25 Quang Ninh specialties that everyone loves

Quang Ninh has not only beautiful landscapes but also very delicious and unique specialties. With a rich source of seafood and regional ingredients only available here, Quang Ninh specialties are the best choice for food lovers.

“Bánh gật gù” – Quang Ninh specialties

About the origin of the name “Bánh gật gù” many people said that in the past, in Tien Yen village, some households made pho cakes to sell. Because old people and children often like to eat bread without filling rolled into long rolls, the flexible cake keeps nodding up and down (like a person nodding his head up and down), when dipped in fish sauce, it is very delicious, so the This name “gật gù” carries the meaning and comes from that.

“Bánh gật gù” is made from plain rice flour that looks similar to rice noodles and rolls and then ground into water powder. The soft, cool nodding cake blends the rich taste of the humiliating piece, along with the chicken fat dipping sauce, who have eaten it and will want to eat it again and again. Local people often say, eating nodding cake is not only delicious and nutritious, but also an extremely effective antidote.

Quang Ninh specialty squid cake rolls

Inside, the filling of banh cuon is accompanied by a little bit of young shrimp to create a rich, aromatic flavor of shrimp, served with squid rolls. This dish has long been famous as a specialty dish of Ha Long, made directly from fresh squid.

A layer of greasy onion fat topped with. The dipping sauce is prepared according to its own recipe. Depending on your preference, you can add ca cuong essential oil, black pepper and red pepper. When you eat it, you will see the white rolls are clear, soft, fragrant, slightly chewy and full of the smell of shrimp, shiitake, and wood ear. The spicy pepper of the crispy squid ink rolls is irresistible.

“Bánh bạc đầu” Quang Ninh specialties

“Bánh bạc đầu” is a cake made from glutinous rice that the San Diu people still use on special occasions such as the full moon day, holidays, Tet… The ingredients for making silver head cake are familiar agricultural products such as glutinous rice, sticky rice, etc. sesame, peanut… Glutinous rice is carefully selected, soaked in water for 10 to 15 minutes and then put in a mortar or milled to make a crust. The filling is made from peanuts and sesame, which are fragrantly roasted and then mixed with white sugar.

With the aroma of glutinous rice, peanuts, sesame, the light sweetness of sugar, easy to eat but not bored, the silver cake leaves many unforgettable impressions for diners near and far.

“Bánh tài lồng ệp”

“Bánh tài lồng ệp” is a unique dish prepared by the San Diu ethnic group in Quang Ninh. Banh Tai has a round cylinder shape, color of cockroach wings, very clear and beautiful. Freshly steamed cakes are flexible and can be cut to eat immediately. The cake is fragrant with the delicious smell of rice, with the fleshy taste of peanuts and sesame, mixed with the smell of warm, fragrant ginger and sweet taste. “Bánh tài lồng ệp” can be kept for a long time, when you eat it, you can eat it with a knife and cut it into pieces.


“Bún bề bề” is a delicious breakfast dish

From the esoteric recipe, it has brought its own special flavors. “Bún bề bề is a delicious breakfast for people who are not in a hurry. From the unique delicious flavor of the broth. Just like the freshness of the surface cannot be carried away. Unless frozen peeled, down to 7.8 servings. So, don’t forget to give yourself a chance to enjoy fresh “Bún bề bề with Ha Long specialties!

“Bún xào Ngán”

Favored by nature, this place is big and the taste is stronger than other regions. Fresh vermicelli is often eaten with crab broth, bone broth. Or more people just eat vermicelli with fish sauce. However, when vermicelli is combined with bored meat, it becomes an irresistible delicacy. In the cold of winter, there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious, hot plate of fried noodles. The dish is both nutritious and dispels the cold of winter. The dish is not too fussy so you can make it at home for family members.

Three-thorn fish

Three-thorn fish is a type of saltwater fish that is abundant in Quang Ninh. A type of fish belonging to the catfish family with a flat head, round body, at first glance like catfish. Because this fish has the name three spines because on the body of the fish there are 3 large spines, of which there are 2 spines in the abdomen and 1 large spine in the back. With this type of fish, people here can process it into many different dishes. You can enjoy simple fried fish with crispy, fragrant, firm meat. Or the hot pot of sweet and attractive fish. In addition, you can also order a special pot of braised fish with banana and beans. But to make this dish, it is very important to pay attention to ensure the consistency of bananas, beans and fish is not crushed.

