Top 25 Bac Lieu specialties worth enjoying

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Bac Lieu’s three aspects

Ba Khen is an animal of the crab family, with a smaller shape, on the back there are 3 stripes that look like someone used a knife to cut. Thus, the name three aspects was born. Ba Khiem in Bac Lieu emerged as unique products. Anyone who is a gourmet must know the three aspects of Bac Lieu. Ba Khia is processed by the people here with many different delicious dishes such as: Ba Khia roasted with tamarind, roasted with salt, Ba Khiet made with fish sauce, Ba Khiem mixed,…

Bac Lieu radish cake

Radish cake in Bac Lieu has the same shape as a dumpling, but is rounder and more succulent. From the thin layer of opaque white dough outside, diners can see inside the filling of each cake. Inside is the mixture of ingredients from minced meat, shrimp, white radish and thinly sliced ​​red radish. With a very delicate blend of flavors from the pungent taste of radish to the rich sweetness of meat, the elegant sweetness of shrimp and then the sweet and sour taste of the dipping sauce… A piece of radish cake in your mouth will feel like arousing all the senses at once.

Ngan Dua silkworm cake

Ngan Dua silkworm cake is a traditional cake with a long history of this land. The cake is made from a type of red bush rice, a famous delicious rice in Bac Lieu, so it creates a very unique flavor that is hard to find anywhere else. The blend from the delicious and complex plasticity of the cake stalks and the elaborately made skin creates a lingering aroma. The sweet and sour taste of the dipping sauce and the aroma of green vegetables, minced cucumber seem to blend together in the light, crunchy sweetness of raw bean sprouts. Biting a piece of sweet shumai with meaty, greasy taste, the feeling of excitement is unforgettable!

Bac Lieu spicy beef noodle soup

Bac Lieu spicy beef vermicelli stimulates the taste buds by its pungent taste, beautiful red broth, light consistency, attractive aroma from lemongrass, anise, cinnamon… Beef is smooth, flexible but not crushed, dipped on the same plate. Spicy chili salt makes the eaters sniffle but remember forever and never forget.

Bac Lieu noodle soup

Vermicelli noodle soup from Bac Lieu is famous for the way it mixes to make the broth have a very natural sweet taste. Besides, the accompanying ingredients are boiled whole snakehead fish, fresh shrimp, combined with Siamese coconut water to create a very unique flavor that cannot be mixed. The successful soup pot also has other spices such as lemongrass, chili…. The smell of the broth from the sardines rushes up to the nose, making it hard for diners to resist, sipping a spoonful of broth to absorb the rich flavor and then pick up the noodles. chewy, with herbs, add a piece of chili sauce and don’t want to stop.

Tub Tu – Bac Lieu’s specialty vegetables

The plant is one of the wild grass species, usually growing in lowland, or the edges of ponds and lakes with slow flow, with a lot of saline alum. Tub tub belongs to the reed family, the stem grows above the water, the leaves are long like lemongrass, capable of withstanding flooding up to 1m deep. This is the type of tree that grows the most, especially in  Ca Mau,  Bac Lieu. Tun tub is a clean vegetable, in addition to making pickles, the fresh part of the plant (stem, root) is also processed by Western housewives with many delicious rustic dishes such as stir-fried shrimp with meat, sour soup, and cooking. Sour hot pot, salad, coconut soup…

Bang Tam Fried Noodles with Grilled Spring Rolls

The fried vermicelli here is made from rice flour, which is very fragrant, and the grilled spring rolls are big and round. The flavor of fried vermicelli with grilled spring rolls has a very unique Western feature, salty, sweet and sweet, and eaten with raw vegetables, it is extremely attractive. Going back to Bac Lieu, we can easily find this delicious dish. Replacing meals with a bowl of fried vermicelli with grilled spring rolls  is also a very interesting thing.

Goby fish cooked in Bac Lieu’s specialty vinegar

In the West, tourists are no stranger to dishes made from goby. Especially the goby dish cooked with vinegar in Bac Lieu makes many people unforgettable. Simply the goby is cleaned, put in boiling water and then add vinegar and some spices for flavor. This dish is delicious with white rice or with vermicelli. In particular, you can add vegetables to eat like hot pot.

Bac Lieu Duck Curry

The pieces of cooked duck meat are soft and sweet, mixed with the typical curry flavor dotted with salt and pepper, with a salty taste, that unique flavor will spread all over the tongue. When enjoying Bac Lieu duck curry, the fragrant, “spicy… tearful” taste makes the sense of smell extremely refreshing. The aroma of herbs (anise, cloves, cinnamon…) is so attached to the nose that anyone who has tasted it will be hard to forget.

A Chen fried rice

Fried rice is a familiar dish of all regions. Although it is the same rice, each country will have a different taste. Each place has a way of processing, giving fried rice many new colors. Come to Bac Lieu, let’s stop by A Chen fried rice shop to enjoy the novelty!

Braised goby with sauerkraut, Bac Lieu’s specialty

Braised goby with sauerkraut is a Bac Lieu specialty that is very suitable for eating with rice. Not only nutritious with healthy properties, goby braised with melon is also an attractive dish that you should experience when you’ve been to Bac Lieu. Experiencing braised goby, visitors will feel all the special and fresh delicious taste of goby. Just eat a little bit of crunchy pickled vegetables, it will affect “crushing” right away.

