Dalat Flower Festival – A must-visit destination when coming to Da Lat

Da Lat is surrounded by poetic flower gardens and charming landscapes. Dalat Flower Festival, also known as Da Lat Flower Festival, is an opportunity for the city to display flowers and honor Da Lat’s floriculture.

Origin of Dalat Flower Festival

In December 2004, Da Lat held the “Da Lat Flower Festival” which attracted the attention of many tourists near and far. Responding to that festival, Da Lat has decided to organize more occasions of Dalat Flower Festival every 2 years, which has been held 8 times so far.

This festival is held around December, which is also the month that Da Lat has the most beautiful weather of the year. At this time, the city will collect, display and exhibit vegetables, flowers, ornamental plants of the locality and many regions across the country.

What is special about Dalat Flower Festival?

Dalat Flower Festival is not just an ordinary festival. It is considered a cultural and tourist event of national and international stature. In previous event years, flowers will begin to bloom in the cold weather at the end of the year. That is also the time when the weather is extremely favorable and refreshing to hold the festival.

Festival space

The festival space every year is very grand and brings many new things year by year. Da Lat Flower Festival with festival space will take place in Da Lat city, Bao Loc city and some localities in Lam Dong province.

Especially around Xuan Huong Lake – one of the famous tourist attractions in Da Lat and on major roads of the city. The flower miniatures are decorated according to many separate themes but still ensure the harmony of color and perspective. Coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to experience the artistic lighting route, the space of the flower village, the garden house,…

Opening ceremony of Dalat Flower Festival

As usual, at the clock at 20:00 is also the time when the Dalat Flower Festival begins the opening program. The grand opening program lasted for about 30 minutes with special musical performances to open the Festival in a cool and spacious space, with many sparkling and splendid lights… to bring visitors to the festival. many unforgettable emotions.

Flower carnaval

Flower carnaval is performed with a magnificent procession of floats. This is the expression of extremely unique ideas with flowers from designers. After the opening ceremony, the flower car will parade all night in the light of fireworks and many attractive art shows, such as: flower fashion carnaval; flowers on bicycles; display and introduce nightly flowers in Lam Vien square; organize flower space at Da Lat station…

Coming to the flower carnaval, visitors will admire the parades with many unique features from impressive to fairy, from breaking to simple. But all are extremely harmonious and perfect combination of flowers and flowers.

Da Lat Flower Festival Fair

This place has gathered a lot of precious flowers and different agricultural products both at home and abroad. This fair is organized with the aim of introducing and promoting prestigious and quality public – agricultural and commercial products of Lam Dong province as well as some localities participating in the fair. Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to find unique destinations, attractive and new Dalat tours for themselves.

Dalat Flower and Vegetable Market

This place gathers many varieties of flowers, plants, diverse in types and brilliant in colors. Here, visitors can choose their own flower pots and show off their flower care skills.

In addition, at this Flower Festival, you can also enjoy the specialties here at Lam Dong coffee and wine street. Or enjoy the art of calligraphy, carving, photography with the theme of flowers at the “flower art space” held at Xuan Huong Park Da Lat.

Scientific conference on flowers

Visitors here will hear leading experts share the characteristics, distinctive features as well as care techniques for each flower. This will be the ideal place for you to learn about flower growing experiences as well as solve your questions about flowers.

Da Lat Flower Festival is held on the most beautiful days of the year, not only embalming the foggy city with brilliant colors at the change of seasons, but also an opportunity for Da Lat to promote its image and display exhibitions of fruits and ornamental plants. and honor the value of floriculture. Beyond the border of Lam Dong province, Dalat Flower Festival is known as a national tourism cultural event.

If you are a flower lover, you should not miss the Dalat Flower Festival. Treat yourself to a trip to Dalat at the end of the year, to enjoy the atmosphere of Dalat flower festival right away.

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