Top 30 delicious foods from Hai Phong that make attractive gifts

Top 30 delicious foods from Hai Phong that make attractive gifts. Remember to purchase it as a gift for your friends and family to enjoy when visiting Hai Phong!

“Bánh đa đỏ” – Delicious Hai Phong Food

“Bánh đa đỏ” (noodles) is one of the famous specialties of Hai Phong and only this location can guarantee the dish will meet the finest standards. Because of its distinct flavor, color, and crunchy yet flexible nature, rice paper is a favorite among diners. You may rest confident that this dish is nutritious because the cake’s red hue does not come from food coloring but rather from the Gac fruit.

“Bánh đa đỏ” is a versatile ingredient that can be added to other meals or served alone. This cake is very well suited for preparing seafood meals. “Bánh đa đỏ” can be used to wrap crab rice cakes, red rice cake soup, and field crab hot pot.

“Bánh mì cay” (spicy breadstick) delicious food in Hai Phong

“Bánh mì” (Bread) is one of the traditional dishes of Vietnam. “Bánh mì cay” (spicy breadstick) has also become a well-liked Hai Phong delicacy in this city of red phoenix flowers. With a touch of chili sauce and the “unique” Chi Chuong chili sauce of the Hai Phong people, spicy breadstick has the flavor of greasy pate.

“Bánh chả dừa” delicious food in Hai Phong

“Bánh chả dừa” Hai Phong (cake) with a bit of Central flavor is a gift you can find and buy for friends, especially those who like to snack and enjoy with tea. Because the cake is brown in color and has a fragrant, crispy coconut flavor, it is fun to eat but very delicious. When enjoying cake, people often drink cups of cool green tea.

“Bánh đa cua” delicious food in Hai Phong

It is not overstatement to say that one of Hai Phong’s specialties that captivates diners the most is “bánh đa cua” (noodles). A typical color and flavor of Hai Phong are created by the hot rice noodles, cooked water spinach, fried crab bricks, grilled pork lollipops, fried fish, veggies, and a few dried onions.

“Chả mực” delicious food in Hai Phong

A delectable and well-known delicacy in Hai Phong is Chả mực (grilled squid). It’s not just a dish that visitors to Hai Phong choose to eat; it’s also a specialty that visitors may buy as a gift.

It features numerous ingredients manufactured primarily from squid, hence the name “grilled squid”. Fresh squid and pureed pork are blended, spice-marinated, and then fried or wrapped in fried sugar cane. A mouthwatering “chả mực” will have a strong scent, be chewy and crispy, and taste great when coupled with more spiciness in the chili sauce.

Specialty braised sardines from Kien Thuy – Hai Phong

When fully grown, sardines are typically only about 15-20 centimeters long. The meat of sardines is not only tasty and fatty, but it also has a lot of nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium are all provided by them.

Sardines are utilized to prepare a variety of tasty braised dishes due to the meat’s delicate texture and fragrant flavor. Sardines are prepared in a variety of ways, not just the traditional way, to provide fresh and interesting flavors.

“Chả chìa” Ha Lung

“Chả chìa” (pork chop) is the quintessence of Ha Lung sausage craft village, a dish that shows the skillful skills of the chef, the harmonious combination of squid, pork and sugarcane.

In order to have delicious and unique “chả chìa”, Ha Lung people attach great importance to processing. The unique flavors to create this dish are dried squid, sugarcane and lean pork. Want to choose good squid, people are picky to buy squid in Cat Ba, Cat Hai, then bring the squid to be chopped, pureed with lean pork, marinated with fish sauce, main noodles, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear, pepper…

“Chè bánh lọt” delicious food in Hai Phong

Simple pineapple green rice cake combined with fatty coconut milk and crushed ice is what is known as “Chè bánh lọt” (sweet soup). There is no better way to stay cool on a hot summer day than with a bowl of sweet soup.

Thuy Nguyen Rolls

Shrimp vermicelli rolls are another name for Thuy Nguyen rolls. In Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong, this meal has been known as a distinctive culinary creation. This dish’s ingredients also include fried beans, lettuce, coriander, spring rolls, shrimp, bacon, eggs, and spring rolls. You can taste the sweetness of each beef slice as well as the spiciness of the vegetables and vermicelli’s flesh when you eat Thuy Nguyen roll cake.

Scorched rice topped with seafood

The sauce is what makes Hai Phong’s scorched rice topped with seafood. The sauce in this dish has a distinctive flavour of the sea because it is made with seafood like crab, tu clam, shrimp, scallops, squid, etc. This dish would make a wonderful present.

