Tran Temple Festival – Nam Dinh famous seal opening ceremony

For generations, the festival has become a spiritual fulcrum, recording the beauty of traditional Vietnamese customs. Spring comes, hundreds of flowers bloom, and in the atmosphere full of vitality, there are many festivals. Referring to the Spring Festival, it is impossible not to mention the Tran Temple Festival – one of the famous festivals of the Vietnamese nation.

Tran Temple is located at Tran Thua Street, Loc Vuong Ward, Nam Dinh City. Tran Temple Festival is held on the 15th day of the first lunar month every year to commemorate the merits of ancestors of the Tran Dynasty, with special rituals such as fish sacrifice, seal opening, palanquin procession, water procession…

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The Tran Temple Festival includes the opening ceremony and the big festival. The opening ceremony in early spring takes place every year on the night of the 14th and 15th of the first lunar month. The opening ceremony is one of the long-standing customs with Nam Dinh alone developing popular customs and practices throughout the country. Increasingly, it has become a special and attractive form of cultural and religious activities, attracting many local people and many regions across the country to participate.

Opening the seal at this time has the meaning as a signal to mark the end of the national traditional New Year, reminding people to continue their productive work. In addition, the Tran temple festival also has a big festival that is opened on August 15 to 20 of the lunar calendar every year with a procession ceremony from surrounding temples to offer incense and gather at Thien Truong and Co Trach temples.

During the festival, there are also spiritual activities such as: except for us, praying for accidents to pass away, dong dong, etc. Because based on the ancient concept, Hung Dao Vuong Tran Quoc Tuan is not only a the national hero against the invaders who for a long time he was called the Cuu Thien Vu De, the immortal Saint who helps the people through all disasters – all diseases.

Tran temple festival has become a cultural activity with profound humanity. Contributing to expressing the patriotic tradition and the noble moral of “drinking water, remember the source” of our people. Not only a famous spring day festival, Tran Temple Festival is also the pride of the people of Nam Dinh and the whole Vietnamese nation.

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