Bac Lieu is a province located in the Southwest region, in the Mekong Delta region, a land that has experienced many events, ups and downs of history and is developing more and more. Bac Lieu is a land that attracts tourists not only with anecdotes about the prince of Bac Lieu but also by interesting destinations. Let’s play around to discover interesting tourist attractions in Bac Lieu and attract a large number of tourists every year.

Bac Lieu Beach – Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Nha Mat tourist area, Nha Mat hamlet, Hiep Thanh commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Free

Not pompous, magnificent, beautiful white sand beaches like Vung Tau, Nha Trang… Bac Lieu’s coast still has wild and rustic features, but there are faraway alluvial beaches that bring fresh coastal specialties.

Xiem Can Pagoda, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: in Hiep Thanh commune, Bac Lieu province
  • Service fee: Free

Xiem Can Pagoda is a famous tourist destination in Bac Lieu, bearing the Angkorian architecture of the Cambodians, shown in the unique motifs in the dome, walls, columns and stairs.

Visitors will be amazed at the vast and vast temple grounds, a quiet space, clear blue sky, golden sunlight shining through the leaves, the sound of birds singing in the distance, fresh air… Guests feel unusually relaxed

Wind Fan Field, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Bac Lieu Wind Power, Vinh Trach Dong, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: 20,000 VND / 1 person

This is the favorite tourist destination of Bac Lieu to take photos of young people when coming to Bac Lieu. The most suitable time to take pictures here is around 3, 4 pm because at this time the sun is not too harsh to make you uncomfortable but still bright and cool enough to produce the most beautiful virtual live photos. .

Salt Field, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Hoa Binh district, Dong Hai district, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Free

Bac Lieu sea is quite clean, the salinity is high, so the salt is good and the harvest is fast. Taking advantage of this, the people here always work hard and flood to produce white grains of salt. This is one of the interesting places in Bac Lieu that you should come to explore and experience.

Quan De Temple Bac Lieu

  • Address: Vinh Trach commune, Tx. Bac Lieu, Bac Lieu province
  • Service fee: Free

The Chinese in Bac Lieu consider Quan De Pagoda as a cultural symbol of their nation. Inside the temple, there are still many large paintings. Some were carved by Chinese artisans from 1865 to 1897. In addition, Quan De Pagoda also has a precious manuscript.

Gôsitaram Bac Lieu Pagoda

  • Address: Cu Lao hamlet, Hung Hoi commune, Vinh Loi district, Bac Lieu province – less than 5km east of Bac Lieu town
  • Service fee: Free

The birth of Gôsitaram temple has shown its practical significance, meeting the aspirations of the Khmer ethnic community in the province and in the region. In the present and in the future, Gôsitaram Pagoda will always be a bright spot to further enhance the culture and religious beauty of the Khmer people with the motto “Dharma, nation, socialism”.

Giac Hoa Pagoda Bac Lieu Tourist Site

  • Address: located at Xom Lon hamlet, Chau Thoi commune, Vinh Loi district.
  • Service fee: Free

Giac Hoa Pagoda was one of the most typical architectural works of art in Bac Lieu at that time. After building the temple, Ms. Hai Ngo always participates in and performs social benefits such as teaching and helping the poor.

Hung Thien Pagoda, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Hung Thanh, Vinh Loi, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Free

Through the process of forming over 156 years, with many tragic historical pasts, now with the “wonder” of the tallest Buddha statue in the South, Hung Thien Pagoda will be an interesting stop for many tourists near and far. when coming to Bac Lieu today.

Dong Nuc Cang relic, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Phong Thanh commune, Gia Rai district, Bac Lieu province

The relic of the field is a souvenir tomb built by the Party Committee, the government and the people of Bac Lieu province to record the unrelenting feats of the farmers of Noc Cang.

The uprising of the Muoi Chuc brothers in 1928 in Noc Cang field, Phong Thanh village, Gia Rai district (now Gia Rai district), although spontaneous, the bravery and determination of the people here have made resonated in Bac Lieu, shocked public opinion across the country.

Thai Duong Clock, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Thirty April, Bac Lieu City, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Free

Bac Lieu is also known for a very proud scientific work – it is a stone clock or a solar clock of the rarest type left in the world, manufactured by the physician Luu Van Lang. from the early twentieth century.

Temple of President Ho Chi Minh Bac Lieu

  • Address: Hiep Thanh commune, about 6km from Bac Lieu city
  • Service fee: Free

Uncle Ho’s Temple; Exhibitors; Conference halls and working rooms; The living quarters and the garden are planted with a variety of trees by visitors to the Shrine and planting souvenir trees.

In particular, on the site of the monument, there is a lotus pond – a flower that is always associated with the image of President Ho Chi Minh’s homeland and name.

Nha Cool Tourist Area Bac Lieu Tourist Site

  • Address: Bach Dang, Nha Mat Ward, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Sightseeing ticket without swimming 30k/person

Nha Mat tourist area also has many other works such as green campus along the beach, multi-purpose stage, high-class resort, food court, water music area designed according to Singapore technology… To serve the essential needs of tourists. Tourists come here to visit and entertain.