A good pot of braised fish with bananas and beans must ensure that the fish meat is cooked but not mushy. Bananas are finely beaten to create a consistency and blend when eaten. The golden fried beans are not dry. The accompanying spices are not too strong and still have a bright green color. In addition, chefs at restaurants in Ha Long can also process many other dishes. These can be mentioned as braised fish, fish cooked in sticky rice wine with yellow flowers, fish in tomato sauce.

Grilled chopped fish Quang Ninh dish is hard to resist

Grilled chopped fish is one of the famous delicious dishes that captivates many people every time they come to Quang Ninh sea. This is a famous place specializing in the production of delicious, hygienic and quality fish cakes such as mackerel rolls, Nhac fish cakes, etc.

Quang Ninh grilled chopped fish specialty is made from the freshest, nutritious fish that have just been caught directly from the sea. Besides, fish cakes are processed according to the traditional recipe of the people here, bringing crispy, delicious, and sweet fried fish cakes that will make you irresistible.

Squid rolls

Quang Ninh squid rolls – A dish rich in the flavor of the sea, loved by many diners because of its tough, crispy and delicious squid. Made from fresh squid when freshly caught from the sea, through the processing stages, especially Ha Long squid must be pounded by hand to have a delicious, sweet taste. When coming to Ha Long, you should definitely not miss this specialty.

Dong Trieu “chả rươi”, delicious Quang Ninh specialty

The dish is fragrant and fragrant with a delicious taste; Rui soup has a sweet, lumpy taste; while braised with fresh gac leaves is both greasy and soft.

The outer shell is crispy without drying out, not only ensuring the beauty but also bringing an attractive taste. Cha ruoi is used as a snack or served with vermicelli, dipped with sweet and sour dipping sauce. So don’t worry when choosing this dish as a gift or gift for your loved ones.

“Cù kỳ” – Quang Ninh specialties are sought after every tourist season

“Cù kỳ” or stone crab is a type of sea crab with two very large claws, hairy legs, firm meat and very fragrant. In many places people also call it the shackles. This species is distributed in warm seas such as Malaysia, Indonesia. In Vietnam, this species is distributed on the coasts of Quang Ninh and Khanh Hoa, but valuable food is only found in Quang Ninh.

Although the meat is not as juicy as sea crab meat, it is more delicious than crab meat, and the price is cheaper than crab, so it is very popular. However, tickling meat is only available in two claws, the body is spongy and almost no meat. Cu Ky is also processed in many different ways such as cooking vermicelli, steaming, roasting tamarind, charcoal grilling, removing fried meat with vermicelli or making fried rice for children. Now, the dish from Cu Ky is famous not only for locals but also for tourists near and far when coming to Quang Ninh. Therefore, do not miss any opportunity when you have the opportunity to come here.

Tien Yen hill chicken

Coming to Tien Yen, everyone wishes to once enjoy the famous chicken dish because Tien Yen chicken has a special delicious taste, Tien Yen chicken skin is not only as golden as turmeric but also very delicious. thick, when enjoying, it has an extremely crispy feeling and an unforgettable spread of sweetness.

Ha Long Oysters

As a group of crustaceans with thin shells, soft intestines, fatty and sweet taste, oysters often live in rapids in rivers or estuaries. Among oysters, milk oysters are probably the most delicious and popular. Oysters have high nutritional value with a variety of protein, glucide, fat, zinc, calcium, magnesium, especially milk oysters are one of the types containing the most zinc. Milk oysters are processed into many dishes such as: grilled milk oysters with onion fat, baked milk oysters, milk oyster porridge, etc.

Three spines fish hot pot

Sweet fish sauce hot pot, fragrant galangal, add a little sourness of the batch. Pick up pieces of fish served with raw vegetables dipped in spicy chili garlic fish sauce. You will feel how attractive the taste of coastal cuisine is. Come to Quang Ninh, don’t forget to try the hot pot dish from this fish!

Yen Tu bamboo shoots, a specialty of Quang Ninh

Bamboo shoots can be processed into many different dishes, but the most delicious and attractive dish is still bamboo shoots dipped with sesame salt. Bamboo shoots after buying are kept intact, then grilled on charcoal and then dipped with sesame salt. You can enjoy this dish on the top of Hoa Yen so you can enjoy the view while enjoying this dish. Another interesting thing is that the bamboo shoot harvest season is also the tourist festival season. Therefore, this rustic dish always attracts curious visitors who want to taste it.

