Top 30 famous Hai Phong specialties must try

Hai Phong – the city of red phoenix flowers is loved by tourists not only because of its peaceful and beautiful natural beauty but also by famous delicious specialties, anyone who has tried it once will surely be hard to forget. Follow in the footsteps of eating and drinking everywhere to discover 30 Hai Phong specialties right now!

Nem cua bể – Crab spring rolls

Crab spring rolls are a typical dish in Hai Phong’s cuisine, which anyone who comes to this youthful city must taste. Besides the popular name, Hai Phong crab spring rolls are also called square spring rolls or square crab spring rolls due to the unique way of wrapping – square of Hai Phong people.

Delicious ingredients mixed with rich spices according to the way of Hai Phong people, then wrapped in crispy rice paper fried golden, just thinking about it is hard to resist. Besides, when enjoying crab spring rolls, people often eat it with raw vegetables, hot peppers, green papaya and thinly sliced ​​carrots. Especially the sweet and sour dipping sauce. All will create an unforgettable taste for those who enjoy it for the first time.

Bánh đa cua – Traditional Noodle Soup From Haiphong

It is no exaggeration to say that crab cakes are one of Hai Phong’s specialties that entice diners the most. The hot rice paper noodles with the rare ripe water spinach, the fried crab bricks, the lot leaf rolls, the fish cakes, the spinach and some dried onions create a typical color and flavor of Hai Phong.

Bánh mì cay – Spicy bread

Banh mi is a traditional dish of Vietnam. In this city of red phoenix flowers, spicy bread has also become a very popular Hai Phong specialty. Spicy bread has the flavor of greasy pate, adding a little bit of shrimp and Chi Chuong chili sauce “exclusive” of Hai Phong people.

Bánh bèo Hai Phong

Bánh bèo Hai Phong always has its own flavor and characteristics, each piece of cake is as light as it is ready to melt at the tip of the tongue. This cake is most delicious when used with a dipping sauce made from rich bone broth.

Many people often say, Hai Phong banh beo is very similar to Hanoi spring rolls because they are wrapped in banana leaves and have a filling that is processed like spring rolls. However, the cake of the port land has a more specific flavor, each piece of cake is soft but not crushed, it will easily melt at the tip of the tongue. Enjoying banh beo, people are not in a hurry, but from cutting them into 6 or 8 parts, then dipping or slurping with dipping sauce to feel the delicious taste and incomparable harmony.

Bánh đúc tàu

The cake is soft, but when eaten, it feels crunchy and the cake is very firm. The cake here is served with meat, shrimp, papaya and vinegar fish sauce with an attractive sweet and sour taste.

Fish noodles

Fish noodles is a rustic Hai Phong specialty with many different combinations. The most common way to prepare it is to combine sea fish and field fish. Mackerel in the sea is used to make delicious rolls. As for carp and fish floating in the field, they are fried until golden crispy.

Fish vermicelli with a rich but delicate flavor with sweet and delicious copper fish pieces, golden spring rolls. The broth of vermicelli is simmered with unique pork and sea fish bones.

Bánh chả dừa

Bánh chả dừa Hai Phong with a bit of Central flavor is a gift you can find and buy for friends, especially those who like to snack and enjoy with tea. Because the cake is brown in color and has a fragrant, crispy coconut flavor, it is fun to eat but very delicious. When enjoying coconut cake, people often drink cups of cool green tea.

Bánh Cuốn Hai Phong 

Bánh cuốn Hai Phong are thinly coated by hand, cut into bite-sized pieces and put on a plate with some dried onions. When eating, use with sauce from bones to add a little pepper, chili vinegar, garlic. You can try this with meatballs or pork rolls. Visit Hanh Kenh, Cat Cut, Cat Bi market… you will enjoy this delicious and attractive banh cuon.

Hai Phong shrimp vermicelli

Shrimp vermicelli is also an extremely attractive Hai Phong specialty. The ingredients to make this attractive dish are rice noodles and shrimp. The vermicelli is blanched in boiling water, then sautéed with peeled shrimp with wood ear, a little green onion and finally a delicious broth to create the typical flavor of the dish.

Bì bò

Bì bò is a favorite dish of Hai Phong people in particular and diners coming here in general. With a simple processing method, but enough to make anyone who taste it for the first time also have to be attached.

A plate of Bì bò includes beef,  beef skin, thinly sliced ​​and then mixed with lemongrass, hearing, etc. When eaten, it will combine a little hot crispy rice paper. A little coolness of raw vegetables, herbs, fig leaves. Everything is mixed when dipping into a bowl of fragrant shrimp paste. That’s good enough for the eyes, isn’t it?