Mackerel one sun-dried

Sun-dried mackerel one Do Son, a product made from mackerel, is prepared in the coastal fishing community of Do Son, Hai Phong, and dried in a single sun. Mackerel meat is high in protein, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and saturated fat, all of which are excellent for young children’s brain development and can help malnourished or just awakened individuals quickly regain their health.

Do Son mackerel can be utilized as an ingredient in a number of delectable meals and is extremely simple to eat. Mackerel with fish sauce, fried mackerel with fish sauce with onion and lemon sauce, fried mackerel, and mackerel with tomato sauce can all be made from fish. These recipes are all appealing, delectable, and wholesome.

Grilled pork cartilage delicious foods in Hai Phong

One of the intriguing foods here is the wonderful Hai Phong snack of grilled pork cartilage. This will be a fantastic recommendation for Hai Phong residents who are unsure on what to eat that evening.

Pork cartilage is spherical and has a striking appearance. On a charcoal barbecue, pork cartilage is uniformly cooked until the exterior is brown and somewhat burnt. The aromatic aroma should not be discussed when the fruit is ripe. It will be served with some herbs and chili sauce, which when combined, make for a very excellent meal.

“Sủi Dìn” Specialty of Hai Phong

Sui Din is a meal that was created by the Chinese who once resided in Hai Phong. Dumpling can be mistaken for a drift wheel based on appearance. However, in Hai Phong, black sesame is also a feature of this meal in addition to green beans and honey. Warmth is produced in the chilly weather by the flavorful cake and the strong ginger flavor. In Hai Phong, this meal typically comes in late autumn or early winter.


“Giá bể xào” delicious foods in Hai Phong

This Hai Phong specialty dish is known only to gourmets. “Giá bể”, which is shaped like a small mussel but has a beaked leg like a bean sprout, is hidden beneath the sand at the bottom of the tank.

You will initially notice the sauce’s sweet and sour flavor as well as the fat from the bottom of “giá bể” when you are eating this dish. You can savor the soft, fatty meat inside after removing the shell.

Seafood – Specialty of Hai Phong

When visiting Hai Phong, it will be difficult for you to leave without purchasing some seafood. Seafood sources abound along Hai Phong beach, including squid, crab, sea cucumber, and abalone. However, it would be hard to forget to highlight the fresh fish and shrimp meals when visiting this place. These two kind of seafood are the most nutrient-dense and also the simplest to prepare.

Dried Seafood

Although the Hai Phong sea area is well-known for its abundance of fresh and delectable seafood, you can choose convenient packaged dried seafood as a gift, such as dried sardines, dried squid, dried mackerel, and mackerel. You can also buy delicious goldfish, among other types, to use for your own family or as gifts.

Crab hot pot delicious food in Hai Phong

This recipe would definitely appeal to you if you love crab. Even the most discerning gourmets have been drawn in by the flavorful and fatty crab flavor when coupled with a few other components. You will undoubtedly fall in love with field crab hotpot if you get the chance to sample it.

Cat Ba Honey

On Cat Ba island’s ancient old woodlands, the product crystallizes the most vital nutrients in exquisite flowers and medicinal herbs from 100% native bee sources. This is why giving Cat Ba honey as a gift is a thoughtful gesture.

Cat Hai Fish Sauce

When tasting Cat Hai fish sauce, you’ll notice that the salty flavor hits you first, followed by the sweetness. The longer the flavor lingers in the neck, the higher the protein content (high quality level), and vice versa. Cat Hai fish sauce is unadulterated by other pollutants, such as the scent of coral, and has a distinct, natural flavor that dominates.

Cat Hai fish sauce may be kept for a very long time and won’t go bad for a few years, losing none of its quality or aroma. Customers can select from either very fragrant braised beef or a small amount of Cat Hai fish sauce, which leaves their hands smelling fresh and clean for a very long time.

“Nem chua” Specialty An Lao – Hai Phong

“Nem chua” (fermented pork roll) made in Nam Son village, An Tho commune, An Lao, Hai Phong, have long been well-known and regarded as a reliable brand. Making spring rolls is a craft that has long attracted a large number of dedicated local workers.

When eating “nem chua”, An Tho ermented pork rolls have flesh and skin, not pureed into a united body like Thanh Hoa ermented pork rolls. This distinguishes them from the well-known Thanh Hoa ermented pork rolls. The An Tho ermented pork rolls must be eaten with more lemon and garlic. An Tho rolls are wrapped differently than Thanh Hoa rolls.

Dried peanut worms

Peanut worms can be found all throughout the country. However, dry peanut worms from Hai Phong continue to be the most well-known. It is also unknown why creatures with mollusks that resemble worms and live in coastal regions are said to have great nutritional value.

