Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival attracts thousands of tourists in Hai Phong

Every year, people from all over the world flock to Do Son district, Hai Phong to attend the buffalo fighting festival, a festival imbued with the traditional culture of the wet rice civilization in the Northern Delta associated with the custom of worshiping the water god and the custom of sacrifice, but above all is the promotion of the martial spirit and profound humanity of the people in the Do Son sea area.

Do Son buffalo fighting festival, also known as ox fighting, is an ancient custom, dating back to ancient times, a traditional festival of the fishermen in the waters of Do Son, Hai Phong; It takes place on the 9th day of the 8th lunar month every year.

Features of Do Son buffalo fighting festival

Buffalo fighting festival like many other festivals has two parts, the festival part and the festival part intertwine. From the first day of the month, the elders in the village went out to worship Diem Tuoc at the General communal house. At this time, the villages with fighting buffaloes have to go to the ceremony. Then there is the water procession (associated with the custom of sacrifice to the Water God). The magic water bottle changed once a year was brought back to the communal house by each village (ward).

At the village communal house, the buffalo owners are allowed to bring the buffalo out to perform the ceremony of the Citadel. After worshiping the god, the fighting buffalo was officially called “Mr Buffalo”, a symbol of spirituality, belief, and aspiration of the people here. In the morning of the main festival, the people in the ward all went to the communal house. From here, the procession of “Mr Buffaloes” comes out to fight with bowls of tribute palanquins, long communal houses of bowls, divine flags fluttering and bustling in the sound of octahedral music.

The festival took place with many activities imbued with national identity. The opening dance is divided into two rows by 24 young men of the village, both flexible and powerful, with the colors changing flexibly and fancifully in the sounds of drums and la la. With the flag dance, the flags are swung up and down strongly, decisively, rhythmically, sometimes crisscrossing each other like two armies fighting, showing the bravery of people against the sea.

The unique feature of the Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival in Hai Phong is that whether you win or lose, after the festival ends, the buffaloes are slaughtered and sacrificed to heaven and earth, praying for a harmonious harvest. It is also believed that eating buffalo meat during the festival will bring good luck.

Visiting Do Son during the festival days, visitors will have the opportunity to experience a chivalrous and deeply humane activity. In addition to being immersed in the festive atmosphere with many unique activities, visitors can also learn how to care for and train Buffalo fighting, and see first-hand the “fighters” who are entering the final stage of training. together. If you have the opportunity to visit the port land, do not miss this traditional festival!

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