Unique Thanh Tra festival – The fragrant fruit of Hue’s king

Hue Thanh Tra is a gift that causes nostalgia not only for tourists but also for the children of the ancient capital. This fruit is attached to people by its fragrant, sweet taste and is processed into many delicious and attractive dishes. In the past, this fruit was a specialty of the king. Today, the “Thanh Tra” fruit has become a typical symbol of the ancient capital of Hue.

Every 8th lunar month, the Thanh Tra gardens of the ancient capital area begin to ripen, giving off a soft fragrance. The tea tree harvest season lasts about 2 months and there is only one season a year. This is also the time of the Thanh Tra Festival in Hue. The festival is held every 2 years to introduce visitors to participate and enjoy Hue’s dragon fruit.

Special activities in Thanh Tra festival

On the days of the Thanh Tra festival, there are many activities such as a contest of delicious fruit products of Hue Thanh Tra, a space to display Thanh Tra products and Hue specialties, a culinary contest to prepare delicious dishes from Thanh Tra fruits such as: Thanh Tra cake soup, Thanh Tra rim soup, Thanh Tra tea, Thanh Tra soup, Thanh Tra fried spring rolls,…

Demonstration space to introduce the discovery of Thanh Tra tree, Hue specialty stall, “Thanh Tra” ceremony at the communal house of Nguyet Bieu and Luong Quan villages, eco-community tour in Thuy Bieu and folk games.

Guests can enjoy fresh Thanh Tra fruit and dishes made from Thanh Tra fruit, along with many traditional dishes and specialties of this land.

Thanh Tra Festival is an opportunity for this beautiful city to bring its unique fruit culture to everywhere, especially with international friends. Having come to this land, you should definitely not miss the opportunity to participate in the festival and enjoy delicious Thanh Tra dishes from the famous land of delicious and attractive Thanh Tra otters.

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