Top 30 beautiful tourist destinations in Nam Dinh

How many tourist attractions in Nam Dinh have you checked-in?

Through many traces of time, Nam Dinh still retains intact the populations of cultural relics imbued with national identity and beautiful natural scenery. Let’s start the journey to discover the land of the masterpieces through the article below!

Textile Museum

Address: Tran Dang Ninh, City. Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh Textile Museum is a place to keep sacred memorabilia of officials and employees of the Vietnam Textile and Garment industry. Textile Museum has a total area of ​​1.2 hectares. The main exhibition hall was renovated and built according to the old French architecture. Consisting of many booths in which each booth has a separate display theme.

Countryside Museum

Address: Giao Thinh commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province

The old images of the Northern countryside have been recreated in the Dong Que Museum. Models of houses of residents in the Northern Delta such as poor farmers’ houses, middle farmers’ houses, and landowners’ houses were faithfully reconstructed. Visitors coming here will be back to the past, experience the traditional craft villages, labor tools … of their ancestors for a while.

Nam Dinh Provincial Museum

Address: Giao Thinh commune, Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh province

Nam Dinh Museum is preserving and promoting the value of nearly 20,000 documents and artifacts. This place recreates the living things of the old farmers. At the same time, it reflects relatively comprehensively on the natural and social history of Nam Dinh. In addition, the museum also displays works of art, religion and ancient stone sculpture.

Hai Thinh Beach

Address: Thinh Long town, Hai Thinh commune, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh

Hai Thinh Beach is favored by nature with a cool climate all year round, not affected by the hot Lao wind. The highlight of the beach is the brilliant golden sand, blending with the blue of the sea and the sky. A beach full of wind and green covering all over creates a fanciful, magical picture of nature, like paradise right on the ground.

Quat Lam Beach

Address: Giao Thuy district, Nam Dinh

Quat Lam has long been known as a famous beach and attracts tourists from Nam Dinh. Swimming is an activity not to be missed when visiting Quat Lam beach. You can also walk around the sea in the early morning which is very interesting because the air is fresh and cool. Or go to the seafood market to see and shop for famous seafood products.

Vieng market

Address: Trung Thanh village, Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh

Cho Vieng only meets once a year. A market lasts from midnight of the 7th to the morning of the 8th. Missing a Vieng market is missing a whole year. Therefore, on every market occasion, people come here in large numbers. The market consists of two rows of shops, mainly bamboo, temporarily set up on the side of the road, running for 5km with full colors.

Co Le Pagoda

Address: Co Le town, Truc Ninh district, Nam Dinh province

Co Le Pagoda was built on a square land, nearly 10 acres in the north. The landscape is charming, surrounded by small rivers and lakes. The sacred temple not only worships Buddha, but also worships a saint, Zen Master Nguyen Minh Khong. This year’s Co Le Pagoda Festival takes place from the 13th to the 15th of the 9th lunar month with traditional religious and cultural activities.

Flag pole

Address: To Hieu Street, Ngo Quyen Ward, Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh flagpole is not only a symbol of national independence. This is also a work associated with the ancient citadel of Nam Dinh. Nam Dinh flagpole has a height of 23.84m and is built of old, dark red fired bricks. Standing on top of the Flagpole, you can see the mountains, rivers, and fields below.

Ba Lat Gate

Ba Lat estuary is where the Red River flows into the sea. Coming here, you will be able to see the lilac scenery of the water life. Along the dyke along the river, threshers are reaping bundles of rice. Straw flew up high and scattered gold on the surface of the dike. The sweet aroma of rice mixed with the smell of alluvial mud creates the characteristic smell of this place.

Temple of Saint Kien Lao

Address: Hamlet 8, Xuan Tien, Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh

Kien Lao Parish is proud to be a large parish of Bui Chu Diocese and has a long tradition of living the religion with steadfast faith. The church is 75 m long, 26 m wide, 28 m high and the bell tower is 46 m high. The two sides of the church have a lake and rows of dignified but still very poetic street lights.

Tran Temple

Address: Tran Thua street, Loc Vuong ward, Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh province

Tran Temple consists of 3 main architectural works: Thien Truong Temple (Thuong Temple), Co Trach Temple (Ha Temple) and Trung Hoa Temple. Before entering the temple, you must pass through the five-door gate system. Through the gate is a rectangular lake. Tran Temple Festival takes place on January 15 every year. Recently, more and more tourists from Nam Dinh come to worship at Tran Temple in the early spring to ask for, or buy, seals. With the desire to be promoted, successful in career.

Vi Xuyen Lake

Address: Vi Xuyen ward, Nam Dinh city, Nam Dinh province

Vi Xuyen Lake is a beautiful park that includes lakes, trees and many other monuments. This is a symbol of the Southern citadel. The lake is also a vestige of the ancient Vi Hoang river flowing through the city. If you have the opportunity to travel to Nam Dinh, you should go to Vi Xuyen Lake to enjoy the peaceful scenery with nature.

