Discover the 4 most unique Lao Cai fairs

Lao Cai is not only famous for its Sapa tourist destination, but also has many other attractive tourist attractions. Especially, the uniqueness of Lao Cai market attracts the attention of many tourists, especially foreign tourists.

In the highlands, ethnic people go to the market not only to buy and sell, especially for young people, they also go to learn, have fun and find a mate. Therefore, the market is like a festival, everyone is beautiful, excited, busy buying and selling.

Some unique markets in Lao Cai can be mentioned such as: Bac Ha, Muong Hum, Can Cau, Lung Khau Nhin (Muong Khuong district) …

Lung Khau Nhin fair – Lao Cai market

This market is 12km from the center of Muong Khuong district. The market is a place where people in the area exchange, buy and sell brocade products and agricultural products such as corn, rice, soybeans, peanuts, vegetables and fruits. The market only opens every Thursday.

Coming to Lung Khau Nhin market, visitors will see many familiar items in each family being sold such as hoes, baskets, brooms, bowls, plates, kettles, cups… Scenes of exchange, trading, visiting Bustling questions make the tourist attraction of Lung Khau Nhin market.

Can Cau Market

This is a special market of the Mong Hoa and Giay people in Si Ma Cai, Lao Cai. Here, ethnic people exchange, buy and sell close and necessary objects in daily life, livestock, agricultural products, brocade as well as mountain products that people can exploit. Can Cau market only meets one day every Saturday.

Muong Hum Market

Muong Hum Market is open every Sunday – the busiest day of Bat Xat district (Lao Cai).

The market is located in a small valley, next to a clear stream, surrounded by high mountains. People from the Ha Nhi, H’Mong, Hoa, Giay, Red Dao, Dao Tuyen, Han ethnic groups all gather here to exchange, buy and sell… At the end of the market, everyone smiles and carries the items they can buy. go home.

Bac Ha market

Bac Ha Market is the ideal market to discover the bold identity of the Northwest ethnic groups. The market is open from morning to 2 o’clock every Sunday.

As a highland district about 70km from Lao Cai city, Bac Ha has a pristine beauty with majestic mountains and winding passes. Bac Ha Market is the largest highland market in Lao Cai, gathering many traders from far and near ethnic groups to exchange and trade. This is also the largest market in the border area.

The market has been concreted on the ground, but the trade still retains many traditional features. You can find anything necessary for the life of the ethnic people here, from farming tools to brocades or livestock such as buffaloes and horses. The market is divided into smaller areas for easy search.

Coming to Lao Cai markets, visitors will surely have unforgettable experiences. Try once to the fair to learn about this unique Northwest culture!

Hope the article will help you have a complete and fun trip!

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