Squid rolls

Grilled squid, also known as hot spring rolls, is a delicious Hai Phong snack that is famous here. Not only chosen by diners as a must-try dish when coming to Hai Phong. But it is also considered as a specialty for tourists to come here to buy as gifts.

It’s called squid roll because it has many ingredients made mainly from squid. Fresh squid is combined with pureed pork, marinated with spices, then fried or wrapped in fried sugar cane. Delicious squid cake will have a strong aroma, chewy, crunchy. Add a little more spicy chili sauce, it’s delicious.

Kien Thuy specialty braised sardines in Hai Phong

Sardines are small fish, when mature they are usually about 15-20 cm in length. Sardines meat is not only delicious, fatty but also contains a lot of nutrients. They provide omega-3 fats, protein, vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, zinc, and potassium.

Thanks to the soft fragrant meat, sardines are used to make many attractive braised dishes. In addition to the traditional style, sardines are also combined with different ingredients to bring out unique and new flavors.

Chả chìa Ha Lung

Chả chìa Ha Lung is the quintessence of Ha Lung sausage craft village, a dish that shows the skillful skills of the chef, the harmonious combination of squid, pork and sugarcane.

In order to have delicious and unique hot cakes, Ha Lung people attach great importance to the processing stage. The unique flavors to create this dish are dried squid, sugarcane and lean pork. Want to choose good squid, people are picky to buy squid in Cat Ba, Cat Hai, then bring the squid to be chopped, pureed with lean pork, marinated with fish sauce, main noodles, shiitake mushrooms, wood ear, pepper …

Hai Phong Spicy Porridge

The name Hai Phong Spicy Porridge comes from the cooking ingredients, so this porridge must have a lot of chili, stir-fry and meat sauce. A bowl of Hai Phong Spicy Porridge cannot be without these three ingredients. Porridge is also served with eel, ribs and mussel meat and many other special ingredients.

Spicy porridge with a little dried onion and spicy stir-fried chili, laksa leaves is a delicious bowl of porridge. Eat a bowl is not full, order a second bowl, then a third… The difference in spicy porridge is that you can’t eat it forever without feeling sick, the more you eat, the more you crave it.

Cháo Khoái Hai Phong

When it comes to porridge, people immediately think of the characteristic consistency and white color. But the hot porridge has a cool green color that makes people curious about the processing and “coloring”. The reason this porridge has a green color is because it is “dyed” from the leaves of coriander leaves, there are also places made from pandan leaves.

Spinach is pureed and filtered to get the water so that the porridge has a beautiful green color and more fiber from the vegetable. When the porridge is cooked, the filtered water is slowly poured into the island, then turn off the stove, add a little seasoning to taste, and the porridge will turn a light green color to the eyes.

When customers come to order porridge, the seller will scoop the porridge into a bowl, sprinkle some scallions and pureed green beans on top. Usually, pureed green beans are added according to the ratio “3 porridge 1 green” (3 parts porridge, 1 part green beans). On top is a little fragrant yellow onion.

Chè bánh lọt

Chè bánh lọt is chè Thái or chè bánh lọt that Southerners call it. This dish is simply pineapple green pancakes served with greasy coconut milk and crushed ice. On hot summer days, there is nothing like a bowl of worm tea to cool down.

Cuốn Thuy Nguyen

Thuy Nguyen rolls are also known as shrimp vermicelli rolls. This is a unique dish that makes a culinary brand in Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong. The ingredients for this dish include bacon, eggs, spring rolls, shrimps, spring rolls, coriander, lettuce, fried beans, etc. Enjoying Thuy Nguyen roll cake, you will feel the spicy aroma from the vegetables, the flesh of the vermicelli and the chewiness of each slice of meat.

Seafood fried rice

The special thing about seafood fried rice in Hai Phong is the sauce. The sauce here is made from seafood such as crab, tu clam, shrimp, scallops, squid, etc., so it has a typical taste of the sea. This dish is perfect to buy as a gift.

One sun mackerel

Do Son mackerel is a product from mackerel that is preliminarily processed and dried in a single sun in the coastal fishing village of Do Son, Hai Phong.

Perhaps it is because of the amount of nutrients contained in mackerel that mackerel becomes one of the four precious seafood of the sea that his fathers have summed up in the expression “bird, autumn, stamen, de”. Mackerel meat contains a lot of protein, rich in omega-3, and saturated fat, which is very beneficial for brain development in young children, helping to quickly restore health of people who have just gotten sick, people who are malnourished. nursing.

Mackerel is very easy to eat and Do Son mackerel can be used as an ingredient to prepare a variety of attractive dishes. Fish can be processed into mackerel with fish sauce, fried mackerel with onion fish sauce and lemon sauce, fried mackerel, mackerel with tomato sauce… All of these dishes are attractive, delicious and nutritious. .

