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Admire the simple beauty of Bach Long salt fields

As one of the largest salt granaries of the North with an area of ​​up to 230 ha of salt production, Bach Long salt field (Bach Long commune, Giao Thuy) is famous for its long-developed salt industry and the beauty of the natural landscape. as well as the hard working people here.

It is not only beautiful because of the tradition and people with the salt industry, but also because of the beautiful, close, sunny and windy natural scenery of the coastal countryside, suitable for enjoying the fresh air and taking pictures. gorgeous summer.

The beauty of Bach Long salt fields

The image of salt fields, salt carts, white salt boats along with the image of the salty children of the sea who are industrious and enthusiastic with the fruits of their labor always impress each and every one of us when coming here. We appreciate the people as well as more than every grain of salt that we eat every day.

Bach Long salt field is also very popular with tourists inside and outside the province. Professional photographers also regularly visit this place to be able to capture great moments that exude the beauty of nature and working people.

The long shadows of the sun on the sandy fields, with hard work and diligence, the people who “carry the sun” here are day by day filtering the essence of the sea. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the salt fields stretching endlessly under the afternoon sun, with the image of the salt maker casting a shadow on it.

At each different time of the day, you can feel the beauty of the salt field from different angles, both peaceful and rustic, but something heartwarming. If you have been to Bach Long salt field once, you will definitely never forget it!

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