Summary of the hottest places to celebrate Christmas in Da Lat in 2022

Summary of the hottest places to celebrate Christmas in Da Lat in 2022

“People keep looking for success in Saigon and Hanoi. But then everyone comes to Da Lat to find peace.” It is strange to have a gentle Da Lat that is cold and has a poetic, lyrical and noiseless beauty, a Da Lat somewhere in the early mornings on the hill of blooming flowers, or one afternoon lost in the forest. deep green pine trees, … And a Da Lat when stepping foot makes people love and love every moment together more…

Da Lat is beautiful in every season, but few people know that Da Lat is known as one of the cities worth visiting in winter, because at the end of the year the weather can drop to 19 degrees Celsius, the right time for everyone to visit. people have the experience of hunting floating clouds right in front of their eyes and enjoy the festive and bustling atmosphere. And especially celebrating Christmas in Da Lat is an experience that should not be missed when coming here at the end of the year.

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There are only 2 weeks left until Christmas, but many street corners and streets in the city center have been decorated splendidly to welcome Christmas… The holidays are almost here, you already have plans to celebrate Christmas. in Da Lat yet? If not, let’s have fun and try to celebrate Christmas in Da Lat with super HOT places under this article!

The most beautiful places to celebrate Christmas in Da Lat

Dalat churches decorated with sparkling Christmas decorations

One of the reasons to celebrate Christmas in Da Lat that you can hardly ignore is that this foggy city has many beautiful churches and cathedrals. The churches with impressive architecture, decorated with colorful lights will be the ideal check-in place for you to enjoy the full Christmas atmosphere.

And eating around the place tells you a certain place that should not be missed when coming to the cathedral is the Cathedral, also known as the Chicken Church – one of the largest churches in the city of thousands of flowers. Built in the French period but still retains the ancient beauty. At Christmas, you will feel the crowd and bustle of Catholics or tourists from all over the world coming to admire the brightly lit church at night. If you want to check-in Noel in Dalat. This would definitely be the most ideal spot.

In addition, you can refer to some other churches such as:

Domaine de Marie Church

  • Address: 1 Ngo Quyen, Ward 6, Da Lat

Du Sinh Church

  • Address: 12B Huyen Tran Cong Chua, Ward 5, Da Lat

Sacred Heart Church

  • Address: 40 Tran Phu, Ward 4, Da Lat

Snow field at Bali Heaven Gate

Dalat is not only romantic, colorful with many beautiful flowers. But also “hot” with the miniature European snow field. Under the cold weather of the Christmas season, there’s nothing better than choosing a check-in corner in the middle of the snow! Only a few minutes from the center of Da Lat, coming to the snow field, visitors will admire each layer of clouds covering the sky in the early morning, and in the afternoon, they can watch the very romantic sunset. Therefore, this is an ideal destination, especially for those who love to check-in.

Join the Dalat Flower Festival

Da Lat Flower Festival is held every 2 years, the Festival is also an opportunity for flower lovers everywhere to return to the city, eager to see the beauty of flowers, and at the same time admire the talent of flower artisans. . Visitors can combine their Christmas trip with visiting the Da Lat flower festival, this is also an unforgettable memory in Da Lat for you guys!

You can learn more about Da Lat flower festival here!

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Chill at dreamlike cafes

In addition to the fresh and cool air in Da Lat, along with the beautiful scenery, coffee is what makes many people come here to be attached. This is a place for you to have time to relax for yourself, to be immersed in your own thoughts and also to see a clear, peaceful Da Lat.

Coming to the Christmas season, these cafes are a great check-in paradise for you to produce the best virtual live photos.

K’ Coffee Audiophile

Address: 15 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 4, Da Lat City

With cozy wood tones combined with yellow lights, the shop is a Christmas meeting place that is popular with young people in Da Lat. In the chilly atmosphere of the hills, K’ Coffee Audiophile gives you a cozy but more comfortable space with soothing sounds from the lively hi-end sound system.

Blue Dream Bread

Address: 172B Phu Dong Thien Vuong, Ward 8, Da Lat

Blue Dream Bread is a very special bakery in Da Lat, decorated in a vintage style, dedicated to a Christmas decor corner for visitors to freely live virtual with symbols filled with Christmas atmosphere such as fireplaces, fireplaces, and fireplaces. socks, pine tree, snowman and reindeer.

Tron Quan

Address: 79/8 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Da Lat

A warm and peaceful gray house will be what you feel in Tron Quan. The cafe is designed in a minimalist style, with gray as the main color. Therefore, just the mini pine trees with rows of twinkling lights is enough for you to have a set of chill photos here.

Still Dalat Complex

Address: 59 Nguyen Trai, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Still Da Lat complex includes different shops, coming here you will be mesmerized by the aroma of cakes, colorful space with flowers and super cute cartoon character statues. If you are a virtual life enthusiast, love to explore, Still Da Lat will easily conquer you in every detail, every corner, even from outside the gate to the inside of the shop.

Eating around hope that through this article will help you have the necessary information for the upcoming trip. Wish you have a Merry Christmas in Da Lat happy, peaceful and warm with your loved ones!

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