Discover the top 30 most delicious Ho Chi Minh City specialties

Ho Chi Minh City is the center of the rich southern land, abundant products, so Saigon’s food is very diverse. This place converges residents from all over the country and the gateway to the outside world, so the city has received more culinary lines of the whole country and the world, selecting the quintessence into a rich cuisine. rich and attractive. Let’s have fun and explore the top 30 famous specialties of Ho Chi Minh City that you cannot ignore when traveling!

Bánh Cuốn 

Banh cuon is a typical dish of Vietnamese cuisine, with a thin, soft and supple coated cake crust wrapped with many different fillings inside. With a developed city like Saigon, where diverse cultures are gathered from hundreds of regions up and down, even though it is not the origin of this dish, this dish still has a unique flavor. The taste is so unique that everyone wants to try it once.

Bánh mì Ho Chi Minh City specialties

Banh mi has been one of the dishes that are no longer strange to Saigon people. The difference of the banh mi here is that you will enjoy the meatloaf sandwich. A piece of cake when eaten will be filled with the taste of pate, butter, ham and the greasy taste mixed with the bread crust to create a different aroma. The delicious taste in the loaf of bread along with the accompanying ingredients are carefully prepared with a special flavor that makes visitors remember forever.

Bánh tráng trộn 

Mixed rice paper in Saigon has long been a favorite snack of many generations of students. Full rice paper has a characteristic flavor of laksa leaves, in addition to the sweetness of beef jerky mixed with the aroma of the cake. omelette, quail eggs,…. All make up an unforgettable delicious taste. Any street in Saigon has the presence of this mixed rice paper dish, so this dish becomes a specialty of Ho Chi Minh City at any time.

Bò tơ Củ Chi

Beef jerky is so “addicted” by Saigon’s drinkers that the shops here are always crowded. The dishes made from heifer are also easy to eat and depending on the weather, the owner prepares them accordingly. Coming to Cu Chi, visitors cannot help but stop to enjoy delicious beef here. Cu Chi beef is soft, naturally sweet, with a slight aroma of milk without any complicated processing. From here, beef can be transformed into hundreds of different dishes such as stir-fried, boiled, porridge, …

Bột chiên Saigon

Fried dough is a snack of Chinese origin and over time fried dough has become a familiar street food of Saigon people, one of the typical dishes here. The dough is cut in a typical rectangular shape, the fried dough is very delicious, deep fried with blisters, the dough is soft and fatty looks very attractive, served with a dipping sauce that is not too sweet.

Bún Suông 

Suông Vermicelli – a specialty of Ho Chi Minh City is a dish that is modified from Tra Vinh vermicelli. Vermicelli noodles not only have a beautiful broth color, but also have the crunchy taste of gooseberries, the fatty sweetness of bacon and a little bit of frugal raw vegetables. Combined with the pot of smoky broth on the burden, many people admire the dried squid, blood and fat floating around. The broth is cooked from fresh coconut water, meat and shrimp broth, so it has a natural sweetness. Currently, to make vermicelli more attractive, sellers will add a variety of toppings to the bowl of vermicelli such as spring rolls, boiled pork skin… In addition, the dipping sauce is a combination of tamarind juice and processed black sauce. Dip the pieces in and enjoy, ensuring many people will fall in love with the taste of this dish at the first time.

Cá dứa nắng (khô cá dứa)

Pineapple fish 1 sunny is one of the famous specialties of brackish water fish. Fresh pineapple fish cleaned, drained and then dried in the sun. Pineapple fish in a sunny day just need to be fried or grilled to have an extremely delicious and attractive dish. Pineapple fish is processed into many delicious dishes that will make you remember forever such as pineapple fish cooked in sour soup, pineapple fish with lemongrass, pineapple braised with coconut, grilled pineapple fish with charcoal, salad with dried pineapple fish in 1 sunny day, … No matter what dishes are processed, the taste of sunny pineapple fish is still delicious and strange, making visitors curious.

Cháo trắng hột vịt muối

Anyone who has been wandering in Saigon in the dark of night can fully feel the saying “Saigon has no night”. When the city has begun to light up, it is also the time when the restaurants serving the nightlife needs of Saigon people have begun to prepare for a new “day”. There are quite a few options from rice, noodles, porridge to set dishes are not lacking. I don’t know if it’s because of the white, healthy, easy-to-eat porridge, or for whatever reason, it’s popular with many people. Looking at the bowl of white porridge in full bloom like white flowers, the bowl of porridge is simple but contains the meticulousness and hard work of the cook.

