Top 35 delicious Hanoi dishes as gifts worth buying

Bánh gối delicious food in Hanoi

Banh goi has long been known as a familiar gift, captivating many culinary souls of Trang An people. In the last days of the year, when the monsoons come, bringing the cold of winter, people just want to invite each other to the sidewalk restaurant, enjoy some hot pillow cakes served with a bowl of dipping sauce. rich in flavor.

Dip the cake into the dipping sauce and take a bite, see the crispy, greasy taste of the crust; delicious, soft taste of the inside; The sweet and sour taste of the dipping sauce. All blend together to make the uniqueness of this famous dish in Ha Thanh land. Perhaps that is why, many foreign tourists have been really conquered by these special flavors.

Banh Khuc – Hanoi’s specialty

Hanoians love to eat banh khuc every morning or evening. On cold days, banh khuc becomes more popular than ever. When holding a hot pack of banh khuc, visitors will feel the cold winds of Hanoi as disappearing, instead of a warm feeling of banh khuc from the mouth spreading all over the body.

The filling of banh khuc is the most important part of making the flavor of Hanoi’s specialty cake, the filling consists of green beans combined with fatty meat. The green beans for the filling are steamed and pureed, covering the fatty meat marinated with spices and pepper. Doing so, the new cake will smell and fragrant for a long time.

Banh Mi with Vang Sauce – Hanoi’s specialty

The highlight of this dish is the wine sauce. To have a good pot of wine sauce, one must choose to get beef with crispy tendons and not simmer when cooked. The sauce smells like five flavors, cardamom and has a very eye-catching red-brown color. Mixed in a bowl of wine sauce are small pieces of carrots, potatoes, and a little herbs to make bread with wine sauce more delicious.

Hanoi specialty mixed rice paper

Mixed rice paper – a “national” snack of most ages because of its attractive taste and affordable price. This dish does not appear naturally in Hanoi, but there is a time when people still have to “transport” mixed rice paper with Uncle Long, Uncle Vien… from Saigon to Hanoi!

A serving of mixed rice paper here is full of dried beef, shredded squid, quail eggs, chopped vegetables, mango and other spices. The rice paper here is tough and chewy, the flavor is extremely addictive.

Doi Can pancakes, delicious dishes in Hanoi

Having come to Hanoi, how can you lack interesting afternoons when wandering around the streets of Hanoi and then accidentally stopping at a sidewalk banh xeo shop? However, where to enjoy banh xeo nem lui is the best, it is Doi Can street – a small street of Ba Dinh, Hanoi.

It has never been too difficult to find a shop selling banh xeo nem lui, because of the delicious aroma of golden spring rolls being grilled on a charcoal stove with the characteristic aroma of banh xeo. It will be an indispensable dish in the journey to discover the special features of Hanoi cuisine.

Lac Long Quan salty donuts delicious food in Hanoi

Lac Long Quan donut shop is famous for a long time in Hanoi with a very different taste from ordinary donuts. At this point, each person will be given a ticket with an ordinal number. Only when the owner reads the number will you be able to enjoy the cake.

Instead of minced meat as usual, the restaurant uses whole meat, making diners eat very well. In particular, instead of the usual way of dipping salty donuts, the restaurant here pours a “divine” dipping sauce on each bowl of donuts. The owner revealed that the sweet and sour sauce here is made from fish sauce, chili, minced garlic and uses kumquats and passion fruit instead of vinegar.

Banh Che Lam – Vietnamese nutty ginger sticky rice bars

The simple but warm sweet soup of the Doai people is not only a delicious dish, but also a “specialty of Hanoi” for a very meaningful gift. Banh Che Lam is made from simple, familiar ingredients associated with agricultural life such as glutinous rice flour, sugar, malt, and a little bit of ginger and roasted peanuts to add flavor.

Eating che lam should be enjoyed with a cup of warm tea to be able to feel more of the yellow flower sticky rice flavor mixed with the deep spicy ginger, the flesh of roasted peanuts as well as feel the warm hometown spirit in the dish. This simple gift.

