Experience the uniqueness of the Northwest: Sapa Love Market

Sapa is not only famous for its poetic nature but also for its unique customs and traditions. Among them is Sapa love market – a picture with vibrant colors about the culture and lifestyle of the people. The market of warmth and closeness from the bright smiles of people.

Cho tinh Sapa sapa ackc
Chợ tình Sapa

Origin of Sapa Love Market

No one knows exactly when the market with this warm name appeared. People here only know that, before the market ends. It was dark and they couldn’t make it back in time. At that time, everyone will sit together to light a fire and sing and dance happily. After many times that became the custom and became the meeting place of the couple until now. Villagers will gather here to exchange and talk about daily life. Or simply sit and drink together with a bowl of corn wine, eat a hot bowl of thang co or bring items to exchange, buy and sell with each other. Just like that, the market is bustling from early morning until late afternoon. Gradually, it became known to many people and became a place for couples to date. The name Sapa love market was born from there.

Cho tinh Sapa sapa ackc 2
Chợ tình Sapa

Sapa love market time

Previously, the love market was only held once at the beginning of the year, but today the market is held weekly on Saturday night to serve visitors to Sapa. The market is usually bustling from about late afternoon. Various cultural exchange activities such as: singing of love songs, tug of war, exchange of goods, etc. Those who come to this Sapa love market expect to find their “half” for their life.

Experiences you should try at Sapa Love Market

Visit Sapa stone church right behind the love market. This is a famous architectural work that is extremely crowded and bustling at night at the market.

Taking photos with children in the highlands: Visitors will easily see many cute children wearing traditional costumes. A few photos to make memories with the children will be memorable moments in your trip.

Nha tho da Lao Cai ackc
Nhà thờ đá Sapa

Enjoy specialty food at the market. Traveling, of course, can not ignore this attractive part. The famous specialties of Lao Cai such as: Thang Co, armpit pig, grilled food, seven-color sticky rice…

Enjoy special arts: collective dance, traditional dances, love songs… of local people. These are interesting festival activities that visitors can participate in. Along with the jubilant sounds: The sound of trumpets, drums, .. at Love market will leave visitors with deep impressions.

Sapa Love Market is a famous and attractive market that should be experienced once in a lifetime. Hopefully this article will help make your Sapa trip more meaningful and memorable.

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