Top 35 delicious Saigon dishes as meaningful gifts

You are traveling to Saigon and are wondering what to buy Saigon specialties as a gift. And what special gifts in Saigon are both popular and easy to carry? To answer those questions, Let’s eat around the place and check out the top 35 delicious Saigon dishes as gifts here!

Bánh pía – delicious Saigon food as a compact gift, many selling points

Banh Pia has a round, flat shape, also has another name as skinned cake because the outer layer of the cake is very thin, and the inside is filled with salted duck egg yolk, potato, jam of all kinds… The filling is outside of meat and beans. Green is also processed with many kinds of fillings such as potatoes, salted duck seeds… and an important ingredient that helps the cake become a specialty of the Southern region is durian. Pia cake is not too sweet and not too fat, you can eat it without getting bored.

Bánh dừa nướng 

Although grilled coconut cake is not a specialty product produced in Ho Chi Minh City, this dish is loved by many people here. Grilled coconut cake with the taste of coconut from the Central region, eating crispy, sweet, fragrant coconut cake with a fragrant green tea will make people more refreshed.

Fresh roasted cashews with salt

It is a simple dish made from the seeds of the cashew tree, also known as the peach tree. Although the processing method is as simple as roasting the seeds with salt for a medium-ripe cashew, it is enough to bring people to enjoy the aromatic and fleshy taste of cashews, making everyone who eats remember them forever.

Saigon dried lotus seeds

For a long time, lotus seeds have been very popular, especially with the use of lotus seeds. Lotus seeds with many uses such as cooling the body, promoting health, and helping to eat well and sleep easily, not only that, lotus seeds have a light sweet taste, a comfortable and pleasant fragrance, hard to forget when enjoying. So if given as a gift, your loved one will definitely feel very meaningful.

Sesame seeds – delicious Saigon food bought as a gift

Not only is it an ordinary snack, basil seeds also have many uses in slowing down the aging process, supplementing nutrients in the body, reducing fat … extremely effective. This Saigon delicacy is packed in a convenient bag, you can buy it by weight, or bag depending on your preference. Peanut seeds will be a Saigon specialty as a very suitable gift for those who like to be housewives, transforming into many nutritious drinks.

Bánh trung thu – Moon cake

Moon cake is also known as Moon cake. Moon cake is a cake made from very ancient times. With thousands of different kinds of cakes. However, this cake is only popular on the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and it is difficult to find this cake on Valentine’s Day. Particularly in Saigon, because this is a traditional specialty, it is sold almost all year round.

Hạt đười ươi – A rare and precious specialty of Saigon, the tree gives seeds once every 4 years

Orangutan seeds have a sweet taste. Orangutan nut is not only used as a refreshing drink on hot summer days but it is also used as a medicine. This is also a Saigon dish that many tourists choose as a gift when visiting Saigon.

Nem chua in Saigon

Nem chua is not only a specialty of Thanh, but also famous in Saigon. Nem has a sour taste of yeast, spicy and characteristic aroma of garlic and chili. The natural sweetness of the meat, the crispy, the rich flesh of the pork skin make everyone who eats it compliments it.

Sweet fruit, honey – delicious Saigon food as a meaningful gift

These are foods that stimulate the taste buds. Visitors will be able to taste all the flavors of fruit such as the sweet and sour taste of sweet tamarind, the sweet taste of spicy honey, or the fragrant sweetness of sugary bananas… As a gift, no one can refuse.

Bánh mì Ho Chi Minh City specialties

Banh mi has been one of the dishes that are no longer strange to Saigon people. The difference of the banh mi here is that you will enjoy the meatloaf sandwich. A piece of cake when eaten will be filled with the taste of pate, butter, ham and the greasy taste mixed with the bread crust to create a different aroma. The delicious taste in the loaf of bread along with the accompanying ingredients are carefully prepared with a special flavor that makes visitors remember forever.

Bánh tráng trộn 

Mixed rice paper in Saigon has long been a favorite snack of many generations of students. Full rice paper has a characteristic flavor of laksa leaves, in addition to the sweetness of beef jerky mixed with the aroma of the cake. omelette, quail eggs,…. All make up an unforgettable delicious taste. Any street in Saigon has the presence of this mixed rice paper dish, so this dish becomes a specialty of Ho Chi Minh City at any time.

Bột chiên Saigon

Fried dough is a snack of Chinese origin and over time fried dough has become a familiar street food of Saigon people, one of the typical dishes here. The dough is cut in a typical rectangular shape, the fried dough is very delicious, deep fried with blisters, the dough is soft and fatty looks very attractive, served with a dipping sauce that is not too sweet.

Cá dứa nắng (khô cá dứa)

Pineapple fish 1 Sunny Pineapple fish 1 sunny is one of the famous specialties of brackish water fish. Fresh pineapple fish cleaned, drained and then dried in the sun. Pineapple fish in a sunny day just need to be fried or grilled to have an extremely delicious and attractive dish. Pineapple fish is processed into many delicious dishes that will make you remember forever such as pineapple fish cooked in sour soup, pineapple fish with lemongrass, pineapple braised with coconut, grilled pineapple fish with charcoal, salad with dried pineapple fish with 1 sun, … No matter what dishes are processed, the taste of sunny pineapple fish is still delicious and strange, making visitors curious.

Gỏi cuốn

Saigon spring rolls – a specialty dish of Ho Chi Minh City with delicious, nutritious and eye-catching taste, is now popular in all regions of the country. Spring rolls have the advantage of being free of fat and green vegetables, so they don’t cause boredom, eat a lot and don’t get bored. Spring rolls are eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce, with a little bit of spicy to burn the taste buds of the eaters.

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