Banh Cha – Cake rolls delicious Hanoi food

Banh Cha is a typical traditional cake, rich in the flavor of Ha Thanh land, a  delicious dish Hanoi  as an extremely suitable gift. The cute little cake hidden inside is the unforgettable taste of fatty fatty pieces of fat and fragrant lemon leaves. The crust is made from flour well kneaded and then rolled, the cake is filled with fat, sugar, lemon leaves, flour, then rolled up, cut into pieces and then baked.

Dien pomelo

In the Hanoi travel guide, Dien pomelo is always on the list of Hanoi specialties that tourists need to try or buy as gifts at the end of the year. As a fruit in the past chosen to advance to the king, Dien pomelo is not only attractive because of its thin, yellow skin when ripe, but the pomelos inside are also very succulent and sweet.


Located in the top of Hanoi street food, also the top of easy-to-make street snacks, it is not difficult to prepare hot sandwiches for yourself and your family. Besides egg bread, meat can be bought anywhere… Banh mi banh mi, grilled pork sandwich, and banh mi pate are three less common types of bread but have a special delicious taste.

In the early days of winter, the air gets colder and the pace of life slows down, sitting at a sidewalk restaurant eating bread and a cup of hot tea watching the street move is a pleasure to enjoy Hanoi street food. as well as swallowing the whole character of Hanoi in the heart.

Banh gio – Hanoi specialty spring rolls

Banh gio is a traditional dish of Hanoi people and is now present in many regions, becoming an indispensable dish in the culinary life of the people. Stop by to buy a cake that still blows smoke, the aroma spreads and enjoys. Sticking at the tip of the tongue is the fleshy taste of the cake layer made from rice flour – the quintessence of Vietnam, a little fatty and salty characteristic from the cooking spices of mothers and grandmothers. When it comes to the filling, the baby cake packs a whole bunch of flavors, which are quail eggs, minced meat, and mushrooms soaked in rich spices. All in perfect harmony like the way Vietnamese people create Vietnamese cuisine.

Mixed Noodles

Hearing the name Southern mixed beef noodle soup, customers can guess that the origin of this dish is from the South and is sold in Hanoi. But the actual origin of this dish is in Hanoi.

The noodle dish is cool because there is a combination of fresh noodles with papaya salad, carrots, raw vegetables, sweet and sour fish sauce and especially the highlight of the dish is marinated beef according to the recipe of the dish, stir-fried. soft, sprinkle a little bit of roasted peanuts, fried onions for a more fragrant and fleshy dish. This refreshing dish is perfect for hot summer days.

The dish is mixed up, the flavors and ingredients are mixed with sweet and sour fish sauce, rich and delicious, eating once is enough to make us remember forever.

Bao Phuong moon cake

If you are looking for a specialty cake in Hanoi, don’t miss Bao Phuong moon cake. This bakery is more than 60 years old, is said to be the oldest traditional cake stall in Hanoi, on every Mid-Autumn Festival, people queue up the whole street to wait to buy cakes.

However, if you do not come to Hanoi on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, do not be disappointed, because the cakes here are sold all year round, in addition to mooncakes, there are also other kinds of cakes, banh cha, oan, jam… are equally attractive. . Please visit this cake stall at 201A Thuy Khue or 183 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho to buy as a gift right away.

Tranh Khuc Chung Cake

Banh chung is a traditional dish of the North of our country, so it is not a rare cake, but Tranh Khuc banh chung in Thanh Tri, Hanoi is different. Each cake is the meticulous effort of the artisan wrapping the cake, the cake is not simply beans, meat, green onions but also contains a cultural beauty of the people here.

Hanoi Rice Cake

Talking about Hanoi specialties that are “popular” with tourists, it is impossible not to mention banh com. This is a famous Hanoi snack because of its sweet taste and attractive aroma. The cake is made from sticky rice with yellow flowers that are eye-catching, sweet and flexible, embracing the filling made from durian or green beans. Hanoi rice cake is best when served with hot tea; It is a delicious dish in Hanoi as a gift on Tet holiday that is loved by many people.

Phu The cake

Phu The (Xu Xu) cake is a cake with many colors of green, red, yellow, cool shell, sweet bean paste and coconut inside, often used in weddings, weddings, Tet holidays… and now it has become popular and become a Hanoi specialty as a gift for Saigon people.

