4 stops to check-in Sapa that tourists cannot ignore

4 stops to check-in Sapa that visitors cannot ignore “The Land of Mist” Sapa every season puts on a new color with its own attractive beauty. Therefore, the tourist attractions in Sapa are of great interest to many tourists. Here are the 4 hottest check-in points in Sapa that are attracting tourists, especially young people.

Swing Sapa

Address: Swing Sapa is located in the center of Sapa town, in the direction of the ancient stone church, along the direction of the cable car for about 2km, you will come to Swing Sapa right next to Hoang Lien Son National Park.

Although recently launched, the Swing Sapa entertainment complex has become a check-in coordinate that has received a lot of attention from young people.

The most prominent feature in Swing Sapa is the two ancient statues of human heads and giant hands. The space forms a mysterious scene, bringing impressive photos to visitors.

In addition to these two statues, Swing Sapa has many other unique places to help visitors unleash their ‘virtual life’ such as: ‘stairway to heaven’, infinity swing, wooden bridge, bird’s nest or pine tree lonely. This place is also a beautiful cloud hunting spot of Sapa – the land of mist with mountains of clouds covered, entangled visitors’ feet.

Moana Sapa

Moana Sapa is also a complex that attracts visitors to check-in, especially girls and boys who love beauty and are passionate about taking art photos in a dreamy setting amidst immense nature. Location: With an area of ​​​​Moana Sapa up to 10,000m2, located at Violet Street, Cau May, overlooking the Hoang Lien Son range and the majestic Fansipan peak.

Currently, this is one of the hottest virtual living spots in Sapa with beautiful miniatures like Bali. The miniatures are delicately arranged in the vast space like the mirror-like Infinity Lake with a white piano as the highlight; Lonely tree with gentle space; cute, sophisticated cafes to rest, enjoy the scenery, hunt clouds…

Secret Garden

Launched not long ago, but Secret Garden Homestay has become a stormy complex with virtual believers in Sapa. There are a series of beautiful and impressive check-in corners.

Guests can relax in the swimming pool amidst the mountain scenery and enjoy a light meal served under the water at the homestay. In addition, the swing is also the highlight of Secret Garden for those who like thrills. Sitting on a swing in the middle of the vast mountains and forests will bring impressive photos to visitors.

Sapa Heaven Gate

Heaven’s Gate is known by a large number of tourists both at home and abroad. The stone statue right on the Sapa heaven gate is the location of many check-in photos.

To get the best picture here, the right time is when there are lots of clouds floating around. Just standing in the scenery and posing, visitors will have a genuine virtual living album. Especially in September, October, when visiting Sapa heaven gate, visitors can admire the terraced fields of the golden rice season. brilliant.Sapa with countless attractive destinations will bring visitors great experiences. Being immersed in the Northwest mountains and taking impressive check-in photos will definitely make your trip complete and without regrets.

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