Ha Nam is a famous land with spiritual tourist sites that attract many tourists. Not only that, Ha Nam has fertile soil conditions and diverse ecosystems, so it has many delicious and famous specialties. Let’s learn about Ha Nam specialties as delicious gifts worth visiting below.

Phu Ly roll cake

Ha Nam Phu Ly’s specialty must be the banh cuon dish that has its own, unique and very different flavor that everyone who comes here should definitely try once.

Phu Ly rolls without filling are served with grilled rolls and raw vegetables, especially with banana flowers. Visitors can enjoy this dish at 188 Bien Hoa, Phu Ly City, Ha Nam with prices from 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND.

Dam village banh chung

Banh Chung in Dam village is unique compared to other types of banh chung in other places. It is the pot that boils the cake, the boiling water and the ingredients are the same.
People here use rain water to boil banh chung, which is a simple technique that creates a delicious taste and keeps the cake for a long time.

Rice noodle with perch

In Ha Nam specialties, the dish of vermicelli with perch is sophisticatedly processed and attracts people by the rich yellow fish meat mixed with the green color of vegetables, along with the sweet and fragrant taste of the country-flavored broth. smell.

Address: Restaurant 68 – Phu Ly intersection, Ha Nam or fish noodle shop at 157 Tran Hung Dao, City. Phu Ly, Ha Nam province with the price from 30,000 VND – 50,000 VND.

Banh Tay Noodles

Bun Tai Kenh is a specialty of Ha Nam, famous for its farming village making vermicelli with pure white, supple and flexible fibers without the need for bleach or preservatives.

Address: Tai Kenh village, Dinh Xa commune, Binh Luc district, Ha Nam province or Cho Bau, Phu Ly.

Vermicelli with wine sauce Ha Nam delicacies

Vermicelli with wine sauce is a “delicious dish of Ha Nam” that is very popular with tourists and is often chosen as a breakfast dish. With a fairly “cheap” price, only 25k – 35k, vermicelli with wine sauce leaves an impression on visitors by the sour and spicy taste of the rich broth.

Kien Khe rice paper

When you want to buy Ha Nam specialties as a gift, Kien Khe rice paper cannot be ignored, which has the most crispy and fragrant sesame seeds in Ha Nam province with its own flavor of banana and copra. This dish can be bought in Kien Khe town, Thanh Lien district, Ha Nam province.

Phuc Ha rice paper

When you have the opportunity to visit Phuc Ha, try the baked rice cakes with all the crispy, aromatic, fleshy and slightly sweet flavors from barley. Each piece of crispy cake, its very own flavor makes you love the taste of this rustic and idyllic village even more.

Afternoon village spring rolls

Banh mi spring rolls appeared around 1349 (Tran Du Tong’s reign) with the merits of laying the foundation of the great ancestor Tran Dinh Han.

In the past, the traditional Chop village rice paper was only round in size with a diameter of about 20 centimeters, as thick as rice noodle soup, then gradually improved into baked rice paper with thinner coating, then recently improved into a cake. spring rolls with many different sizes, shapes, thicknesses, depending on the purpose of use such as fried spring rolls, rolled rice paper rolls…

It is the aroma of rice, a slight crunch at the tip of the tongue, the delicious taste is gradually absorbed into the esophagus and especially the quality of the rice paper in Chuong village can be durable with time, long metamorphosis, even when preserved at high temperatures. different degrees of humidity and temperature.

Braised fish in Vu Dai village

Surely, when mentioning Ha Nam, everyone remembers braised fish in Vu Dai village in Ha Nam. A village has appeared in the literary works of writer Nam Cao.

This dish is processed very meticulously and uses ingredients available in the village, so the delicious fish pots have a unique flavor that nowhere else can be found. Although each pot of braised fish is quite expensive from 500,000 VND to 1,500,000 VND, this dish is still “sold out”. Visitors can buy this braised fish at Nhan Hau village, Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province.

Ha Nam Tra fish

Ha Nam specialty fish, famous throughout the country, is trout – an extremely rare fish that can only be found in Tam Chuc lagoon. Currently, due to the small number, this type of fish is being preserved and is very expensive.

Tam Chuc mullet dishes

As one of the largest natural freshwater lakes in our country, Tam Chuc Lake in Ha Nam has a lot of rare and precious aquatic species. Among them must be mentioned mullet – a fish with both fatty and sweet meat, so it is very popular. Grilled mullet, braised mullet, cooked mullet, etc. are all very attractive. Traveling to Tam Chuc, don’t forget to try these dishes!

Ba Phong Tea

Madame Phong’s tea brings a very unique and delicious taste of tea with the greasy, aromatic, and refreshing coconut milk flavor of jelly, the crunchiness of pearls. From traditional tea such as pomelo tea, green lotus tea, red bean tea, mixed tea… to modern teas that have recently been loved by many young people such as lotus seed coconut water, Da Nang durian tea, and tea. pearl milk, pomegranate seed dew, aloe vera tea,…

Lien Phu Ly Sorrel Tea

Sou Lien Phu Ly Tea is a very familiar address for those who love to eat tea. Sou Lien Tea actually has many establishments, and since opening a branch in Phu Ly, this place has attracted a large number of customers to enjoy the food, especially tea.

