Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival is the most sacred festival in Bac Ninh

Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival “Pray for fortune and prosperity”

The custom of “paying debt at the end of the year, borrowing money from the queen at the beginning of the year” has become a long-standing custom in Vietnam. Every year, in the early days of the new year, which lasts for the whole January, especially after the clock hands turn to New Year’s Eve, the flow of people flocks to Ba Chua Kho Temple in Bac Ninh.

This place is said by folk to be “the bank of votive papers” and is very sacred. Every year, at the temple, the festival of Ba Chua Kho Temple is held to “require fortune and prosperity”.

Goddess Kho Temple is located in Co Me village, Vu Ninh ward, Bac Ninh city. The Ba Chua Kho festival opens on January 14 of the lunar calendar with the custom of offering incense and borrowing money from Ba Chua (symbolically) to “pray for fortune” for a prosperous business year.

Featured in Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival

Here, there are people praying for peace and fortune, but most come to “borrow capital” from Ms. Chua Kho, hoping for a year of abundant capital, prosperous business… The “borrowing capital” ritual here is extremely interesting. . People often prepare the morning, the ceremony to offer incense. In which, in the list will have to clearly state how much to borrow, what to use, and how long to pay just like when borrowing real money. There are even many cases where they promise to borrow 1 to pay 5, to pay 10… with the belief that Ms. Chua Kho will bless her with a prosperous business in the future.

Borrowing and paying is at the discretion of each person, but according to spiritual beliefs, having a “loan” must have a “repayment”, whether you can do business or not.

The ceremony trays are purchased arbitrarily by pilgrims, which can be as simple as incense cards, flowers with a few sets of hell money. More sophisticated, a plate of chicken with sticky rice, or a full tray of five fruits, is offered to Ba Chua Kho. All express sincere prayers for a full, healthy and prosperous new year.

Ba Chua Kho festival has contributed to the diverse religious picture of the Vietnamese people, creating a proud whole traditional culture. Each festival has its own meaning and tradition. With the sincerity of visitors, they will certainly be protected and prayed by Ms. Chua Kho.

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