The best banh phu phu are sold at shops on Hang Than Street, they often also include banh com. The cake is only for a few days, so when you buy it, remember to eat it, avoid transporting it too far.

Quan Thanh banh day

Banh day is a traditional cake in Hanoi, with a smooth, round white crust and sweet and chewy bean paste.

Banh day is a kind of cocoon of rice cake, must be Hai Hau sticky rice, the seeds are big, round and shiny, then the crust is made to be flexible to be fragrant. After the food is cooked, the rice must be pounded right away while it is still hot, covered with a rich aromatic pepper bean filling. White cake is soft, round and flexible, just take a bite to feel even the taste of Hanoi heaven and earth.

Also because of that rustic but simple taste, Hanoi banh day, especially Quan Ganh day cake, becomes a gift of Hanoians every morning and every afternoon, becoming a meaningful gift for those who go to Hanoi. far.

Black rise cake

Address: P2A, 3rd Floor, CC 210 Quang Trung, Ha Dong, Hanoi

Speaking of gai cakes, everyone must remember the famous gai cake brand – Ba Minh gai cake. This is one of Hanoi’s specialties. Ba Minh gai cake is delicious and soft. With full filling, full flavor is very attractive. Quality assurance cake, no preservatives. With the desire to bring customers the most quintessential and safe products. The cake is filled with green beans, coconut, peanuts, squash, lotus seeds… The hemp shell is made from flour, mixed with pureed hemp leaf juice, so it has a very attractive black color. You can buy gai cake here as a gift for your loved one!

Cha Ca La Vong

Called Hanoi specialties, because perhaps nowhere has this dish, but clever enough to elevate it to a premium and delicious dish. To cook fish is to use halibut, a fish with few bones and sweet meat that lives in large rivers. Fish are usually quite large, strong and heavy. In addition, people can use Anh Vu fish to do it. But rare because the fish is expensive. The most popular is still the salmon.

The ingredients to make this delicious dish are also simple things such as vermicelli, such as lentils, delicious shrimp paste and herbs. But when combining them together, it becomes a wonderful and mesmerizing La Vong fish cake.

Vong Village green rice flakes

Vong Village green rice flakes is a famous specialty in Hanoi in particular and the whole country in general. With Vietnam’s long-standing wet rice civilization, Hanoi’s specialty rice ring represents the crystallization of this culture. This is a product that when you eat, you will never forget the special delicious taste, so in Hanoi, the people of the village of Com Vong still maintain and thrive their craft village.

Hanoi fried rice

Talking about  Hanoi specialties, without mentioning the fascinating but fascinating dish, it would be very flawed. Just like fish, beef, and pork rolls, cha ruoi is also made from rui – a product that only appears around September of the lunar calendar every year, when the water begins to rise. Therefore, trying to taste this famous specialty is not easy.

Cha ruoi often has a very special taste, delicious, fresh, mixed with a little sweet and sour fish sauce and served with vermicelli and raw vegetables to create a smell because it is difficult to resist. Although it is a famous  specialty dish , not everyone has the courage to enjoy this dish deliciously.

Cha Com is a delicious dish in Hanoi

Cha com has a special flavor of Hanoi’s autumn, it is made from first-class nuggets, with crispy nuggets on the outside that are delicious when eaten. Cha com has a greasy taste, fragrant sticky rice is suitable for eating with rice or with beans.

Uoc Le spring rolls delicious food in Hanoi

Uoc Le spring rolls are one of the specialties Hanoi buys as gifts with an age of up to hundreds of years. Traveling to Hanoi, you will certainly not be able to ignore this extremely delicious special dish in the capital. Uoc Le spring rolls originated from Uoc Le village in Thanh Oai district, Hanoi, today’s spring rolls are developed into a variety of delicious dishes such as spring rolls, spring rolls, fried spring rolls, cinnamon rolls, … often used. in daily meals. Especially in each traditional wedding, anniversary and New Year celebration in the North, a delicious plate of spring rolls on the rice tray is indispensable.