The shop offers special dishes such as: coconut jam, durian cake and especially durian tea. With a special way of making, Lien Phu Ly Soup Tea brings customers a delicious experience, remembering the taste forever.

Birds get bigger

Birds getting bigger is also a famous Ha Nam specialty near and far. This is the common name of dishes prepared from different types of birds from sparrows; dove; tile bird; gowk; Chim le le…With an attractive cooking secret, this dish will surely bring diners an interesting culinary experience.

Cooked banana puree

Banana puree is a simple dish but has made a name for Ha Nam cuisine. Cooked bananas, also known as scrambled bananas, is a familiar dish of a village on the banks of the Day River with the main ingredient being green bananas.

Banana puree has the greasy taste of green bananas, the faint smell of vegetables spices and the slightly sour taste of the batch to create a regional dish and surely anyone who eats it once will remember it forever.

Banana reigns Great Emperor

According to the local people’s concept, during Tet holidays, a bunch of bananas are brought to the king’s altar and offered to the ancestors as a symbol of the fullness of the new year because of their bright appearance, delicious taste and especially the good cultural history of this banana.

There are three types of Dai Hoang bananas: white bananas, buffalo bananas and jackfruit bananas. Bananas are white with large fruit, when ripe, the skin is bright yellow, shiny, slightly rounded, and the flesh of the fruit is yellow and fragrant. Buffalo banana has large fruit, the skin is pale yellow when ripe, the flesh is light yellow, and there is no fragrance. The fruit of the jackfruit is small, slender, when ripe, the skin is thin and dark yellow, the flesh is slightly pink, and the aroma is fragrant.

Cham Cham peanut candy

Cham Cham peanut candies have the rich taste of fresh peanuts, the aroma of sesame and the crunch of sugar.

Hong Nhan Hau

Hong Nhan Hau is a fruit in Ha Nam that many tourists choose to buy as a gift when visiting. This persimmon variety is seedless, large fruit, thin, smooth, round skin and has a very aromatic taste, not too sweet. The best place to buy roses is in Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province.

Binh Luc fish sauce

The next specialty in Ha Nam is Binh Luc fish sauce, which is processed very elaborately and cleanly when processing new to consumers. Visitors can buy fish sauce at the Ma Cay craft village in Binh Luc district, Ha Nam province for 15,000 VND/liter.

Ngoc Thach Quan

Is a favorite place to sell Hanoi specialty tea with many branches across the country. And in Ha Nam, you can fully enjoy this famous Hanoi tea flavor with up to 5 establishments across the province. Since its inception in Ha Nam until now, Ngoc Thach Quan Ha Nam has always held its position as one of the best tea shops and loved by diners in Ha Nam.

Ngoc Thach Quan Ha Nam   offers a diverse menu, including pearl coffee jelly tea, pearl jackfruit sticky rice caramel, pearl passion fruit jelly,… with its own unique and delicious recipes. Unique that you cannot find in any tea shop.

Ly Nhan tangerine

Ha Nam specialties as gifts for Ly Nhan tangerines are famous throughout the country and are exported to foreign countries, so if you have the opportunity to visit Ha Nam in the tangerine season, remember to enjoy this special fruit. This specialty is grown a lot in Ly Nhan, so visitors can buy gifts here.

Three Stars Vegetables

Ba Sao fresh vegetable is one of the most familiar and rustic Ha Nam specialties. This vegetable grows in mountainous areas, has a dark green color, is rich in nutritional value.

The season of fresh vegetables usually falls from January to the end of April of the lunar calendar, mostly in Thanh Liem and Kim Bang districts. Cayenne vegetables are processed into many delicious dishes such as: fish soup with shallots, cooked minced meat with shallots, boiled shrimps with shallots, etc.

Voc village wine

Voc village wine is a famous wine from near and far. Thanks to the family secrets that have been kept for a long time. Therefore, the wine has a strong, characteristic aroma and is difficult to mix. Today, every time I come to the land of Ha Nam. Tourists all want to be able to taste delicious flavors. The strong drunken yeast that this specialty wine brings.

Mountain goat meat

Mountain goats are raised naturally, eat forest leaves and run around in the mountains all year round, so the meat is firm, sweet and does not smell. To Ha Nam, especially the Phu Ly areas; Integrity; Kim Bang, you should definitely enjoy Ha Nam specialties made from mountain goats such as: rare lemon goat, grilled goat, fried goat…

Duy Tien fish sauce chicken in Ha Nam

This type of chicken is raised in Phu Ly and is often left free. Duy Tien chicken is quite chewy, sweet, dotted with a little peanut with a very unique flavor.

This dish is processed into many different dishes. You can make roasted, stewed, fried chicken, etc. But the most favorite dish is the traditional boiled chicken. Then it will be dipped with spicy and sour fish sauce or sweet and sour soup powder.

Above are the famous delicious Ha Nam specialties, when traveling to Ha Nam, remember to enjoy all the dishes here!

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