Carrying the title of “city of thousands of flowers”, Da Lat is indeed a fertile land for thousands of colorful flowers all year round. Coming here, visitors not only see a variety of flowers blooming brightly, but also easily have super beautiful virtual live photos. Let’s eat and play all over the place through the top 5 super beautiful Dalat flower gardens under this article!

Dalat Immortal Flower Garden

  • Address: Located at the foot of Prenn waterfall, Group 19, Ward 3, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Immortal flower is a special flower in the list of the most beautiful flowers of most Dalat flower gardens. The special feature of this flower is that the color and shape of the flower is not changed. Even if the flower wilts, it still shimmers like the first time it bloomed.

Da Lat’s immortal flower garden has a simple beauty and hot colors, but with white or beige concept outfits. This place will give you a background full of feeling like being lost in the middle of a fairyland in a fairy tale.

Lavender field

  • Address: No. 1 Hoa Hoang Anh, Tuyen Lam Lake tourist area, Da Lat city.

If you love lavender, you can’t deny the beauty of the field of flowers in full bloom. Here millions of flowers exude beauty and fragrance, purple as if covering the horizon. This place not only has flowers, but also has a direct view of Tuyen Lam Lake, it is truly a wonderful place for those who are passionate about virtual living.

Field of hydrangeas

  • Address: Trai Mat, Xuan Tho Commune, Da Lat, Lam Dong.

Hydrangea is a typical flower of the city in the mist, so this flower also has many differences from other flowers. The flowers are as large as a sphere, the petals are tiny and have a blue-white color of purity and purity. This is the hydrangea garden that receives the most compliments and reviews from visitors. This place has a fairly large area, and is naturally airy.

Da Lat white cabbage field

  • Address: near Tutra Church, Don Duong District, Lam Dong.

Da Lat’s white rapeseed flower field is an extremely poetic sightseeing place in the flower town. This flower is known for its white color with lovely tiny flowers that bloom in the cold winters. Among the beautiful flowers that are hunted by thousands of tourists.

Although located a bit far from the city center, the beauty of the pure white flowers still does not make us resist. These cauliflower flowers are bought by farmers for seed production. Therefore, this place is enough for the warmest and freshest life for this flower.

Happy Hill Chrysanthemum Garden

  • Address: Along Tuyen Lam lake.

Referring to daisies must mention Happy Hill. You do not have to go to Ha Thanh far away to admire this beautiful flower. As soon as you arrive at the set, you will be immediately captivated by the pure white color of the blooming daisies.

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