Cơm Tấm Saigon

Saigon broken rice with small broken rice grains, a bit dry, not flexible when cooked. The rice has a certain consistency, is somewhat dry and the color of the rice is slightly milky. Eating broken rice, we will feel the sweetness of rice, the porosity and aroma of broken rice grains. Combined with rich grilled ribs, greasy omelette and a little sour food served. In addition to grilled ribs, sweet and sour fish sauce is also an indispensable condiment when enjoying the taste of the dish. The taste of sweet and salty fish sauce, combined with sour food, sprinkled on grilled ribs creates a very delicious taste. It is not an exaggeration to say that broken rice is a delicate symbol of Saigon cuisine.

Gỏi cuốn Saigon

Saigon spring rolls – a specialty dish of Ho Chi Minh City with delicious, nutritious and eye-catching taste, is now popular in all regions of the country. Spring rolls have the advantage of being free of fat and green vegetables, so they don’t cause boredom, eat a lot and don’t get bored. Spring rolls are eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce, with a little bit of spicy to burn the taste buds of the eaters.

Gỏi khô bò Saigon

Saigon beef dry salad has been famous for a long time. Beef salad is not too spicy or fussy in processing. A little bit of long shredded papaya, with a few pieces of chopped dried beef, beef lungs, laksa leaves, peanuts, can add puff pastry… Saigon beef salad is similar to Hanoi’s dried beef salad in terms of ingredients. material. The most prominent difference is the sweet and sour sauce mixed with the salad.

Hủ tiếu gõ Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City’s specialty

Saigon noodle soup is considered the culinary quintessence, showing the culture as well as the life of the people here. Although it is a rustic dish, this noodle dish is always loved by many people because of its unique flavor that has been preserved over the years until now. The bowl of noodles here is quite full, with a lot of pork and the taste is very delicious with a rich broth, enjoying a bowl of noodles will make your stomach warm.

Kem nhãn chú Tám

Ice cream is everyone’s favorite frozen dessert and is made with sugar, water, and cream as the main ingredients. There are also various flavors added to add different flavors for all tastes. Coming to the specialty of Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible not to mention Uncle Tam’s longan ice cream. The ice cream here is relatively simple, consisting of only ice cream, longan and a few peanuts for decoration. Creamy, smooth, sweet, with a hint of longan flavor, easy to eat and suitable for refreshment criteria on hot days. Just like that, Uncle Tam’s longan ice cream grew up with many classes of students.

Saigon snail

For a long time, snails have become the most popular dish in Saigon, from small alleys to big streets, everywhere you can easily find a snail shop to enjoy. Talking about the popularity of night snails, it goes without saying that it is not only “fascinated” by Saigon snail believers but also known by many tourists as a first choice when coming to Saigon. Coming here, you will enjoy all kinds of snails and especially many strange and delicious sauces.

Phá lấu 

Pha Lau is a specialty of Ho Chi Minh City that is modified from Chinese dishes. Pha Lau is delicious because the dish is made from clean, carefully selected ingredients. The thick yellow sauce is the perfect blend of the sweetness of fresh coconut water, organ broth, the fatty taste of coconut milk, the spicy, aromatic taste of cinnamon and the five flavors and even the sour taste. bar bar. The sweet and sour taste of the special dipping sauce and the fleshy, chewy and greasy taste of the “female” part.

Phở Chọc Trời

Skyscraper Pho is a dish representing the “peak” of the record building: Skyscraper Pho – The Landmark Pho. Based on the traditional recipe of Pho Thin, but “Skyscraper Pho” still has vegetables and prices in the Southern style. In addition, the collection of dipping sauces: North – South chili sauce, black sauce, garlic vinegar… help diners satisfy their pho according to their own taste.

Sủi cảo Saigon

Dumplings have many different ways of processing, each dish will bring a different flavor of Dumplings, but each dish will be very delicious. Dumplings with water are dumplings with sweet broth from stewed bones, accompanying dishes with squid, broccoli, ball skin, etc. And deep-fried dumplings are crispy, dipped with the restaurant’s dipping sauce, extremely attractive. Each dumpling dish is cooked in a way that is both delicious and delicious, so it has made many diners to eat once to remember forever.

Xôi mặn

In the culinary culture of the Vietnamese people, sticky rice is a very close and familiar dish. Some delicious types of sticky rice such as pandan sticky rice, green bean sticky rice, Hoa bean sticky rice, etc. Referring to the specialty of Ho Chi Minh City, there are salty sticky rice, salty sticky rice is a popular breakfast dish and is loved by many diners. favorite. The fragrant plasticity of glutinous rice mixed with the rich broth and delicious meats such as: char siu, chicken, shrimp, sausages … all make foodies fall in love.

Bánh tét lá cẩm

Banh Tet is a specialty of Ho Chi Minh City. The filling is a mixture of ingredients: green beans, salted eggs and pork, sometimes adding dried shrimp. The salty taste of salted egg mixed with the plasticity of sticky rice are the two factors that create the characteristic aroma of tet leaf cake. Besides, pork and dried shrimp are the two ingredients that make the tet cake more delicious.

