is Thi Cau potato cake. The type of cake made from glutinous rice with taro, but under the hands of Thi Cau people, creates a very unique cake that you can’t find anywhere else.

Banh Khuc in Diem village – Bac Ninh specialty

Banh Khuc in Diem village is unknown since when. Just know that, every holiday, festival, full moon, summer, people make cakes, invite relatives and guests. The name of the cake is taken from the name of the type of vegetable. A plant that grows wild in the field or on open ground. Vegetables have silvery green leaves, the outside has a white chalk layer.

Interestingly, when steamed, Banh Khuc from Diem village does not reveal the characteristic green coat of vegetables. The cake is especially delicious when eaten hot. Delicious, small and beautiful cakes like rabbit ears, blue, fragrant with country rosemary. With a soft crust, the greasy taste of meat, the flesh of green beans, making it unforgettable for people to eat.

Phu The cake – Bac Ninh specialty

Having the opportunity to visit Dinh Bang village (Bac Ninh), almost no one forgets to buy as a gift a pair of cakes that are very famous here. The cake is named after the spouse (husband and wife), so it is not a single cake, but a pair. In addition to the banana leaf layer is a lotus leaf that looks very harmonious.

The cake has the strange plasticity of the fragrant sticky rice, the strange chewiness of the grated papaya fiber mixed with the sweet, fatty, aromatic flavor of the green bean and coconut filling. Come to Bac Ninh, don’t forget to enjoy the food of the day!

Steamed beef with rice paper – Bac Ninh specialty

Another delicious dish loved by many passengers when coming to Bac Ninh is steamed heifer. This specialty is found in many pubs, restaurants, and eateries, where heifers are steamed in the near future so that the meat is still sweet and tender.

Each piece of meat is thinly sliced ​​with both meat and skin, rolled with thin rice paper, and a variety of herbs and wild vegetables. Especially, steamed beef rolls must be dipped with thick seasoning sauce, take a bite, the aroma of heifer spreads in the mouth with a strong seasoning sauce that is hard to resist.

Bird meat – Bac Ninh specialty

Bird meat is naturally quite rich in protein and nutritious for health. Therefore, in ancient times, many delicious dishes from bird meat were presented to the king’s palace. Later, Bac Ninh was known to many people for this bird dish.

From bird meat, this place can be processed into many different delicious dishes. The dishes are guaranteed to be beautiful and have high nutritional value such as: bird sticky rice, bird porridge, grilled bird, stewed bird, …

Grilled cartilage in Thi Cau Bac Ninh

When it comes to ham, many people immediately think of the favorite snack on the drinking tables. But for the people of Bac Ninh, this dish is commonly served at most restaurants.

With the delicious taste of spices, together with the delicate processing, and beautifully harmonious colors, the dish has quickly attracted the interest of everyone from adults to children.

Featured with a filling filled with ground meat, minced pork cartilage, spices, etc., all wrapped in a clean young intestine. After being cooked on a charcoal stove, you can easily smell the attractive aroma, eat with raw vegetables, chili sauce, delicious to ecstasy.

Dong Ky fine art furniture

Dong Ky Bac Ninh has long been famous for its work of making handicrafts from wood. According to many books, about 300 years ago, Dong Ky craft village began to form and develop. The handicraft products, carvings and furniture here are always of extremely good quality.

With skillful hands and traditional quintessence, Dong Ky wooden products are gifts that you can buy for your family after every visit to Bac Ninh.

Suggested place to buy: Dong Ky wooden handicraft village
Address:   Dong Ky Village, Tu Son, Bac Ninh.

Ho chicken – Bac Ninh specialty

Lac Tho village, Ho town (Thuan Thanh, Bac Ninh) is famous for its beautiful, muscular Ho chicken, weighing about 5-6kg. This is a precious breed of chicken, which was chosen from ancient times to be presented to the King. Over time, this breed of chicken gradually disappeared, even recorded in the Red Book, and needs to be preserved.

Ho chicken has firm, delicious meat, is being raised by the people of Lac Tho village (Bac Ninh) under the model of ensuring food hygiene and safety.

Nem in Bui village – Bac Ninh specialty

Nem is a favorite dish of many people, becoming an indispensable part of Vietnamese cuisine. Coming to Bac Ninh, you should not miss Bui spring rolls, one of the famous dishes in Kinh Bac region.

The fleshy, fatty, and aromatic flavors are the characteristics you can feel right from the first time you enjoy the dish.

The delicious spring rolls served with fig leaves dipped in chili sauce and a glass of cold beer create an unforgettable taste for diners at a sunny lunch.

Dong Ho painting – Bac Ninh specialty

Dong Ho has long been famous for its traditional and national features. Dong Ho painting village is located on the south bank of the peaceful Duong River. This place has created countless beautiful paintings that are both rustic and simple for people all over the country.

Come to Bac Ninh to visit Dong Ho folk painting village, buy some paintings to hang on the wall to decorate the house with traditional cultural and artistic features of the North.

Dinh To soy sauce – Bac Ninh specialty

Coming to Dinh To, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many rustic dishes such as: cake, ash cake, Thai porridge… and especially in the tray of rice served to guests of the Dinh To people, it is indispensable to have a bowl of fragrant and rich soy sauce. – specialties here.

Dinh To soy sauce has a red-brown color, dense, fragrant, sweet and greasy taste of glutinous rice and corn. This is a very nutritious specialty that is used to make dipping sauces for boiled vegetables, boiled meat, grilled fish, molded cakes, rice cakes, fish stock, meat stock and vermicelli dipping.

Van village wine – Bac Ninh specialty

Van village wine is an indispensable specialty in festivals, Tet or as gifts. Van village wine is cooked with delicious glutinous rice, in addition, it is also made with dried or fresh cassava, plus traditional yeast of 35 rare northern flavors and the delicate art of brewing of the people here.

The wine of Van village is smooth and has a strong taste, when finished, you will have a special taste in the throat and do not cause headaches. When enjoying, you can shake the wine bottle vigorously, there will immediately be many tiny bubbles emerging and then melting like fireworks, fireworks.

Above are the specialties of Bac Ninh that if you come to this place, you cannot ignore it. The delicious dishes are famous and very suitable to bring back as gifts for relatives and friends. Come to Bac Ninh, remember to bring back these specialties.

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