Sour spring rolls, Quang Ninh spring rolls

Nem chao, also known as spring rolls, is a unique dish of the North. Although it is just a simple and rustic dish, it contains the feelings of the children in the mouth of Quang Yen. With only very simple ingredients such as hearing, pork skin, the people here have skillfully processed into an extremely delicious dish. In addition, Quang Yen also has the famous spring rolls, attractive by the fleshy and sour taste, with the moderate saltiness of the spices and the natural sweetness of the meat.

Co To jellyfish salad, Quang Ninh specialty

Traveling to Co To, you can enjoy jellyfish salad, also known as jellyfish salad, which is a salad using jellyfish as the main ingredient, which has been preliminarily processed, blanched in boiling water and then mixed sweet and sour with a variety of vegetables, animal meat and vegetables. spice. Co To jellyfish salad is very crispy, cool and has a delicious taste different from any seafood, extremely good for the intestines.

Ha Long “ruốc tôm”, Quang Ninh specialty

“Ruốc tôm” is a special dish with high nutritional value, attractive taste and convenience when enjoying. People can easily combine shrimp paste with any dish to create an impressive culinary breakthrough. Delicious shrimp paste, attractive colors bring people delicious and nutritious dishes. When coming to Ha Long, don’t forget to choose delicious shrimp paste as gifts for loved ones. Although the gift is simple, it certainly contains your affection and meticulousness for the recipient.

Yen Tu apricot wine, Quang Ninh specialty

Yen Tu Mo Wine is a wine made by fermenting fresh apricots and sometimes honey. Around March and April every year, apricots are soaked and distilled again, with each region having different recipes for apricot wine, so apricot wine also has different attractive flavors, but still retains the aroma. inherent natural apricot and honey sweetness.

Ha Long sea sam, Quang Ninh specialty

Sam is a precious gift of the sea, and at the same time, sea sam is a very famous Ha Long specialty, loved by both locals and tourists. With delicious taste and high nutritional content, Sam becomes a dish you cannot miss when you have the opportunity to come here.

Special “sá sùng” Quang Ninh with nutritious dishes

Sa sung is known as a high-class specialty dish, unlike other seafood dishes, it always has a very specific taste, giving people a fragrant, fatty and greasy taste. Sa worm belongs to the family of earthworms, depending on different regions, it will have a different name, for example: earthworm, ground ginseng, rumors, etc., but most people will call it sa worm , sounds very unique and strange.

Quang Ninh “sá sùng” is divided into two types, fresh Sa worm and dried Sa worm. Fresh Sa Sung if you want to buy it, you have to go to the place early in the morning, it is prepared with stir-fried dishes. And dried worms are usually selected from the biggest, fattest worms for drying or drying. This type is more commonly used in restaurants, hotels, as an ingredient for all broths and it replaces other condiments such as main noodles, seasoning seeds.

Ha Long pearl yogurt, Quang Ninh specialty

The taste of self-softening, smooth white yogurt, blended with chewy, greasy, warm coconut milk pearls and delicious fresh fruits. Bubble yogurt when eaten is soft and smooth mixed with hot coconut milk pearls and many different toppings. The unique harmonious sweet and sour cream here makes anyone who has tried it once will remember it forever.

Braised duck eggs stewed with wormwood leaves, a specialty of Quang Ninh

As you know, duck eggs are a familiar dish and blood is also a familiar side dish, but when combined with wormwood leaves, blood pudding and wormwood-leaf duck eggs become much more delicious. , it is the rich taste and the throne of wormwood leaves penetrates into the duck eggs and blood.


And the blood and duck eggs stewed with wormwood leaves are very good for health, wormwood also has the effect of regulating blood, enhancing health, and repelling headaches. Therefore, blood pudding and duck eggs stewed with wormwood leaves are loved by many people, especially on rainy or cold days.

Grilled “Tu hài” with onion fat, Quang Ninh specialty

Grilled “Tu hài” is the most delicious dish that any diners want to enjoy. The dish is not only delicious but also contains many great nutrients. There are 16 kinds of amino acids that are good for the body. Especially for men, this is a dish that works very well in enhancing physiology.

The first time you enjoy the grilled “tu hài” with onion fat, you will be attracted by the strange taste. Next is the soft, sweet meat mixed with fatty onion seasoning. Enjoying this dish, you will find that it has a unique taste unlike the clam, bored you have ever eaten. Above is a summary of attractive Quang Ninh specialties that are loved by diners. Pocket this list right away so you can fully experience Quang Ninh cuisine when you come here!

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