Hai Phong’s excitingly unique Red Phoenix Flower Festival

Hai Phong’s excitingly unique Red Phoenix Flower Festival

Hai Phong has been lovingly referred to as “the city of red phoenix flowers” for the past 40 years because to the more than 9,000 phoenix flowers that have been placed on street corners across the city. There is no set date for the Red Phoenix Flower Festival, which is hosted each year with a different theme to help promote tourism during the blooming phoenix flower season around mid-May with the Hai Phong-symbolized crimson phoenix flower.

As the second biggest event of the year in Hai Phong city, about a week or even a month before the Red Phoenix Flower Festival takes place, all neighborhoods and routes from big to small in the city was very busy and bustling with bright red banners covering the way.

The Red Phoenix Flower Festival’s characteristics

The Hai Phong Red Phoenix Flower Festival will begin with a procession of renowned local and international art troupes on floats, proceeding from the streets to the theater’s main auditorium. The opening ceremony is significant, with a massive stage, spectacular lights, and enormous crimson phoenix petals. The 15-minute low-altitude fireworks show at the festival’s beginning and conclusion, which light up the entire sky and create an aura of joy and excitement akin to Tet festivities, is the festival’s traditional highlight.

Visitors may also take in a variety of useful events like the Hai Phong city dragon boat race which is held on the Gia River, with the participation of hundreds of thousands of people, as well as ancient rites and performances featuring lions, monks, and dragons. Exhibitions of paintings, photographs, fine arts, publications, calligraphy, performance art installations, bicycle parades along the red phoenix flower pathways, discussions with poets, musicians, or artists about the subject of phoenix flowers, etc. A program for sharing Hai Phong cuisine with other nations also exists. Therefore, you don’t need to travel very far, simply come here and you can have a very delicious cuisine tour of the Port country and sample some of the most alluring specialties in the entire world.

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