Hanoi pickled fruit

In the midst of these hot summer days, when it comes to cuisine, we can’t help but mention the cool, nutritious and delicious fruit pickles.

The fruits are all fresh, ripe and neatly cut, small and thin, thinly sliced, mixed with spices such as coconut milk, syrup, yogurt, and shaved ice. The skillful blend of the rich sweetness from coconut milk, the rich aroma of condensed milk along with the cool taste of fruits gives people a strange passion and love, dispelling all emotions. the heat of the hot summer day in the crowded capital.

Roasted peanuts with basil

On Ba Trieu street, there is a very attractive roasted peanut with basil, and it has become one of Hanoi’s specialties as an unpopular gift. There are many small shops for sale, but the best shop is probably “Cu Van” at 176 Ba Trieu.

Bare lotus jam –  Delicious food in Hanoi

For the old Hanoians, lotus jam – fully called “bare lotus jam” – is an indispensable gift on wedding occasions, or present on the ancestral altar, next to the teapot to welcome guests every New Year. Spring comes. Along with dried lotus jam, there are dozens of other types such as: Pumpkin jam, peanut jam (bird’s egg), ginger jam, kumquat jam… A box has 5 things called five flavors, wrapped in plain paper, in addition to red cellophane, convenient for giving Tet gifts.

Fried spring rolls delicious Hanoi food

Fried spring rolls are made from ground pork, pork skin according to the recipe and process quite similar to spring rolls, then fried until golden brown in cooking oil. This is a typical street snack of Hanoi people. It can be said that among the favorite snacks of contemporary Hanoi youth, although born late, it has the fastest and widest impact. Fried spring rolls in turn surpass traditional dishes such as yogurt, smoothies, fruit pickles or ice cream. The greasy and delicious taste, a little sweet and sour, is especially attractive so that anyone who has tasted it once will remember it forever.

Hanoi snail

In Hanoi, you definitely have to go to eat snails once, and to be able to enjoy dishes such as boiled snails, fried snails, steamed snails … it is very easy because there are many snail shops here.

With a variety of different types of snails, including the more curious and the more crabby, customers will be able to choose their favorite dishes. A highlight is that the dipping sauce has a special recipe that creates a delicious and special sauce flavor. The taste of sour, spicy, salty, sweet blends, looks very normal, but when you dip the snail in and bring it to your mouth, it will be an extremely attractive experience for diners.

O mai delicious food in Hanoi

Converging full of sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavors, O mai is the quintessence of Ha Thanh cuisine. The types of umbrellas are quite diverse, delicious taste, rich selection, affordable prices are very popular with tourists. The apricot umbrella is dried so it can be kept for a long time and is easy to preserve.

The most prominent, the most characteristic of the apricot dishes in Hanoi is the crocodile umbrella. Sweet and sour pickled crocodile fruit, processed with a little spicy ginger. When enjoying, you will feel the spicy crunchy taste that will surely captivate the fastidious guests.

Pho rolls Hanoi dish

Hanoians use fresh pho noodles with ingredients inside to create their own unique flavor. These rolls are used as an appetizer before the main course, or served with other delicious dishes to add variety to the daily menu.

Lotus tea

In autumn Hanoi has the scent of nuggets, in summer tourists will be immersed in the ethereal beauty of Tay Ho lotus. In the harsh weather of June in the summer, it is also the time when the lotus flowers begin to bloom, and it is also the time when people enjoy the sweet cups of lotus tea dispelling the harsh heat of summer. Lotus tea is processed very sophisticatedly, so when enjoying tea, visitors will feel the quintessence and richness spreading in the mouth.


Dracontomelon is a familiar dish to the people of the capital, from crocodile we can make many delicious dishes or beverages. For every visitor to Hanoi, especially a tourist from the South, everyone must buy themselves a bag of dracontomelons to return as a gift. If visitors come during the dracontomelon season, when walking around the streets of the capital, you will encounter many stalls selling fresh dracontomelons.

Above is a summary of attractive Hanoi specialties that are loved by diners. Please pocket right away the list of delicious Hanoi dishes to buy as gifts for friends and relatives.

Hope the article will help you have a complete and fun trip!

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