Vong village green rice flakes – ecstatic with the elegant gift of Hanoi’s autumn

I don’t know since when, green rice flakes have become one of the meaningful specialties of the people of the capital. Green rice flakes, flexible, ethereal flavor make many people go far to remember. Every time they have the opportunity to come to Hanoi in the autumn weather, many people spend time looking to buy green rice flakes to enjoy a very unique dish of Ha Noi.

Vong village green rice flakes is a typical product of Vong village (also known as Hau village) now Dich Vong Hau ward, Cau Giay district, Hanoi. Every year, there are two crops in the village of com, a crop in April-May and a crop in July-October of the lunar calendar.

Around this time, walking around Hanoi street, you will see street vendors carrying the scent of green rice flakes touching the alleys from door to door, women and girls carrying green rice with a curved head pole, with small bags, baskets, and baskets. Beautiful mother with lotus leaves, innocently proclaimed: “Who buys yellow flower nuggets…”

To feel the whole flavor of the green rice flakes, the Ha Thanh people choose to be gentle, slowly pinch their fingers, pick up a few grains of green rice flakes, drop them in their mouths, and gently sip each grain to make the rice grain sweet and fragrant. gradually dissolve, penetrate deep into the tip of the tongue.

In the work A gift of young rice: Com by writer Thach Lam also once said: “Com is not a gift for people in a hurry; Eating green rice flakes must eat little by little, leisurely and thoughtfully. At that time, we can see that we have recovered in that taste, the fragrant aroma of the new rice, the flowers of the weeds along the shore: in the green color of the green rice flakes, the freshness of the young leaves, and in the sweetness of the green rice flakes. the frugality of herbs.”

Dishes made from Vong village green rice flakes

From green rice flakes, people can make many delicious dishes such as:

Sticky rice cake

The flexible cake with a layer of green rice flakes is both flexible and fragrant mixed with the shell with a little essential oil  of pomelo flower, so it’s really close to being so close.

Com lang Vong Ha Noi ackc 3

Fried rice cake

Fried rice cake made with lean pork and green rice flakes (usually mid-season green rice flakes). Minced lean meat mixed with green rice flakes and a little spice, steamed pieces and then fried in a fat pan. Cha is both sweet and delicious with the taste of meat and fragrant with the taste of green rice flakes, once you eat it, you will remember it forever.

Com lang Vong Ha Noi ackc 4

Che Com – Made from young rice

Che Com is easy to make and delicious to eat, the taste of the green rice flakes blends into the cool tapioca soup, enjoying a bowl of it is so delicious and fragrant.

Com lang Vong Ha Noi ackc 5

Banana pepper with com

Enjoy simple green rice flakes and keep the rustic look, especially dotted with banana and pepper. The soft sweetness of bananas blends with the supple taste of green rice flakes, a little bit of lotus flavor is left on the leaves… making anyone who enjoys it remember forever.


The cake is made from green rice flakes, grated coconut mung bean paste and pumpkin jam or bare lotus jam, often used for the engagement ceremony. The gift of Hanoi people is so delicate and beautiful, the color of the fresh green cake inside is sweet and delicious coconut bean filling.

Com lang Vong Ha Noi ackc 6

Stir-fried green rice

If sticky rice green rice flakes have a flexible taste because the flesh of green rice flakes is mixed with green beans, lotus seeds, and coconuts, then fried green rice flakes only need a really delicious green rice flakes and a little bit of grated coconut to make a delicious and memorable dish.

Com lang Vong Ha Noi ackc 7

Ice cream green rice flakes

Referring to ice cream green rice flakes, people will immediately think of the number 1 ice cream of Trang Tien Ice Cream. Anyone who has ever eaten Trang Tien ice cream must eat at least once. The taste of green rice flakes is soft, the sticky rice grains are blended into each piece of ice cream, everyone who eats it will feel enchanted.

Nem com

Nem com looks quite similar to the traditional spring rolls, but adding a little green rice flakes helps the spring rolls to be both crispy and fragrant. Just taste it, you will see that spring rolls have the aroma of green rice flakes, eat with the light sweetness and suppleness of green rice flakes.

Sticky rice rice

Sticky sticky rice is made from fresh com, lotus seeds, green beans, grated coconut and then wrapped in lotus leaves, so it still retains the rustic flavor of heaven and earth. Sticky rice seeds are soft but still fresh, sweet, mixed with the fleshy taste of green beans, lotus seeds, and the fat of fried coconut to create a delicate dish of Hanoi’s autumn.

Com lang Vong Ha Noi ackc 8

Com has a strong and sweet aroma. The taste of green rice flakes always gives people an unforgettable feeling. The green color of the green rice flakes, the freshness of the young leaves and the sweetness of the green rice flakes make autumn in Hanoi the fullest.

If you have the opportunity to visit this land of Kinh, do not miss the delicious dishes from this green rice flakes!!!

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