Lang Co Bay Hue – The most splendid bay in the world and things you don’t know

Lang Co Bay Hue – The most splendid bay in the world

Those are white sand dunes, clear sea water, immense mountains. Lang Co Bay is beautiful blue, gently lying with a length of more than 10km, in the territory of Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Thua Thien Hue province, close to National Highway 1A, near Hai Van pass.

This bay was once honored in the top 30 of the most beautiful bays on the planet in 2009, this is also the reason why  Lang Co Bay  often appears in Hue tours.

The splendid beauty of Lang Co Bay

Any Hue tourist  should not miss the picturesque bay with its white sand beach stretching for tens of kilometers, adorned with eye-catching clear blue sea colors.

If you look at the entire bay from above, you will see that this place is like a small island with smooth sand, surrounded by the deep blue color of the sea, green mountains and forests, floating clouds make up a picture. lyrical and poetic landscape.

The most beautiful thing is to welcome the dawn on Lang Co Bay, in the color of silver clouds, the weak golden sunlight of the morning spreads down to the water surface, dyeing the mountain passes yellow, fading to the grass, flowers, and mist. entangled in the hearts of those who go. The early morning scene is full of life, reflecting both the bright future of the people here and of the landscape that has taken root here.

In addition, you can also watch the beautiful sunset at the end of the day here when the afternoon sun falls. At this time, the whole Lang Co Hue seems to be inlaid with a mysterious golden color. This scene makes people think that the sky and the sea are merging into one. This natural scene is no less beautiful than the winter cornflower season in Hue Citadel or the picture of four seasons at Quoc Hoc Hue School. If you have the opportunity to come to the ancient capital, do not miss these rare moments.

It can be said that the harmony in the nature of the mountains and the sea and the enthusiasm of the people of Hue, this place always leaves a lovely and unforgettable impression in the hearts of every visitor.

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