Hue Thuong Tieu Festival is unique with a ceremony to set up Tet holiday

According to the legend of the tree on Tet holiday in the Treasure of Vietnamese Fairy Tales, the tree is a symbol of the struggle between good and evil in order to protect a peaceful life for everyone.

When Tet comes and spring comes, it is time for the gods to return to heaven, so people need “treasures” such as trees to guard against the invasion of evil spirits when people are having fun. Over time, along with the abundance of offerings hanging from the top of the tree, the tree is considered a cosmic tree connecting the earth and the sky, containing the Vietnamese people’s sense of territory.

The construction ceremony mentioned in the Royal Palace is also the signal to let the people know that the royal court begins the Tet holiday. In recent years, at Hue Monuments Conservation Center, Thuong Tieu festival has been restored so that visitors can participate in this unique and colorful festival atmosphere.

Unique features at Thuong Tieu festival

The tree-raising ceremony has been conducted for 3 years now, receiving the attention of many people and Hue cultural researchers. The festival is held on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month every year, at Thai Hoa Palace, to The To Mieu (the place to worship the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty). The festival consists of two main parts: the procession and the construction.

The tree mentioned in the Citadel is a tall, big, strong bamboo with a length of about 15m, the top still leaves intact. Bamboo for construction is tall, big and strong. The tree was built in front of the palace, communal house, in front of Thai Hoa Palace and temples in the Citadel. On the peach amulet, in addition to the name of the deity, there is also a typical New Year couplet, which is the sentence New Year’s Eve is loaded with excess Khanh / Giap Long Xuan (New Year is full of fun stories / Beautiful Spring Festival is forever).

The festival opens at Hien Nhon gate with a solemn procession, the procession team dressed in coffin clothes, soldiers of the Nguyen Dynasty, along with the elegant music team, and the banner team begin the ceremony. Along the way, the Hue royal court music team will play ancient court music. Ten soldiers carrying the tree departed in the sound of Tieu Nhac entering the Royal Palace, passing through Trieu To Mieu and Thai Hoa Palace to the main door of The Mieu area and conducting the construction ceremony.

In addition to The Mieu, the construction ceremony is also held at many other monuments in the Complex of Hue Monuments, but on a simpler scale, taking place from December 23 to 30 of Tet. This is also an opportunity for many tourists and people to come to Hue ancient relics these days to participate in the Thuong Tieu festival here.

Visitors participating in the festival can witness a cultural beauty of the Vietnamese people being maintained and continued in today’s life. During the Ceremony, people wish for the new year to bring many good things and prosperity.

Setting up is a traditional ritual to signal the arrival of New Year’s Day and to pay respects to ancestors, to invite ancestors to celebrate Tet with their children and grandchildren; In particular, the construction of the tree also has a very humane meaning of the Vietnamese people, which is to light up the belief of a new year with many victories and happiness, that is also the reason why the custom of building it is possible. kept forever and passed down through many generations for thousands of years.

If you are a lover and passionate about finding new things about ethnic cultures, Thuong Tieu festival is a reasonable suggestion that Eat and Play everywhere send to you at the beginning of this new year. What are you waiting for without backpacking to learn about the culture and people here!

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