Nam Dinh Old Quarter

Nam Dinh Old Quarter was born just after Hanoi Old Quarter, as beautiful and crowded as Hanoi 36 streets. This is an area of ​​shopping streets. Located between the ancient Vi Hoang River and the two sides of the east and south walls of Nam Dinh citadel under the Nguyen Dynasty. Currently, most of the streets no longer retain the old name and no longer sell traditional goods. They still retain the ancient features.

Co Chat Silk Village

If you want to learn about the oldest silk industry in Vietnam, when traveling to Nam Dinh, visit Co Chat silk village. This is an ancient traditional village famous for silkworm breeding, silkworm rearing and also a place to supply quality silk for many famous silk weaving villages across the country.

Hai Ly Church

Address: Hai Ly commune, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh province

The architecture of the church is designed very elaborately, beautifully and firmly with soft and flexible arched doors. The tall pillars support the entire structure. The collapsed church is a ruined building that the people of Nam Dinh often call. Because the inside of the church has been invaded by the sea, demolished and ruined, only the outer skeleton remains with the foundation mixed with sea sand.

Hung Nghia Church

Address: Hai Hung commune, Hai Hau district, Nam Dinh

Hung Nghia Church is structured like a magnificent castle. With sophisticated and sophisticated details, the church looks like a fairy tale. Seeing it with your own eyes, you will be amazed and attracted from the first impression. Therefore, when traveling to Nam Dinh, you must definitely visit this place to admire.

Grand Cathedral

Address: 1 Hai Ba Trung, Nam Dinh

Nam Dinh Cathedral is imbued with French architecture. With simplicity, strong but no less sophisticated. In front of the church is a large square, with flower beds, metal statue of Mary, ceremony courtyard and palanquin. Although the church is not too big, it always has a majestic appearance. This is the place to organize major holidays of Nam Dinh.

Trung Linh Church

Address: Xuan Ngoc commune, Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh

Trung Linh Church was built in 1928 and is picturesque. In the church grounds, there is a chapel to serve as a place for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. In addition, there is the presence and service of the Mother’s house of the Bui Chu Congregation of the Rosary. This place is one of the favorite places of couples when taking wedding photos.

Xuong Dien Church

Address: Hamlet 6, Hai Ly, Hai Hau, Nam Dinh

Xuong Dien Church is located on the lower Quan Anh strip of land between Tra Lu and Ninh rivers. Formerly a large sand dune built up by sea sand. The first church was built in 1696. But due to the influence of the sea avalanche, the first church is no longer present. The current church was built in 1900.

Mount Kam

Address: Kim Thai village, Minh Tan commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province

Nam Dinh Mountain is a famous tourist place with unspoiled natural scenery. Nui Ngam eco-tourism area is located where mountains and rivers harmonize. Surrounded by hills and the Iron River. Here, visitors can be in harmony with nature, enjoy the fresh and comfortable air, and stay away from urban fatigue.

Phu Day

Address: Kim Thai commune, Vu Ban district, Nam Dinh province

Phu Day is the name of the complex of spiritual relics of the Vietnamese people in Nam Dinh. Out of a total of 21 architectural works here, 3 are closely related to the Holy Mother Lieu Hanh. When visiting Phu Day relic, you will hear legends, learn about festival rituals.

Pho Minh Tower

Address: Tuc Mac village, Loc Vuong ward, Nam Dinh

Pho Minh Tower is an old architectural work that is still relatively intact. Located in the middle of a low-lying rice field. Pho Minh Tower was built in a square shape, including 14 floors. This is one of the remaining vestiges of a time of Dong A’s spirit – the Tran Dynasty.

Bui Chu bishopric

Address: Xuan Ngoc commune, Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province

Bui Chu is a diocese with many long-standing parishes. It is associated with many important events related to the history of Catholic formation and development in Vietnam. Bui Chu Diocese has the smallest area among the 26 dioceses of the Catholic Church in Vietnam. Located in only 6 districts of Nam Dinh province, it is the Diocese with the second highest percentage of parishioners in our country.

Tran Hung Dao Monument

Address: 3-2 square, Nam Dinh

Tran Hung Dao monument is one of many famous tourist attractions in Nam Dinh. The monument was built to commemorate and reflect the spirit of the national hero Tran Hung Dao. The statue is 10.22 m high with a mass of more than 21 tons. Combined with the panoramic view on the Square over 1ha wide, it has contributed to increasing the beauty and reverence of the monument.

Xuan Thuy National Park

Address: Giao Thien, Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh

As one of the important submerged forests in Vietnam, Xuan Thuy National Park in Giao Thuy Nam Dinh is also likened to the “station platform” of many rare bird species that come back here to migrate here from all over the world. With an interesting and attractive ecological system with many rare and precious birds returning here to reside, this place has created a beautiful and vivid picture of a typical countryside right at the mouth of the northern coastal river.

Phu Nhai Basilica

Address: Xuan Phuong commune, Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh province

Phu Nhai Basilica is a Roman Catholic church belonging to Bui Chu Diocese. The original church has a Spanish Gothic architectural style. It was later rebuilt in the French Gothic style. When visitors stand on the high tower of Phu Nhai church, they will be able to admire the panoramic view of Xuan Truong District.

Above is a list of the most attractive Nam Dinh tourist attractions not to be missed. Hopefully the article will help you have a memorable trip with many interesting and complete experiences!

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