Top 31 Nam Dinh specialties suitable as gifts

How many Nam Dinh specialties have you heard about?

Bánh bèo Nam Dinh

Unlike Hue-style banh beo, Nam Dinh banh beo has only rice flour, which is poured into a square banana leaf mold like a boat and steamed, sprinkled with fried onions on top. When eating, cut banh beo into small square pieces, dip in sour and sour fish sauce, add a little pepper like dipping sauce for banh cuon.

Bánh cuốn Kênh village

Banh cuon from Kenh village has no meat filling but still attracts people to eat in the white and soft aroma of the cake. The people of Kenh village often jokingly say to each other that “Kenh village roll cake like a clumsy girl” is not exaggerated.

Bánh nhãn Hải Hậu

Coming to Nam Dinh, you cannot miss the gift of longan cake. Longan cake is not made from longan or longan but is made from flour, eggs, sugar and lard. The baker must skillfully mold the cake into evenly round balls. The cake has an eye-catching yellow color, crispy and sweet the more you eat, the more you love it.

Bánh Xíu Páo

Xiu pao peel, greasy fleshy filling, smells of meat, ground pepper. The flavors blend together, making the cake an interesting snack of the people of the South. The cake is simple, looks like a fried dumpling but the filling is like a cake and the outside is like Soc Trang pia cake.

Thìn grandma’s Bánh chưng

Appearing in 1948, Thìn grandma’s banh chung is sold almost all year round and always crowded. The sticky rice outside is fragrant and covered with an eye-catching green color.

The filling of green beans and the meat inside is always full and moderately salted. If you are a fan of banh chung, stop right on the slopes of Yen Dinh bridge, Hai Hau to enjoy this famous traditional banh chung.

Bánh dày Vị Dương

Vi Duong banh day is a prestigious address in Nam Dinh specializing in the production of thick cakes on holidays or festivals. Thick rice cake has the aroma and flexibility of glutinous rice. The green bean paste inside is minced and marinated to taste, combined with the sweet and crispy taste of grated coconut that will surely make you excited.

Hanh Tụ green bean cake

Hanh Tu green bean cake is an heirloom dish of Mrs. Le Thi Phuc’s family at 249, Le Hong Phong, Nam Dinh city. Due to the high quality cake favored by Thanh Nam people, Hanh Tu green bean cake has become Thanh Nam’s specialty.

Bánh gai

Banh gai is one of the outstanding specialties in the land of Nam Dinh. The main ingredients for the black crust are hemp leaves and glutinous rice, so the cake is always fragrant and slightly sticky. The filling is a mixture of crushed green beans with coconut, peanuts, lotus and fatty meat with sweet and sweet spices to taste.

Bún đũa Thành Nam

Although vermicelli is available everywhere, the noodle dish in Nam Dinh has a different feature. The noodles are about the size of a chopstick, soft but firm, not mushy. Dua rice noodle is easy to eat not only because of its gentle taste but also because of the aroma of crab and the spices of this dish.

Giả Cầy Rice Noodle

Gia Cay Rice Noodle is a favorite dish of Thanh Nam people after Pho. It can be affirmed that nowhere in the North has there as many Gia Cay Rice Noodle restaurants as in Nam Dinh. There’s nothing better than the fragrant, golden-brewed imitation civet meat that is served with vermicelli, coriander, and pickled onions.

Cá nướng úp chậu

Grilled fish dish is a unique dish often present in the rice tray on Tet holiday in Nam Dinh. Fish are bought, cleaned, marinated, then lined with straw, rice husks underneath, put the fish on, surrounded by baked bricks and upside down aluminum pots.

Light a fire with straw to burn around the pot for about half an hour and continue to put rice husk and straw on the pot surface, bake for 4-5 hours. The result is a delicious grilled fish dish, sweet fish meat served with sweet and sour dipping sauce that makes visitors only whisper.

Chè kho

Che kho Nam Dinh is a rustic and extremely easy-to-make dish of Nam Dinh people. With only ingredients that cannot be simpler than finely ground green beans, sesame and sugar to create a plate of braised tea with bright colors, sweet taste and fragrant green beans.

Chuối Ngự Rồng market

The most sold at Rồnng Market in Nam Dinh, Ngu bananas were formerly considered a royal dish of “lemon discharge” used only to advance the king. Bananas have a small, dwarf shape, thin skin, white flesh and have a sweeter and stronger flavor than other common bananas.

Ý Yên Salted pork leg

Salted pork leg is a familiar dish of Nam Dinh people on every New Year, wedding or anniversary In order to get a delicious salted pork leg, Nam Dinh people have to process it quite elaborately: the first thing is to remove the bones, cleaned, then marinated with spices and finally steamed.

Củ Niễng

Cu Nieng have dark brown skin near the base and green at the top, the body is enlarged. When you peel off the outer shell, you will see the inside is a white, chubby intestine. This is the raw material the chef uses to make one of the dishes that bring fame to Southern cuisine.

Nieng is usually sliced thin, then stir-fried with eggs, beef or fried without, with dill, herbs, green onions or Chinese flavor to enhance the flavor. Nieng has a fragrant, sweet and soft taste.

Visitors to Nam Dinh in November often buy nuggets as gifts. In local markets, people often sell bamboo shoots in bundles of 10 bulbs for 10,000-15,000 VND.

Tám rice Hai Hau

Tam rice Hai Hau, Nam Dinh is a type of rice with a natural aroma and rich nutritional value. After cooking, rice usually has a characteristic aroma, flexibility and sweetness. Eight-grain rice has a greenish-white color, a sweet aroma, is flexible, easy to digest, and especially has a very high nutritional value.