Bánh Wagashi Ho Chi Minh City specialties of Japanese origin

Unlike the traditional mooncakes in Vietnam, Wagashi is kneaded by hand and takes a long time to perfect. The main ingredient of Wagashi cake shell is white bean flour combined with glutinous rice flour and sugar, the filling is made from green beans, red beans, lotus seeds, chestnuts… quite similar to the ingredients of moon cakes in Vietnam. Cake dough is usually colored according to the seasons of the year, diverse cake shapes corresponding to natural images (cherry blossoms, apricot blossoms, maple leaves, snowflakes, …) make diners feel the delicious taste. but also stimulate the sense of smell, sight and touch.

Ganoderma lucidum A gift for health

Ganoderma lucidum is a herb good for health as well as supporting the treatment of many diseases. Besides making tea and soaking in wine, they are also processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes for health. Such as reishi mushroom stir-fried with beef, soup with reishi mushrooms and goji berries, ginseng, crab soup with reishi mushrooms, lotus seed porridge with reishi mushrooms are loved by many people.

Mủ Trôm 

Trom latex, also known as the sap of Trom tree, is secreted from wounds on the bark of this tree. Pum Trom is a popular drink among Saigon people. It is used as a cool water to help clear heat, detoxify, and cool the body on hot days.

Phúc Long tea

With the self-produced tea line being in the top class, the tea cups made for diners also taste different. Other types of milk tea depend on the taste of people, but they clearly ensure the above 2 criteria in terms of fat and tea taste. For example, black chestnut milk tea with milk cream, black tea doesn’t need to talk about the smell, the mashed chestnut flavor is really addictive, mixed with a layer of fatty milk cream. Oolong tea is also a must try drink, fragrant, acrid tea and greasy milk. In addition, peach tea has a sour, sweet, acrid taste and a strong aroma of tea.

Cơm cháy chà bông

Although burnt rice does not originate from Saigon, it is not known when this dish was introduced here. With crispy fried dried rice, then seasoned and sprinkled on the outside with a piece of burnt rice, the accompanying flavors such as cotton rub, cheese, salted egg, onion sauce… When eating a piece of crispy fried rice, the same spicy, salty and fatty taste. It creates an irresistible taste.

Grilled goat breast Ho Chi Minh City specialties

Grilled goat breast (grilled goat stew) is one of the favorite goat dishes. Goat bran is one of the tastiest parts of a goat. With ingredients that are not seasoned too picky but still create a moderate and full flavor. Combined with rock salt will make the meat cook quickly, have a natural salty taste and very typical delicious. This is considered an ideal dish when gathering friends. If you have the opportunity to come to Saigon, do not forget to miss this specialty dish of Ho Chi Minh City!

Goby fish hotpot – Delicious Ho Chi Minh City specialties

Goby fish hotpot is a dish with bold typical flavors of the South. Attractive dishes with sweet and sour broth, delicious fresh goby fish and many “appetizing” side dishes, goby hotpot makes any fastidious diners have to remember forever even once tasted.

Bánh xèo 

Referring to the delicious specialties of Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible not to mention banh xeo. Crispy pancakes, full shrimp meat filling served with salads, herbs and rich dipping sauce are one of the favorite dishes of Saigon people and leave visitors enjoying many unforgettable emotions when eating them. even just once.

Chè thái sầu riêng Ho Chi Minh City specialties

Chè Thái is a snack that is loved by many people because of its sweetness and coolness, dispelling the heat of summer. Thai durian tea is a favorite and familiar dish of many people who love to eat tea, especially tea. Saigon people have a hobby of eating sweets. The bowl of tea is fragrant with the smell of durian, with the added taste of coconut milk and a little crunch of jelly to attract people to eat.

Súp cua trứng bắc thảo Tan Dinh market

Tan Dinh Market has long been famous for its crab soup. In order for the soup to become richer, it is necessary to have an attractive smooth soup with the natural sweetness of vegetables mixed with the subtle aroma of fatty leopard crab meat. Sprinkle some coriander on top with a mild fragrance. However, the plus point that makes this dish attractive is that the pungent and fleshy smell of the eggs creates a characteristic flavor for the dish.

Bông lan cuộn trứng muối chà bông

Banh bong lan is a dish that is too familiar to the majority of Vietnamese people. Now, to make the dish more fancy and delicious, we have an additional option with the cake roll when combining the cotton coating on the outside and the inside is salted egg filling with a certain signature cheese sauce. It will be a great dish for discerning guests.

Above are delicious Ho Chi Minh City specialties and if you have the opportunity to visit Saigon, take time to run around Saigon to taste all the specialties of Ho Chi Minh City!

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