Top 20 Da Lat specialties suitable as gifts

Da Lat has long been famous for its harmonious natural scenery, fresh cool climate and famous delicacies. Let’s eat around the place to see Da Lat specialties that should be bought as gifts!

Da Lat Avocado

The avocado in Da Lat has a smooth green outer shell, on which there are also tiny yellow dots, the more yellow dots, the more delicious and fatty the avocado. The waxing season will fall from May to around August, if you go at this time, please buy some as a gift, very delicious and nutritious.

You can buy waxy butter at Da Lat market or fruit shops on every street, as long as the avocado is fresh. The price of Da Lat avocado grade 1 will fluctuate around 50k – 70k VND/kg.

Banana Laba Da Lat

LaBa banana is a delicious, high-quality banana variety grown in Dalat, Lam Dong. In the past, this type of banana was used by people as an offering to the French king, nobles and officials. So Laba bananas are known as “bananas to the king”.

The selling price of Laba Dalat bananas

  • Fresh Laba Banana: 15,000 – 20,000 VND/kg
  • Laba dried bananas: 45,000 VND/bag 200gr
  • Dried Laba Banana: 45,000 VND/bag 300gr

Where to buy Laba banana specialties

  • Da Lat Market: Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 1, Da Lat City, Lam Dong
  • Berryland Store: No. 58 Ly Nam De, Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong
  • DalaVi Store: 27/6E Yersin, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong

Cafe Cau Dat

The best coffee, a specialty of Da Lat, is Moka Cau Dat coffee. Moka, also known as Mocha, is the name of a type of coffee belonging to the Arabica strain and is considered the queen of coffee. Although Moka is grown in many other places, Moka coffee in Da Lat is still the most delicious, rich and special.

So where is the special Moka? It is a strong scent with a slight bitterness, somewhere faintly sour and accompanied by a fatty taste. Therefore, Moka coffee is always quite expensive than other types of coffee. And the place to grow this delicious coffee in Da Lat is no stranger to Cau Dat commune. To buy Moka coffee as a gift, you should choose reputable chain stores such as Dalavi or L’angfarm, etc. or you can buy it at the coffee plantation.

Strawberry Da Lat

Thinking of beautiful Da Lat, you probably think of the scene of heavy, round fresh strawberries bathing in the morning dew, right? That’s right, the first dish that we want to introduce to you is fresh strawberries in Dalat. To buy the freshest strawberries, you should go to the strawberry gardens, just visit, learn, you can buy much cheaper than the market but also ensure the quality.

In the past, strawberry gardens used to grow only one type of American strawberry, but now there are many other varieties. In particular, Korean strawberries are being appreciated for their large round fruits, beautiful colors, in addition, New Zealand strawberries are also extremely sweet, but the fruit is a bit small and elongated.

  • Some famous strawberry gardens:

Japanese strawberry garden at 162 Thanh Mau street, Da Lat

Strawberry garden at house number 35 Ho Xuan Huong street, Da Lat

Strawberry garden at house number 46 Da Phu hill, Da Lat

Strawberry gardens on roads such as Nguyen Tu Truc, Nguyen Cong Tru, …

  • Opening hours: From 7am to 5pm daily
  • Reference price: From 100k VND/kg to 300k VND/kg depending on the type of strawberry

Wind hanging pink

Hanging persimmons are persimmons that are dried by natural methods, manually by the sun and wind. From fresh persimmons, when exposed outside on hanging rigs for 4 to 5 weeks, the persimmon skin will dry out, the inside is soft and fragrant with high sugar content.

If you want to find a place to buy reputable and quality wind hanging persimmons in Da Lat, it’s not too difficult. You can go to reputable showrooms selling specialties such as L’angfarm or Dalavi. Or go directly to the production facilities of wind hanging persimmons such as Tram Hanh commune, Cau Dat Farm, Le Phuc, etc. Each 500gr box of wind hung persimmons will cost from 120k to 200k depending on the type.

