Xiem Can Pagoda – The most beautiful Khmer temple in Bac Lieu

If you have ever been to the West and visited the temples in this land, perhaps you will not feel too strange before the unique beauty of Khmer temples. However, for first-time visitors to Uncle Lieu, Xiem Can Pagoda is really a magnificent, beautiful and outstanding architecture.

The beauty of Xiem Can pagoda

Located about 7km east of Bac Lieu city center, Xiem Can Pagoda is a large pagoda located prominently on the way through the hundred-year-old longan garden and the famous wind field here. The location of Chiem Can is very beautiful, very convenient for tourists traveling to Bac Lieu to visit and admire this famous place.

Xiem Can Pagoda is open to visitors from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily and visitors do not need to spend money to buy tickets to visit. The pagoda includes the following works: Tam Quan Gate, Main Palace, Sala (academic, monks), tomb tower, pillars, …

What distinguishes Khmer pagodas from other ordinary pagodas is the subtlety, meticulousness in each wall, roof and pillar, unique architecture, going deep into the inner campus and taking a closer look. , you can fully feel the beauty that Xiem Can Pagoda possesses.

Not only is the temple famous for its unique architectural and artistic style, Xiem Can Pagoda is also known as a place to preserve and form many cultural beauties in the spiritual life of the Khmer ethnic people. . The pagoda also keeps a collection of ancient Khmer books written on thick leaves of the temple 70 pages or an old lecture hall with old folk tales from the past.

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