Immerse yourself in the unique and interesting Dalat Tea Festival

Bringing a poetic natural space, the Dalat Tea Festival is always a very attractive event that attracts the attention of all visitors when talking about tourism in the mountain town.

Attached with the pride of tea growers and processors, the tea culture festival has become a big festival of Da Lat people. This is an opportunity to honor tea growers and tea makers, and at the same time to promote the province’s famous tea brands as well as an opportunity to exchange and cooperate to develop the tea profession, contributing to the formation of a lifestyle. drinking tea among the people.

Le hoi tra Da Lat ackc

The festival is usually held in December every year. Coming to Dalat tea festival, visitors will admire the image of immense tea fields, witness with their own eyes and enjoy the different ways of making famous tea of ​​Vietnamese people right at the festival.

Features of Dalat Tea Festival

Since 2017, Dalat Tea Culture Festival and Dalat Flower Festival have merged into one festival and are usually held in December every year. In the first merger, this festival has the common name of the 7th Da Lat Flower Festival – 2017 with the theme of Da Lat – New Year’s Flowers with many special activities such as:

Tra Street – Coffee – Wine and specialties Dalat – Lam Dong

At the Da Lat Flower Festival, the streets are displayed with Dalat specialties such as tea, coffee, wine, etc. Also on Ho Tung Mau street on festival days, you will be enjoy Dalat specialties for free. Especially have the opportunity to enjoy the tea flavor of the windy highlands in the chilly Da Lat days.

Silk – Tea Festival and Huong Tra – Sac To Exhibition Fair

The event is meant to promote advertising and trade promotion, attract tourists, and develop manufacturing industries in the city. Typical products related to tea production technology, silk, handicrafts … create opportunities for growers, producers and traders of tea and silk to exchange, exchange and develop their professions. .

In addition, there are also 8 response programs, including tea picking contest, B’Lao children’s painting contest in my hometown, young city rhythms, art festival Fly high with the voice of tea country, soccer tournament. tea villages, art exhibitions, street parades and tennis tournaments for officials and employees.

In which, the tea-picking contest attracts a large number of visitors. The competition usually has 10 teams participating in the final round. Each team of 4 people represents tea picking workers from wards and communes in Da Lat city. Participants in the tea-picking contest can pick by hand or with a razor blade, but they must have the right technique (according to the quality to produce Oloong tea) such as: a bud of 2-3 leaves or more, the correct size and length 0 ,7 – 1cm, crushing rate less than 1%, no pests, and at the same time must be fast and have a high quantity.

Le hoi tra Da Lat ackc 4

After 30 minutes of competition, the Organizing Committee will award the first prize to the team with the best and fastest performance. At the same time, individual awards for the fast and skillful hands are awarded “Golden Hand”.

Surrounded by a spacious, poetic, smoky natural space, with a cup of steaming hot tea in hand, visitors seem to be released, immersed in the most quintessential things on the land of Lam Vien plateau. this windy. This is sure to be an enjoyable experience for every visitor.

Dalat Tea Festival is one of the attractive activities that cannot be ignored when talking about Dalat tourism. Being immersed in the green space full of life will be interesting experiences that the people here give to visitors. As someone who loves nature, loves new things and loves to explore new lands, Da Lat is always the first choice for you.

Come to Da Lat this winter to enjoy this special tea festival! Da Lat always gives precious affection and opens its arms to welcome you.

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