Journey to discover Yen Tu Spring Festival in Quang Ninh

Lunar New Year is coming, do you have any plans for the upcoming holiday? If not, one day coming to Yen Tu Spring Festival to enjoy the feeling of lightness and purity with the wonderful things in life, it must be an interesting experience.

Dubbed “Vietnam’s Buddhist ancestral land”, Yen Tu Pagoda with its beautiful natural scenery and many major festivals throughout the year has attracted millions of visitors every year, especially on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Dan.

Things to know about Yen Tu Spring Festival

Yen Tu mountain region is located in Thuong Yen Cong commune, about 14km from the center of Uong Bi town. This is also one of the famous tourist attractions of Quang Ninh. Before the name Yen Tu, this mountain was called Elephant Mountain because the shape of this mountain resembles a giant elephant. All year round, the mountain is covered in white clouds like a fairyland. That’s probably why the dynasties of our country all classified Yen Tu mountain as the “famous mountain” of the whole country.

Yen Tu Spring Festival is usually held every year, starting on January 10 and lasting until the end of March (lunar calendar). At this time, thousands of people flocked from all over the country to Yen Tu to travel for spring, to pray for their families and loved ones to have a lot of luck and happiness in life.

Linh Son Yen Tu is not only a place with magnificent scenery but also a sacred place that converges many spiritual values ​​of ancestors. The meaning of Yen Tu – Quang Ninh festival is to honor the historical, cultural and civilized values ​​​​of the Ly, Tran dynasties, … handed down to future generations. Therefore, every spring, people are eager to visit this tourist destination in Quang Ninh in the pilgrimage to the Buddha realm to forget about the troubles of the world.

Discover the unique features of Yen Tu Spring Festival

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the festival will begin on the morning of the 10th at Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center with dignified ceremonies with profound educational significance. Here, the monks and nuns will conduct the ceremony to pray for national peace and prosperity.

To make Yen Tu Spring Festival more special, large-scale musical performances with the participation of famous artists inside and outside the province will be interwoven, together in the atmosphere to welcome the festival season smoothly. In addition, the ceremony at this time also has various interesting activities such as ringing bells, drums, and New Year’s blessings.

Activities after the opening session

After finishing the opening ceremony of the Yen Tu Spring Festival, you will visit the festival center, Buddhist temple, pilgrimage village or participate in impressive folk games such as throwing dragons. , tug of war, cock fighting, chess tournament of Yen Tu king, … Or enjoy unique performances such as: Traditional art at the communal house of Yen Tu pilgrimage village, traditional martial arts, art Dragon dance.

In addition, at this time, there will be thousands of people starting the pilgrimage to worship the Buddha line by line, learning in turn to move to the top of Yen Tu mountain – Where the sacred and ancient Dong pagoda is located. The road to move up here is quite bumpy, winding, shady under the shadows of big old trees and there are also misty mists, as if entering the Buddha realm.

Returning to Yen Tu Festival is about returning to Vietnam’s Buddhist journey, this place is very famous for its monuments and temples about the legend of Buddha Emperor Tran Nhan Tong.

There are monuments such as:

  • Trinh Temple or Bi Thuong Pagoda: Trinh Temple before pilgrimage to Yen Tu historical and scenic area.
  • Suoi Bath Pagoda: This is the place associated with the legend that King Tran Nhan Tong stopped and rested. The stream at the temple is called Stream Bath.
  • Cam Thuc Pagoda: built in the Tran Dynasty, the pagoda was destroyed during the war. Today it has been repaired.
  • Giai Oan Pagoda – Suoi Giai Oan: It is said that when King Tran Nhan Tong left the throne to become a monk, his beautiful concubines wanted him to return to the court but could not, and to show their loyalty, a A number of concubines have drowned themselves in the stream. Later, the king set up a flock to worship these concubines. The place where the altar was built was later called Giai Oan pagoda, and the stream there was known as Giai Oan stream.
  • Hoa Yen Pagoda:   is the largest temple in Yen Tu – where Buddha Emperor Tran Nhan Tong and the patriarchs Truc Lam Yen Tu often preached.
  • Hon Ngoc Tower Cluster: This is a cluster of towers practiced by monks here from the end of the Le Dynasty to the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty. Consisting of 4 stone and brick spiers, three relatively intact stone spiers and a brick spire, there are also five tombs of monks in Yen Tu.
  • Thap To Area: This is the place to store a part of the relics of Buddha Emperor Tran Nhan Tong and the remains of other monks on the sacred mountain of Yen Tu.
  • One Mai Pagoda: Where the King – Buddha Emperor Tran Nhan Tong used to read books and compose sutras. Inside the temple worships Tam To Truc Lam, Buddha and Mother.
  • Am Ngu Duong, Am Thung: This is the place where the Buddha’s medicine is prepared, not only treating the sick monks on Yen Tu mountain, but also distributing medicine to people during epidemics.
  • Bao Sai Pagoda:  The temple is named after a close disciple of the Buddha. This is the place of practice for this disciple, who was assigned by him to edit and publish all the texts of Truc Lam Yen Tu (an important thing in the past).
  • Van Tieu Pagoda: This is the place of practice for monks.
  • Buddha statue of Emperor Tran Nhan Tong: Newly cast in monolithic bronze, 15m high, weighing 138 tons. The statue was completed in recent years.
  • An Ky Sinh Statue: According to legend, this is a statue of a petrified monk.
  • Dong Pagoda: Located at the highest point on the top of Yen Tu. When the Buddha was still alive, this was the place where he used to sit in meditation with a steep cliff on one side. Later, the pagoda was built by the meritorious wife of Trinh, the temple was carved in bronze, so it was called Dong Pagoda. Since 2007, the pagoda has been restored to the present day, currently the Dong Pagoda worships Shakyamuni Buddha and 3 statues of Truc Lam Tam Ancestors.

A few notes when participating in Yen Tu Spring Festival

To have a complete spring trip to Yen Tu festival, you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Choose modest and polite clothes because Yen Tu is a sacred Buddha land. You should also not choose tight clothes or jeans because it will be difficult to move;
  • Visitors need to climb more than 6km of steep stone steps, so it is necessary to prioritize wearing sports shoes to move more easily;
  • Prepare drinking water and walking sticks to be strong enough to overcome the journey up to Dong Pagoda;
  • Bring your camera and phone to capture beautiful moments on the top of the mountain;
  • If you are afraid of health problems and cannot climb the stairs, you can choose to take the cable car to admire Yen Tu scenic spot from above.

It can be said that Yen Tu Festival in Quang Ninh not only gives you the sacred experiences of a place associated with history, but also wonderful moments of being satisfied with nature, visiting and enjoying nature. enjoy activities that are both traditional and challenging. If you love this beautiful land, do not hesitate to schedule a trip to Quang Ninh early this year and participate in this special Yen Tu spring festival.

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