Giong Festival – Discover a unique festival

Ha Noi Giong Festival – Commemorating and praising the god Saint Giong

As a Vietnamese person, surely no one is unaware of the legend that the young Thanh Giong grew up as fast as riding an elephant to fight foreign invaders to protect the country. Since then, Mr. Giong has been consecrated into an immortal saint who protects crops. Peace for the country, prosperity for all people. To commemorate his merits, the people built a temple. Worshiping and celebrating annually with the name Giong Festival at Phu Dong and Soc temples.

Where is Giong Festival held?

Giong festival is not like some other festivals in Vietnam: it is held in more than 10 different areas in Hanoi but the biggest of which are 2 Giong festivals, one is performed in Soc Son in Soc temple. Phu Linh commune, Soc Son district and one held at Phu Dong temple, Phu Dong commune, Gia Lam district.

Giong Festival in Phu Dong village, is held from the 6th to 10th of the fourth lunar month. According to folklore researchers, the Giong Festival at Phu Dong Temple is said to be the place where Saint Giong was born and defeated the An invaders, so the festival is more meaningful and complete than other places from the heart. legend to the performing arts. Giong festival is a unique festival, without a sword but still reproducing its value with a standardized symbolic ritual system.

The Giong Festival at Soc Temple takes place in 3 days from the 6th to the 8th of January every year. According to legend, this land is the last stop of Saint Giong before taking off his armor and flying to heaven. The festival takes place in 3 days with traditional ceremonies such as the inauguration ceremony, the procession, the incense offering ceremony, the offering of bamboo flowers to Thuong Temple, the place of worshiping Saint Giong, attracting the attention of locals and tourists. international.

During the festival, there are also many folk games held such as cock fighting, chess, ca tru singing, cheo singing, etc. With elaborate preparation, flexible combination between the ceremony and the festival. With many unique cultural values, the Giong Festival of Phu Dong Temple has brought to a large number of people and visitors a cultural space containing the intangible cultural heritage of humanity located in the heart of the national monument. family.

The image of Saint Giong has become a “Four Immortals” in the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. Giong Festival is a traditional cultural festival that vividly and scientifically simulates the battles of Saint Giong and Van Lang people against the An enemy.

Thereby, it is possible to raise public awareness about ancient forms of tribal warfare and to associate with the inevitable nature of the people’s war, all people, comprehensively in the cause of liberation and defense. Country.

This is also an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the history of the country and know more about the cultural traditions of the Vietnamese nation. If you have the opportunity to visit the beloved capital, do not miss this festival!

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