Grilled cartilage

Grilled cartilage – Delicious snack in Hai Phong  is one of the interesting dishes here. This will be a super great suggestion for those evenings that don’t know what to eat in Hai Phong.

The rounded cartilage is very eye-catching. The fruit is evenly grilled on a charcoal stove until the surface is evenly golden and slightly scorched. When ripe, the fragrant aroma is not to be discussed. When enjoying, it will be served with some herbs and chili sauce, all blended together can be said to be very tasty.

Hai Phong Sủi Dìn Specialty

Sủi Dìn is a dish originating from the Chinese who lived in Hai Phong before. In terms of form, dumpling is easily mistaken for a drift wheel. However, in Hai Phong, in addition to green beans and sugar, black sesame is also a specialty of this dish. The pungent taste of ginger blends with the delicious cake to create warmth in the cold weather. This dish usually appears in late autumn and early winter in Hai Phong.

Dừa dầm Hai Phong

A full glass of dừa dầm Hai Phong will include shredded coconut, jelly, coconut pearls and coconut milk. Coconut beams are usually made up of 100% coconut ingredients. The coconut used must be young because young coconuts will have a softer, sweeter and more aromatic flavor than older coconuts. When you use old coconut, the copra will be hard, dry, making the coconut dish not retain its inherent softness and consistency.

In addition, the jelly part when thinly sliced ​​also creates a feeling of plasticity and aroma for people to eat. Just imagine that in the hot weather of Hai Phong, you can enjoy Hai Phong’s specialty coconut beams, nothing more wonderful.

Giá bể xào

This Hai Phong specialty dish is known only to gourmets. The price of the tank is buried under the sand at the bottom of the tank, shaped like a small mussel but has a beaked leg like a bean sprout.

The first taste when enjoying this dish is that you will feel the sweet and sour taste of the sauce and the fat of the bottom of the tank. After peeling off the shell, you will enjoy the soft and fatty meat inside.

Specialty crab hot pot in Hai Phong

If you are a crab enthusiast. Then this dish will definitely attract you. Fragrant copper crab taste, combined with a few other ingredients. It has really attracted a lot of people even the most gourmet. If you have a chance to try the taste of field crab hotpot, you will surely fall in love with it.

Specialty spring rolls An Lao Hai Phong

Nam Son village, An Tho commune, An Lao,  Hai Phong  has long been famous for making spring rolls, a brand trusted by many consumers. This craft of making spring rolls has long attracted many local workers who are attached and diligent to the profession.

An Tho spring rolls are different from the famous Thanh Hoa spring rolls in that when they leave sour rolls out to eat. An Tho spring rolls to the meat and skin, not puree into a unified body like Thanh Hoa spring rolls. When eating An Tho spring rolls, it is necessary to squeeze more lemon and add garlic. The way of wrapping An Tho spring rolls is also different from Thanh Hoa spring rolls.

Sá sùng khô

Sá sùng khô occurs in quite a lot of regions across the country. However, the most famous is still Hai Phong dry wormwood. It is also unknown why it is rumored that animals with mollusks, shaped like worms, living in coastal areas have such high nutritional value.

Later, according to the research of Oriental medicine, the wormwood has a sweet taste and cool properties that help to tonic yang. Not that in the past, there were no spices to make food as delicious as now. The chef takes fresh worms to create a delicious, sweet and delicious dish. Today, they are processed into many different dishes in restaurants to treat guests.

Originally, this seafood was only circulated in Hai Phong, but today it is known and loved by people throughout the country

Luong Khanh Thien Yogurt

Luong Khanh Thien yogurt is probably a famous name in the port land. Although yogurt is an extremely simple dish, the way it is made here has made it more wonderful than ever.

Yogurt here is made very fragrant, mildly sweet, not too sweet. The yogurt part is soft and soft, including many flavors, but when you eat it, you will feel the distinct scent of each type. This is an interesting  Hai Phong snack  that you should try once.

Thạch găng Hai Phong

Thạch găng has a sparkling moss green color, soft and smooth when touching the tongue. The characteristic flavor is a bit acrid but is often served with sweet sugar water, which has a very good cooling effect.

The pieces of jelly are soft, green, eaten with sweet sugar water that melts on the tip of the tongue, making it difficult for us to hold back.

Hai Phong snails

For those who love snacks, snails in Hai Phong really make you feel excited. Snails in Hai Phong are the most diverse and delicious in the North. You can find some rows along Le Loi, Luong Van Can, Dinh Dong, and Hang Kenh streets.

The price will depend on the type of snail and how it is processed.

Above are the specialties of Hai Phong, if you have time to visit the port land, please enjoy all the dishes above to feel the new flavors. Hope this article will help your travel. Wish you have a trip full of memories!

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