Oriental medicine studies later revealed that peanut worms have a sweet flavor and chill qualities that support yang qi. Not that there weren’t spices back then to make food taste as good as it does today. Fresh peanut worms are used by the chef to make a wonderful, sweet dessert. In restaurants nowadays, they are processed into a variety of dishes to serve customers. Originally only found in Hai Phong, this type of seafood is now well-known and adored across the entire nation.

Hai Phong red jellyfish salad

Red jellyfish salad is easier to prepare than white jellyfish salad, but not because of this the flavor is less unique. Red jellyfish that have just been caught are boiled with roots, bark, and aromatic leaves until the flesh turns pink, soft, and clear like jelly. People serve jellyfish with marjoram, perilla, mint, copra, pineapple, and spicy shrimp paste after cutting it into thin fibers for eating. The majority of eateries and prominent marketplaces in Hai Phong serve red jellyfish salad.

Fried crab spring rolls

Anyone visiting Hai Phong must try the crab spring rolls, which are a staple of the city’s cuisine. In addition to their usual name, Hai Phong crab spring rolls are also known as square spring rolls or square crab spring rolls because of their distinctive square-shaped wrapping.

It’s difficult to resist even the thought of the delectable ingredients combined with the rich spices in the Hai Phong people’s style, then wrapped in crispy rice paper and fried golden. In addition, customers frequently pair their crab spring rolls with raw veggies, fiery peppers, green papaya, and thinly sliced carrots. especially the dipping sauce that is sweet and sour. For those who taste it for the first time, everything will combine to create an unforgettable flavor.

Prawn fiber Hai Phong

The specialty of prawn fiber, with its striking orange-yellow tint, stands out on the gastronomic map of Hai Phong. The most common types of shrimp used to make prawn fiber are premium black tiger shrimp and white shrimp, which are mixed with pork flesh. When coupled with hot rice, the soft cotton yarn becomes more “extreme” and tastes deliciously salty and sticky. This healthy Hai Phong meal is a favorite of many young members of #teamKlook. Depending on the variety, 1 kg of Hai Phong prawn fiber might cost anywhere between 600,000 and 700,000 VND.

Cai Hoa Vang Sticky Rice Wine

The traditional method of making Cai Hoa Vang sticky rice wine with yeast and 36 traditional herbs is known as nem husk. The traditional method of cooking wine is extremely complex. A heart for the profession is necessary for quality assurance in order to produce good liters of wine. One pot of wine required 4 hours to cook over a wood burner.

Prior to that, it was prepared using the conventional procedure of soaking and brewing. Before consuming the wine, it must be preserved in a crock pot for at least a year after it has been taken out of the oven. But you already know that the wine in the crock pot will be delectable and smooth. When I picked up a pot of wine that I had been holding onto for one or two years, the quality was significantly higher.

Hai Phong snails

Snack lovers would be thrilled to know that Hai Phong has delicious snails. The most tasty and diversified variety of snails can be found in Hai Phong. Le Loi, Luong Van Can, Dinh Dong, and Hang Kenh streets all have some rows.

The type of snail and the method of processing will determine the cost.

“Thạch Găng” Hai Phong

The color of Thach Gang (jelly) is a glittering moss green, and it feels silky and smooth on the tongue. Although the distinctive taste is somewhat acidic, it is frequently served with sweet sugar water, which has a very effective cooling effect.

We find it difficult to restrain ourselves since the jelly is tasty, soft, and green, and the sugar water melts in the tongue.

Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea is not only a nice beverage, but it is also healthy, helping to calm the liver and benefit those with high blood pressure. In that time of year, people often wake up, but the residents of the Port sip chrysanthemum tea all year long. A chilled cup of tea can help you beat the summer’s heat. During the bitterly cold winter months, guests love sipping hot tea, frequently accompanied with fragrant roasted chestnuts and delicious meat. It’s also a terrific idea to come here to purchase chrysanthemum tea as a present for friends and family.

Bang La Apples

The Bang La apple is a hybrid apple type that was developed by the residents of the Bang La ward in the Do Son district of Hai Phong city. This specialty is also known as salted apple since it is a rare apple variety that can grow on acidic and saline soils to generate old salt. Large, spherical fruits with a diameter of 1.5 to 3 cm are produced by mature Bang La apples, and both locals and international visitors adore their sweet, crunchy flavor.

The delicacies listed above are from Hai Phong; if you have the opportunity to visit the port land, we encourage you to sample them all and purchase any extras for your loved ones.

Hope this post will be useful for your trip. Hope your trip is full with wonderful memories!

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