Unique festival in the field – Sapa’s distinct cultural identity

If you have the opportunity to come to Sapa in the early spring of the new year, surely you will not be able to ignore the festival in the fields bearing the cultural identity of the foggy country. This is the festival of the Tay and Dao people, attracting a large number of tourists to visit and discover the unique culture of the people here.

The festival is considered a religious activity to pray for favorable weather, good trees, bountiful crops, and a prosperous life for the people of all ethnic groups in Sapa.

When is the field festival held?

Depending on each place, the festival is held on different days to suit the terrain. However, the field festival of the Northwestern people is usually held on the 8th of January. Localities close to each other can agree to have conditions for cultural exchange with each other.

Featured in the field festival in Sapa

Before the festival of the festival takes place, the local people will clean the house, clean the village, prepare food to welcome guests.

The ceremonial part of the festival goes down to the field

The ceremonial part of the festival begins with the land procession and the water procession. The land procession usually arrives very early when the sun has not yet risen with the formation of: the priest, the drum team, the Khen, two unmarried and unmarried couples carrying the palanquin. The floats are often decorated with colorful colors according to the yin and yang symbols of the five elements.

Leading the delegation are the sorcerers and the team of sheep and drums on both sides with the task of acting as messengers to communicate with the gods, blessing the reproduction and proliferation through the tree mentioned in the hand. Behind is a palanquin carrying water in two large pipes, which are father and mother pipes. Finally, the procession of sacred land is taken from the high mountain.

The offerings to the gods in the festival to the field include a tray of fruits, inside containing seeds, seven-colored raspberries, pig’s head, fruit, five-colored rice cakes, etc. When the procession arrives at the ceremony site. , the shaman will signal the ceremony music team to play three times of drums and trumpets resounding in the mountains and forests, then make vows and spray magical water to ward off evil spirits, bad luck and bestow luck on the villagers.

The festive part of the festival in the fields

Opening the main part of the festival, there are special cultural performances with dances and folk music. However, the most prominent part of the festival is the spread from the Tay girls. When the sound of the trumpet and drum sounds, the girls will begin to show off their grace and grace through skillful movements.

Next to the spread is the folk game area. Here, you can participate in games such as throwing balls, pushing sticks, tug of war, spinning, blindfolded catching goats,… quite interesting. In the long throw game, two pairs of men and women will start to throw the first ball to open the door for everyone to join in the fun.

Visiting famous places in Sapa after the festival in the fields

Sapa is home to many famous tourist attractions with unique and attractive features. Therefore, after the experience of participating in the festival, visitors can visit and check-in at extremely beautiful places in Sapa such as Cat Cat village, Sapa Heaven Gate, Ta Van Cloud Bridge, Rose Valley. …

The Sapa Field Festival is held in early spring as a milestone marking a new beginning in the year with many plans and wishes. The festival strengthens the spiritual life of the people of the Northwest mountains and forests with many good things, wishes for a good crop, and a prosperous life. If you have had the opportunity to visit the misty land of Sapa, do not miss the opportunity to participate in the festival to go down to the fields to understand more about the culture and people of the beautiful Northwest mountains.

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