Enjoy the amazingly beautiful Sun World Halong Complex winter festival

Sun World Ha Long Complex, also known as Ha Long Park, is located at 9 Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha City. Long, Quang Ninh province, possesses an impressive scale with a total area of ​​up to 214 hectares, opening up an endless play paradise.

Sun World consists of 3 main areas: Dragon Park; Water park and entertainment complex on the top of Ba Deo – connected by a unique cable car system across the bay. The modern and classy game system along with the magnificent space of Ha Long Bay will definitely bring great things.

Sun World Ha Long Complex attracts domestic and foreign tourists to experience unique and interesting festivals. Especially, the winter festival Sun World Halong Complex brings wonderful feelings that are not found anywhere else.

Interesting things at Sun World Ha Long Complex winter festival

The festival takes place from December 15 to January 20 every year, because of the cold weather, most entertainment activities at the water park will not participate. However, you can still experience other games at Dragon Park or Queen Cable Car.

Visitors to the festival, when they arrive at the Queen Cable Car Station, see a Christmas area open. Funny Snowman, lovely reindeer, baby dragon with the presence of a giant snow pine tree up to 18.88m high welcome visitors. And this is also a great checkin point for those of you who love virtual life!

Not only attractive by the super beautiful check-in scene, but the winter festival of Sun World Halong Complex also gives visitors, especially children, the joy of seeing the cute snow dragon spewing white snow. .

At the end of the hill is a white snow road with romantic snowflakes. Walking on those magical streets, the sweet Christmas tunes ringing in your ears, catching the image of Santa Claus with a cart full of gifts will definitely make you not want to leave this place.

Traveling in a sparkling Christmas season full of white snow, is just the first experience when coming to Sun World Halong Complex. Weekends in Ha Long will be filled with lots of exciting games in Dragon Theme Park, or entertaining moments at Kido Land indoor amusement park atop Ba Deo.

But the most impressive of the winter festival took place on the evening of December 22. Christmas here is lit with passion and passion, in the EDM – Dragond Land Christmas night with the participation of famous young singers at home and abroad, it is considered a “specialty” only at the winter festival. East at Sun World Halong Complex.

A few small notes when going out at Sun World Ha Long Park

One of the Ha Long travel experiences when coming to Sun World Ha Long Park is that you should not bring too many things because when participating in the games, you will not take care of the things.

To be able to conveniently experience the games at Sun World Ha Long Park, you can rent accommodation near this area. However, it should be remembered that most of the hotels here on weekends, holidays or tourist seasons are very crowded, so you should proactively book early to avoid being in a situation where your room is not available or your accommodation is not satisfied. your mind.

Here you can also choose souvenir shops with a variety of items and unique items to buy as gifts for relatives and friends after your  Ha Long trip .

To be honest, Ha Long Park is always the first choice of tourists, especially during the festive travel season with many attractive attractions, unique events themed in each season and a system of games. top play. If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Long, spend a day exploring this entertainment paradise.

Hopefully this article will help you choose an interesting destination in Quang Ninh that should not be missed. Do not hesitate to come to Sun World Halong Complex to have fun, experience and enjoy this famous local specialty!

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