Da Lat flowers

It is not a coincidence that people call Da Lat “the city of thousands of flowers” precisely because there are many kinds of colorful flowers that adorn Da Lat more and more beautiful. The temperate climate and fertile soil in Da Lat is a paradise for all kinds of plants to sprout, hundreds of flowers to bloom. Coming to Da Lat, you should once visit the colorful flower fields will definitely be an extremely interesting experience for the trip. We will enjoy the endless immensity of colors.

In addition to fresh flowers, Da Lat also has an extremely famous flower specialty, which is Da Lat dried flowers. Dried flowers are committed to keeping up to 80% of the original flower’s color and can be displayed for 3 years or more. Young people who come to Da Lat or choose dried flowers to give each other and express their love will last longer.

Wool, Da Lat brocade


With colors, designs and expertly hand-knitted lines, you’ll be very pleased with the quality of these cool pieces. You can also buy for your relatives, friends or grandparents, Da Lat wool or brocade clothes will be very suitable, Some very prestigious Da Lat wool and brocade shops:

  • Da Lat market stall.
  • My Hoa crocheted wool has a shop address at house number 78 Hoang Dieu, Da Lat.
  • Tigon – Fashionable wool, house number 112, 3/2 street, Da Lat.
  • Tuan Trinh Woolen Textile Company is located at 63/2 Hai Ba Trung Street
  • Da Lat night market fashion area.

Rose Jame

At first hearing, you may mistakenly think that this jam is made from roses, right? Actually, it’s not, the ingredients to create this special jam are artichoke flower buds. Artichoke jam has a sweet taste and a lot of nutrients, especially suitable for pregnant women who are pregnant and also helps to lose weight, prevent cancer, etc., extremely nutritious.

Sweet potato jam

This is one of the snacks to sip and is also a gift that many tourists love. Sweet potato jam is exactly made from sweet potato, which is an extremely good tuber for the digestive system, rich in starch. You can use sweet potato jam to sip or apply to weight loss menus very effectively.

Tomato jam

There is no need to introduce more about the miraculous uses of tomatoes. In Da Lat, in addition to fresh tomatoes, there is also a unique type of jam, which is tomato jam. Although tomatoes are nutritious, not everyone likes to eat them raw, so in Da Lat, tomato jam was created, which is extremely easy to eat but still ensures all the nutritious vitamins inherent in this fruit.

Strawberry jam

As we said above about strawberries, this is one of the fruits with many nutrients, and is extremely good for the process of care, beauty, as well as reducing aging, …

And the fact that women love strawberries is also extremely understandable. But to preserve fresh strawberries is a bit complicated. That’s why you can absolutely choose extremely delicious strawberry jam boxes as gifts for mothers and sisters at home.

And in Da Lat, there are many kinds of jam such as durian, jackfruit, kiwi, … due to the abundance of fresh vegetables, tubers and fruits.

Where to buy prestigious Da Lat jam?

Jam in Da Lat is extremely abundant with countless specialty goods that you can meet when going out, especially in Da Lat market. But to buy good and reputable products, we will send you some of the following selling points:

  • Dalat specialty area belongs to the Tulip flower complex inside Da Lat market
  • Kieu Giang jam establishment address 223 Mai Anh Dao street, Da Lat
  • Phuong Lan jam oven is located at 48 Phu Dong Thien Vuong Street, Da Lat
  • Chain of stores L’angfarm – specializing in Dalat specialties and covering most of the tourist attractions here
  • Jam street along Mai Anh Dao street

Fruit juice

Favored by nature in all aspects, especially in terms of climate and soil, Da Lat is extremely suitable for growing fruit trees. And especially the fruits here are always better and more beautiful than other localities. And with an abundant amount of fruit and fruit, production facilities in Da Lat have made fruit juices for easy storage and use by tourists.

