Discover Nam Dinh Vieng Fair – the first good luck market of the year

Famous as a “buying and selling risk” market, Vieng – Nam Dinh fair has long become a meeting place, cultural exchange, convergence of the quintessence of products of all regions with the thought of wishing for a rainy year. favorable wind, expensive trade.

Every year, every night of the 7th and 8th of the first lunar month, Cho Vieng is held in Nam Giang town, Nam Truc district, Vu Ban district and Nam Dinh province. – where the ancients called the land spirit, the masterpiece. The uniqueness of Vieng market is that there is only one meeting per year.

Vieng fair does not sell and buy high-end, flashy and expensive exotic products like in large provincial and city fairs. Products sold here are mainly plants and animals: from trees for timber, flowers and ornamental plants, fruit trees, even eggplants, lemon trees, and chili peppers. And then comes the small production tools of farmers. People can buy here from plows and hoes, to small items such as light baskets, poles and hundreds of thousands of other miscellaneous items.

There are also foods that are bought and sold jubilantly. It’s veal that is golden and braised whole, sold a lot along the roads leading to the market. It can be said without exaggeration that the top is tied, the bottom is beef veal. Buyers who want to choose which part can choose, but the price is very affordable, suitable for the pocket of the countryside.

Local people or tourists from all over the world come to Vieng fair not only to buy luck and sell luck, but perhaps, the real value of Vieng market lies in its spiritual meaning. Before coming to Vieng market, tourists often come to burn incense at the temple of 14 Tran kings, both to pay their respects and to ask for some good luck for the beginning of the new year. People who go to Vieng market never forget to bring some fruit and incense to go to the ceremony to offer incense to Mother Lieu Hanh in Vieng Phu or Zen master Tu Dao Hanh at Bi Pagoda in Vieng Cho.

At night, the flow of people coming to Vieng market is getting more and more crowded, the street lights, the lights from the stalls, the sounds of buying and selling goods, the sound of agricultural tools hitting each other, the music festival until the The shouting and calling of young people created a vibrant and boisterous sound typical of the Vieng market in early Spring, making the world seem to wake up.

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