Nam Hai Buddha Area Bac Lieu Tourist Site

  • Address: about 8km from Bac Lieu city, located in Nha Mat ward – Bac Lieu city – Bac Lieu province.
  • Service fee: Free

Every year, there are tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world to visit, enjoy and pay their respects. The attraction in this place is the 11m-high statue of Guanyin Buddha, looking towards the sea as if protecting the fishermen who are living at sea.

Cao Van Lau Musician Memorial Area Bac Lieu

  • Address: About 2.5km east of Bac Lieu city center at Ninh Binh street, ward 2, Bac Lieu city.
  • Service fee: Free

Recognized as a provincial cultural and historical relic since 1997. In 2008, this place was restored and expanded on an area of ​​about 2,800m2 with the following works: Tam Quan gate, house covering the grave of musician Cao Van Lau, the bust of musician Cao Van Lau, the gallery of documents, artifacts, and pictures of the musicians. The outdoor stage and the guest house…

Ho Nam Bac Lieu Ecotourism Area

  • Address: Ward 1, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Free

Ho Nam Bac Lieu Ecotourism Area is located in a prime location in terms of feng shui, making visitors overwhelmed and completely conquered by a 12-hectare lake, windy on all sides; 1km from the city center, near the commercial center and wholesale market, convenient for shopping and sightseeing in Bac Lieu.

Phuoc Duc Ancient Temple, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: located at 74 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 3, City. Bac Lieu.
  • Service fee: Free

Previously, the temple was made of simple leaves. A place to worship the gods.

All the architecture of the temple has historical value and is over 100 years old. And Phuoc Duc ancient temple has been recognized as a national historical relic.

Tac Say Church, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: About 37km from Bac Lieu city towards Ca Mau.
  • Service fee: Free

Coming to Tac Say church, in addition to visiting the grave of Father Buu Diep, visitors can admire the unique architecture of the church, which is considered one of the most beautiful churches in the western provinces.

Cao Van Lau Theater, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Ward 1, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Free

This place is known as the cradle of the Southern Don Ca Tai Tu, famous for the song “Da Co Hoai Lang” by the late musician Cao Van Lau – who was honored and memorialized through the Cao Van Lau theater project.

Bac Lieu Cong Tu’s House – Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: located at 13 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 3, Bac Lieu city
  • Service fee: 15,000/person

The house was designed by a French engineer and all materials for construction were brought from France, considered the most prestigious house in Cochinchina in the six provinces at that time.

Visiting the home of Bac Lieu’s son, visitors will see the once-golden life of the once famous rich family and Uncle Ba Huy – who is known as the Prince of Bac Lieu that so far many people know. language

Father Diep Church, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Hamlet 2, Tan Long Commune, Gia Rai District, Bac Lieu Province

Father Diep Church, also known as Tac Say church in Bac Lieu, is associated with the resting place of Father Truong Buu Diep. This is one of the most famous Catholic buildings in the Western region and is well known for its devotion. Viewed from afar, Father Diep church has outstanding architecture, showing majesty and solidity. The location of the building is also very easy to see because it is located right on the busy main traffic route of Bac Lieu province.

Bird Sanctuary, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Cao Van Lau Street, Nha Mat Ward, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: about 30k/person
  • Opening hours: 6am – 10pm

Bird garden always creates surprising surprises for visitors to visit. When you first step in here, visitors will immediately see the bustling scene of a natural bird yard, bird eggs scattered here and there on the ground like white pebbles.

Hung Vuong Square, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ward 7, Bac Lieu
  • Service fee: Free

Hung Vuong Square – a beautiful space in the middle of a blue sky. In the evening, people have fun and entertainment very crowded. Architectural works, historical monuments such as the lyre, Cao Van Lau theater, martyrs stele, soldier monuments in the Mau Than campaign.

Vinh Hung Ancient Tower, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Vinh Hung A commune, Vinh Loi district, about 20km from Bac Lieu city center
  • Service fee: Free

Vinh Hung ancient tower is the only ancient architectural relic still preserved in the west with artistic and cultural value discovered by a French archaeologist in 1911.

Vinh Hung Tower was built with a fairly simple and rustic structure on a large piece of land, 50cm higher than the field.

Ancient Longan Garden, Bac Lieu tourist destination

  • Address: Located in 2 communes Hiep Thanh and Vinh Trach Dong in Bac Lieu city
  • Service fee: 60,000 VND / 1 ticket

Currently, the number of visitors to the garden of longan is increasing due to the fresh air and the fragrance of longan.

How interesting it will be to lie under the swaying old longan trees and welcome the breeze from the sea, feel the sweet space of longan scent and let your soul in the beautiful nature.

Above is the top list of attractive tourist destinations in Bac Lieu that you should not miss. Pocket this list for a trip full of discoveries.

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