To buy reputable and quality fruit juice, you should go to Da Lat specialty stores to buy such as Dalavi bananas, L’angfarm, .. or famous stores outside Da Lat market. If you buy in the market, remember to ask the price or look at the expiration date.

Da Lat Wine

Da Lat wine is made according to high-tech production lines with the raw materials being an abundant source of fruits and vegetables of the land of thousands of flowers. With traditional natural fermentation and preparation formula, Dalat wine is extremely safe and if used properly, it will be very nutritious and can avoid many diseases such as blood pressure, heart disease, … And of course wine is a catalyst that creates an indispensable romance in married life.

Some types of Dalat wines are enjoyed and highly appreciated by tourists such as Da Lat red wine, Da Lat Export red and white wine, Da Lat white wine, etc. To buy quality wine bottles, you should choose the best ones. prestigious addresses and cellars such as:

  • Vinh Tien wine cellar at 81D Hoang Van Thu street
  • Ladofoods wine cellar in Tram Hanh commune, Da Lat
  • Le Retour wine establishment at 38 Phan Boi Chau street, Da Lat
  • F.Wine Dalat at 64 Van Hanh Street, Da Lat. Here, in addition to Dalat wine, is also an extremely prestigious imported wine selling point.

Dalat fresh vegetables

Next, talk about agricultural products and vegetables in Da Lat. It can be said that Da Lat is the bowl of fresh agricultural products and vegetables of the whole country of Vietnam with the top quality and reputation that has been confirmed. The mild climate and soil along with the application of technical technology in cultivation make Da Lat’s agricultural products always abundant in both quantity and quality.

Coming to Dalat vegetable garden, you will be able to enjoy all the freshest and cleanest vegetables. This is also the reason that many people come to Da Lat to order in bulk each time to preserve and use. If you want to choose the freshest fruits and vegetables, you should go to the wholesale markets early in the morning.

Cannabis in the Central Highlands

Referring to the vast and majestic Central Highlands, it is impossible not to mention the esoteric drink of the ethnic brothers here, which is Can wine. Also a city in the beautiful Central Highlands, of course can wine is also a specialty of the beloved land of Da Lat. Can wine has the traditional beauty and unique flavor of the highlands, created by the Central Highlands people and is typical of this sunny and windy land. A pot of wine is not a bad gift, right?

To buy standard and reputable wine in Da Lat, you should choose distribution agents or go directly to famous wineries such as:

  • Son Cuoc can wine factory is located in Bondong 2 village, Lac Duong, Da Lat.
  • Cao Nguyen can wine factory is located at house number 28 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street, city center.

Dried vegetables

If you are afraid of fresh vegetables, they will quickly wilt and be difficult to transport. Coming to another Dalat specialty right away is dried vegetables. Da Lat dried vegetables are now available all over the country and you can buy them at any store. But a gift from Da Lat is already something different, right?

To be able to buy dried vegetables at a good price and ensure quality and prestige, you should choose reputable stores such as Dalavi, L’angfarm, … or you can buy them at specialty stalls inside Da market. Lat.

Atiso tea

Among the countless famous teas in Da Lat such as oolong, green tea, mantra, etc., the standout and trademark of Dalat tea is definitely artichoke tea. The whole artichoke plant you can take advantage of from buds, leaves, and stems to make many other things such as soaking wine, making artichokes.

Artichoke tea has the effect of purifying, detoxifying, cooling the liver and regulating blood pressure, Extremely good for health, but the taste is mild, not bitter like ordinary teas. Some reputable shops and showrooms for you to visit and choose to buy your favorite teas such as:

  • Chain stores L’angfarm – Dalat specialties are present in most entertainment spots as well as in the city center.
  • Vinh Tien tea shop is located at 1 Le Hong Phong street, Da Lat.
  • Tram Anh Tea & Cafe Showroom is located at 807 Tran Phu Street, Da Lat.
  • Tam Chau showroom is located at 294A Tran Phu Street, Da Lat