Top 5 places to check-in on Christmas Day should not be missed in Hanoi

Christmas atmosphere is getting busier, walking with friends or family on the street, participating in colorful parties is an indispensable activity. Do you have a list of sparkling virtual living places yet? Let’s find out with An choi khap chon now!!

Hanoi Cathedral – a romantic check-in place on Christmas

Address: 40 Nha Chung, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

The Cathedral is one of the top places to check-in on Christmas that you should not miss – the most ancient architecture in Hanoi. On occasions like Christmas, the Cathedral will be lavishly decorated to welcome the biggest Catholic holiday, attracting many young people to “live virtual”.

Besides, special activities such as Christmas Concert, singing hymns… are also loved by many tourists.

Hang Ma Street – the “virtual tossing pan” check-in place

Address: Hang Ma Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Referring to Christmas check-in locations, it is impossible to ignore Hang Ma Street – the “top” street of every fun holiday. On this occasion, the whole street will be decorated with many beautiful products such as: Santa Claus costumes, pine trees, reindeer, decorative string lights… All creating a shimmering colorful space and bustle.

Hoan Kiem Lake walking street – a beautiful and sparkling check-in place

Address: Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

One of the next check-in places that also attracts a lot of tourists is Walking Street.

Since ancient times, Sword Lake has always been a prominent place, attracting first-time visitors to the capital. Especially, at every Christmas, the area around Sword Lake becomes more and more splendid. The space is decorated with all kinds of colorful sparkling lights.

Wouldn’t it be great on a chilly evening at the end of the year, walking around Hoan Kiem Lake with the one you love? You will encounter many interesting street games. Or the images of Santa Claus giving gifts, colorful balls … attractive and unique.

In addition, entertainment shops and bars also serve until late at night. Let the people live “at night” already!

Royal City – a sweet check-in place like a fairy tale world

Address: 72A Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

Famous as a beautiful check-in place in Hanoi, every year Royal City always attracts a lot of tourists and locals to visit.

With a spacious space, Royal City pleases many visitors by its splendid and eye-catching shape. At night, the space here is even more shimmering when covered with shimmering, flashing lights. The Christmas trees, reindeer, and small churches are nicely decorated. Worthy of being a virtual check-in place for the 2022 Christmas season for Hanoi’s youth.

Aeon Mall Long Bien – Hot hit check-in place in Hanoi

Address: 27 Co Linh Street, Long Bien, Hanoi

This is one of the shopping centers always crowded with people to visit and have fun. On Christmas days, Aeon Mall Long Bien will have a huge pine tree right in the center. Besides, there are also snowmen, reindeer rickshaws, … arranged in many places, making the Christmas atmosphere more warm and colorful. Surely this will be a check-in place that you cannot ignore.

Hopefully with the 5 check-in places in Hanoi on Christmas, that we suggest have partly answered for you the question  where to go for Christmas in Hanoi   right? Take advantage of the schedule to go out with your friends and relatives on this special holiday in the world to give love and also to spend time together!

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