Giò lụa Nam Dinh

From pork, people have made a sweet, tender, but still very crispy and fragrant spring rolls. To have a delicious spring rolls, the maker must be fastidious right from the selection of ingredients to the making of pig hair, pounding and seasoning with fish sauce and spices.

Spring rolls are wrapped with banana leaves, and experienced people say that the best and most beautiful spring rolls are wrapped with banana leaves, tied outside.

Gỏi tép xào

To make a dish of fried shrimp salad  is also quite a feat, after steaming the shrimp, take bell pepper, coriander, ginger, add a little vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and wine to stir well, let it take about 5 minutes for the shrimp to have soaked. all taste.

The most delicious is when served with vegetables such as: pineapple, salt, pepper, roasted peanuts, chopped lemon leaves, pungent taste of chili, pepper, sweetness of shrimp, … all blend together. to create a rustic dish because it is very sweet and easy to eat.

Nam Dinh fish salad

Fish used to eat salad can be freshwater fish such as catfish, carp, carp, drifting fish, tilapia, etc. It is also possible to eat brackish water fish in estuarine areas such as pelagic fish, pompano, sea bass, fish. sardines…; but the best is still the catfish.

Fish salad is eaten with a variety of fragrant leaves: cloves, figs, hope, chrysanthemums, frequency bi, basil, perilla, turmeric leaves, sage…, some places also use chopped banana flowers; but ginger and lemongrass can not be missing to harmonize the solderness of fish salad.

Fish salad is both fleshy, sweet, bold, and fragrant… without alcohol, it still captivates people.

Hai Hau seafood


Dồi candy

Shaped like a regular savory sausage, the ham consists of the main ingredients such as sugar, peanuts, malt, and a little vanilla. The outer part is skillfully cooked into a tube shape, pure white and sweet in taste.

However, peanuts are nested inside to ensure that they do not spill out. The sweetness and crispiness of the candy is neutralized inside, creating a taste that is both fragrant and cool.

Sìu Châu candy

For nearly two centuries now, the brand Siu Chau – Nam Dinh specialty has become famous all over the country. Those who are far away from home, every time they think of Nam Dinh, remember the rustic taste of this simple gift.

The candy has a pinkish brown color and is as clear as amber, crunchy, fragrant with peanut flavor, sweet, leaving an unforgettable aftertaste.

Traditional fish sauce

Hai Hau has a profession of processing fish sauce and products from fish which is famous for many craft villages and many brands of fish sauce. With the criterion of “Quality – Safety – Prestige” as the direction of development, “fish sauce” from the coastal countryside of Hai Hau will certainly bring the best products to consumers.

In addition to the sweet taste, the salty taste also has the fatty taste of protein, creating the unique flavor of fish sauce  from the newly-satisfactory Hai Hau land. With many years of traditional  fish sauce production, coming to the coastal countryside of Hai Hau, you will surely enjoy excellent fish sauces with the characteristics of the countryside clean fish sauce.

Nem nắm Giao Thủy

The delicious Nam Dinh dish that is no longer strange on the drinking tables is Giao Thuy nem thinh. The dish has resonated for a long time thanks to its sweetness and greasy taste.

The rolls are wrapped in fig leaves, when peeled off, they are thinly sliced and adhered by a completely manual method.

Lục tàu xá

Luc tau xa is a dish originating from China. Previously, Nam Dinh had many Chinese people living with many strange dishes.

Besides banh troi tau, chi that phu, Luc Tau Xa is a delicious and nutritious tea that our people follow and handed down to this day. In Cantonese (China), Luc Tau Xa (Luc Dau Sa) means pureed green beans.

Nam Dinh beef noodle soup

One of the most outstanding Nam Dinh delicacies is Nam Dinh beef noodle soup. Unlike Hanoi pho, Nam Dinh beef noodle soup impresses visitors because each different restaurant will have a different unique flavor because each family will have its own secret heirloom recipe.

Perch sticky rice

Perch sticky rice  is a rustic dish that is equally attractive with the rich sweetness of each fiber of fish meat mixed in each grain of sticky rice with a layer of fragrant chicken fat.


Nam Dinh Xíu sticky rice

Xiu sticky rice consists of white sticky rice made from fragrant sticky rice, so the seeds are very soft and shiny. Sticky rice is eaten with char siu meat, sausages and indispensable fragrant, rich sauce with the pungent taste of pepper. All kinds of ingredients seem to explode in the mouth of tourists, creating a dish of “all ten fines”.

Kien Lao Wine

To talk about good Kien Lao wine, you must definitely go to Xuan Kien or Xuan Tien communes in Xuan Truong district to be able to buy a standard bottle of Kien Lao wine.

The main ingredient of this wine is yellow flower sticky rice. Cooked under the traditional recipe, Kien Lao wine jars are always considered as one of the most outstanding specialties of Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh.

Dog meat – Cầu Vòi

In Nam Dinh, the most famous dog meat is Cau Voi in Nam Truc district.

Nam Dinh dog meat is delicious thanks to the way it is processed with galangal, batch, shrimp paste. Galangal selected for processing is galangal, red-purple, small but very fragrant and spicy. In the countryside, every family keeps a jar of batch (the type of fermented rice has a sour taste). Homemade batches will be more sour and fragrant than those made for sale in markets everywhere. Because it is a sea area, Hai Hau shrimp paste is also delicious and pure.

Don’t wait any longer, come here soon to enjoy Nam Dinh specialties and buy as gifts for your relatives and friends!

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