Huy Ky chicken rice with fat, Bac Lieu specialty

The first impression of diners when seeing the chicken rice dish here is that the chicken is quite “big”, yellow, crispy and fragrant. When biting in, the meat inside is very soft, fragrant like Tam Hoang chickens in the garden, not friable and tough like industrial chickens. The rice grains here are fried with a very bright and attractive pink-orange color. Each set of rice has sour food served to relieve boredom, very in tune and awaken the taste buds. Depending on their preferences, diners can choose chicken thighs or chicken wings.

Specialty pancakes Bac Lieu

Bac Lieu pancakes are attractive because of the soft, flexible pancake flour, which blends in without sticking when milled with a stone mortar. The cake is delicious thanks to the clever coating, every bite, everywhere you can hear the crust crackling. But the cake is made with lean meat, silver shrimp, green rooster, bean sprouts, cassava root and onion. Perhaps due to the salty taste of the sea, this shrimp has a sweet and salty taste. Raw vegetables grown on crispy, fragrant soil, with lettuce, broccoli, basil, lettuce… Then the cup of fish sauce is well-prepared, both salty, sour, sweet, and spicy with garlic and chili. The rich taste is more intense when sipping a glass of “Than Tau” made from unique local ancient longan ingredients.

Dates are a specialty of Bac Lieu

The date palmis the larva of a winged insect called yang ant. The season of the date is from the tenth to the second month of the lunar calendar. The mother weevil has wings, a pointed beak, two wings are as hard as steel, can pierce even wood to lay eggs. Eggs are laid into larvae, fat and chubby, becoming a delicious specialty in Bac Lieu.

Bac Lieu specialty dry noodle soup

Hu Tieu is no longer a strange dish for tourists to the Southern river region. However, Bac Lieu dry noodle soup has a very unique taste in a very appetizing way that makes anyone who has tasted it once must remember and never forget. The fragrant fatty sauce brings the sweetness of the meat, but it is not boring to eat. Accompanied by a variety of toppings such as very rich shrimp meat. Add a little green onion and hot broth to serve, it is really hard to resist the dish of dried noodles.

The most famous Bac Lieu specialty fish sauce hotpot

Coming to Bac Lieu to enjoy the fish sauce hotpot, you will find a special thing that this dish is cooked with fresh coconut water. Using fish or perch will bring their own delicious taste. Some other spices to increase the taste of fish sauce hotpot are lemongrass and garlic. To make the dish more delicious, you can add pork belly, basa fish, pomfret fish, catfish, goby or shrimp, squid or even fried or fresh tofu…

Bac Lieu specialty fish sauce

Peacock fish are abundant in rivers and streams in Bac Lieu province, in the season, just cast a fishing net to catch a whole mound of fish. Fish caught by the people often bring it to make fish sauce to eat for a long time, gradually becoming a famous specialty. Enjoying fish sauce is also quite simple, just squeeze the fish sauce to reduce the water, take it out on a plate and eat it with cold rice, sweet potatoes, bananas, star fruit, ginger, galangal, raw vegetables, chili …

Dishes from Bac Lieu crabs and snails

Because it is a land bordering the sea, the crabs and snails of Bac Lieu are very diverse. Local people know how to take advantage of gifts from the sea to process into the most delicious and attractive dishes in Bac Lieu such as fried crab with tamarind, fried snails, mixed snails, snail salad… making diners flutter.

Repent of Bac Lieu’s specialty dish “lucky heaven”

The tree has three parts including the bud, the young shoot and the root that are used to make food. The bud grows near the base, has a dull yellow-brown color because of alum contamination, but when the young part is removed, it is ivory-white, light as spongy. The young shoots are usually eaten by cranes. Finally, when the tree dies, it will grow into a new tree in the rainy season next year.

Ingenious gardeners can process rustic but unusually delicious dishes from the three parts mentioned above. The most unique and correct must mention the raw vegetables eaten with crispy fried perch, grilled snakehead fish or grilled catfish with ginger fish sauce.

Bac Lieu cow skin longan

Unlike other traditional varieties of longan, ox skin longan gives a sweet taste that is not too harsh, thin skin and thick rice. It is known that cow skin longan is a “specialty fruit of Bac Lieu” bought as a suitable gift for all subjects when traveling in Bac Lieu.

Stir-fried wool snail with coconut specialties Bac Lieu

The sweet and fatty taste of coconut milk, accompanied by a few crushed lemongrass stalks and wool snails combined, will give a little spicy of lemongrass, a little fat of coconut, a bit of flesh of wool snails, you will have an unforgettable feeling. while enjoying this dish.

Bac Lieu’s specialty salted meat skewer

Xa Bau or commonly known as pickled radish, a daily dish in the frugal meals of many rural people, although it looks very frugal and easy to play, it is a famous specialty of the land of Bac Lieu, it’s strange. Is it usually true? Soft, spicy sassafras fibers will enhance the deliciousness of familiar dishes on Tet holiday. On the other hand, Xa Bau is also used to serve with white porridge to help users feel more appetizing when eating.

If you have the opportunity to visit the poetic land of Bac Lieu without enjoying all the specialties of Bac Lieu, it will be a waste of your trip. So, please pin the list above to use gradually during your trip!

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