When does Kinh Duong Vuong Festival take place in Bac Ninh? Note when participating in the festival

Kinh Duong Vuong Festival Bac Ninh gratitude to the Vietnamese Fatherland

Festivals are part of the national culture, in our country the North is home to the oldest national festivals. If talking about the land of Bac Ninh, no one is unaware that Kinh Duong Vuong festival takes place every year in the first lunar month.

Kinh Duong Vuong festival is like a tribute to our ancestors, reminding our children and grandchildren wherever they go to remember the origin of red blood and yellow skin. It is part of a venerable cultural tradition that has been carefully preserved from generation to generation.

January 18 (lunar calendar) every year. The people of A Lu village, Dai Dong Thanh commune, Thuan Thanh district are excited to open the Tomb festival and Kinh Duong Vuong Temple.

Featured in Kinh Duong Vuong festival

The festival recreates many unique traditional customs and rituals, but the traditional ritual ceremony (also known as the water procession) is an important unique ceremony that cannot be ignored. Legend has it that the traditional costume at Kinh Duong Vuong Festival is not only for the purpose of bringing water to sacrifice, praying for favorable weather and good crops, but also has a profound humanistic meaning about fatherhood: “calling father to save him. villager”.

After the opening ceremony, Bac Ninh held an incense offering ceremony and a procession of King Kinh Duong Vuong, Emperor Lac Long Quan, and Empress Au Co from the temple to the mausoleum. Representatives of Phu My village performed the ceremony to process the card of the emperor to the temple and mausoleum to pay respects to King Thuy An.

In addition, the festival part has cultural activities, sports and folk games such as swinging, ethnic wrestling, cultural programs performing art of cheo, tuong, military drums…

This is a ritual that occurs in many traditional folk festivals. It is a unique feature of cultural, religious and spiritual activities of the agricultural community. With the meaning of praying for favorable weather, for water, for good crops… But the festival at Kinh Duong Vuong festival in addition to the above purpose also has a unique and more special meaning.

Besides, to attend Kinh Duong Vuong festival. People not only have the opportunity to commemorate the ancestors of the Vietnamese nation. Participate in community cultural activities of the people here. But also have the opportunity to visit the famous historical and cultural relics of Thuan Thanh homeland such as: Dau Pagoda, But Thap Pagoda, Dong Ho folk painting village…

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